April 05, 2015

Gay rights campaign against Indiana "is really an anti-Christian campaign"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

When Bill Clinton passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act 1993, the left loved it. Minorities like Muslims, Sikhs and Native Americans used it to win the right to carry out certain religious practices specific to their faiths.

But suddenly a similar bill in Indiana is creating a furor.

The left has finally figured out that Christians could use this law to protect their rights to freedom of religion and association, too.

CEOs like Apple's Tom Cook are loudly denouncing the Act as "homophobic," because, for example, Christian bakers could use it to argue in court that they shouldn't be forced to made a gay wedding cake.

This backlash is especially hypocritical because last year, Apple started doing business in homophobic, misogynist Saudi Arabia, where gay people like him have bigger problems than wedding cakes.

Let's be clear: The backlash against the Indiana law isn't a pro-gay campaign at all -- it's anti-Christian.

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commented 2015-04-05 15:45:41 -0400
Human rights are for humans , ALL humans .
commented 2015-04-05 15:45:15 -0400
Remove God from your life, you not only get to sleep in on Sunday, but you’ll be a lot happier.
commented 2015-04-05 14:03:16 -0400
this was a amazing video! a knock out of the park!
commented 2015-04-05 13:56:41 -0400
Great piece, Ezra. This once again proves that anti-religious nutjobs are in full swing. Here’s a burning question: Why are Christians and Jews targeted but any other religion is left alone? Simple answer would be, because Christians and Jews won’t fight a holy war or resort to terrorism. But I believe the answer is much more shady and revolting…
commented 2015-04-05 13:41:17 -0400
Christian bashing, Jew bashing, bashing of traditional values, I believe are pastimes for extremist homosexuals and their supporters, who, now that they have got to the top of the hill on which they were ready to die (you know, “a hill to die on”), and have stuck their flag poll in the ground, seek something new to make them stand out—to give them purpose. Christians, Jews, traditional folks… we’re safe and easy targets.
commented 2015-04-05 13:38:17 -0400
One of the best commentaries ever, Ezra. Thank you!
commented 2015-04-05 12:34:20 -0400
There are Christian gays and Non-Christian gays. The Non-Christian variety are often extremist and atheist not differentiating between Muslims, Christians, or any other faith that is based on traditional values such as monogamous heterosexual relationships. The true lefties don’t understand that unlike Muslims, Christians do not kill homosexuals. They then attack Christians but not Muslims, totally illogical but nonetheless the case. Yes their opposition to the bill is anti-Christian, no, not all gays are opposed to it. It is a faith based issue, not a sex based issue.
commented 2015-04-05 12:02:09 -0400
Ezra, you asked a number of rhetorical questions in your piece, I think an appropriate answer to them would be, ‘Lefty liberals – they’re delusional.’
No seriously, there is a lot of literature out there about liberalism as a mental disorder. When you consider the flights of fancy and illogic liberals go to, not just in conversation, but in policy as well, when they extrapolate their beliefs, dogma and doctrine into the future, one can’t help but see the delusion…this is a disease!
commented 2015-04-05 11:38:47 -0400
The militant wing of the homosexual rights movement has never been about acceptance. It has been focussed on an equality of outcome which appears to have as its goal mandatory approval of all facets of lifestyle. Some of the outlandish gay parades in California would result in arrests for indecent behaviour if they were enacted by any other group.
The lack of tolerance of these groups should not be surprising. When they spend so much time trying to be in-your-face and shocking, they cannot stand it when people yawn and turn away. It is a mortal threat to what appears to be a core value of theirs – that they must be the centre of attention. Nations that have freedom of association laws are anathema to this view, but only if the laws are equally applied. Imagine a six-year-old with the power to compel everyone to comply when they yell out “everyone look at me!”.
commented 2015-04-05 11:28:09 -0400
In my business, I use a fit process, which I will deny business, if we are nott are philosophically aligned. I cannot imagine being told I have no choice about who I will do business with. Obviously, I could be hurting my business growth and opportunities. At the same time, why does You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, allow to have material which does nothing to advance human benefits? Because they have the right. Are they saying only they have the right to choose?
commented 2015-04-05 10:33:32 -0400
I find it exquisitely hypocritical that the same crowd who loudly protested any measure that tended to keep them “in the closet” and told us that such oppression (real and perceived) was unconstitutional now have no difficulty demanding that Christians cannot be allowed to practice or display their religion in public. They can go to church, but then must keep their beliefs out of sight. In other words, Christians will be tolerated on Sundays as long as they stay in a closet the rest of the week.
commented 2015-04-05 10:27:54 -0400
“Anything goes, nothing matters” is the way of the future. Tim Cook needs to stick to selling apple gadgets and stop being a hack politician. Behind all this crap are the national socialists (aka nazi’s) that dictate their own rules in place of the law. These nazi’s are Godless (much like Russia and China).
The funny part is the gay community which earns more per capita than any other “demographic” dishes up more taxes than any other too – lefty big gubbamint costs. And now gays are switching teams http://www.latimes.com/local/politics/la-me-california-republicans-20150302-story.html