June 16, 2016

Asking about gay rights and sharia on the streets of Molenbeek, Belgium’s Muslim enclave

Lauren SouthernArchive

I'm on assignment in Europe, and today I visited Molenbeek, Belgium. This heavily Muslim area is a breeding ground (and hiding place) for terrorists.

With help from a translator, I asked one resident if he'd like Molenbeek to adhere to sharia law.

(NOTE from Lauren: Upon reviewing the video, I notice my interpreter, while very accurate throughout, didn’t translate the phrase “chacune a son gout” the second time this young man said it, when I asked him about banning gays. Although he said other alarming things, including about sharia law, had I heard that phrase, which means “to each his own", I would have softened my conclusions about him.)


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commented 2016-06-18 00:51:08 -0400
Lauren is trying to be brave, but I have a feeling that indeed she is a bit nervous about it all. Her little laugh after each question asked gives it away. If there is another Rebel staff in the next room, female or male, I would have he/she sleeping in the other bed, if not make sure the door to the adjoining room is unlocked & follow BZ’s advice & also try wedging a chair under the doorknob I have done that myself, overnighting in a hotel (even at an expensive hotel ) on my way home from a vacation trip. I would be scared there. Lauren, be safe & always be aware of your surroundings.
commented 2016-06-17 13:04:59 -0400
When asked if he is OK with bringing sharia to Molenbeek, he says “Why not.”
Isn’t this kind of like going back in time to the Soviet Union, standing outside the front door of KGB headquarters, and asking passers-by what you think of the General Secretary of the Communist party?
commented 2016-06-17 08:24:44 -0400
Luckily, he had his guardian to prevent him from slipping out how he might really feel. This poor man is a puppet on the string. You know what, if someone were to reach him at this moment and coach him, he might end up be a civilized human being.
commented 2016-06-17 08:24:18 -0400
Luckily, he had his guardian to prevent him from slipping out how he might really feel. This poor man is a puppet on the string. You know what, if someone were to reach him at this moment and coach him, he might end up be a civilized human being.
commented 2016-06-17 06:32:37 -0400
@jay Kelly…you know….that really hadn’t occurred to me….part of the attraction of Molenbeek just might be the availability of closet space….there could be a gay kasbah happening there….how is one to know….Lauren….they probably have a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy and it does take four witnesses to get a conviction under Sharia law.
commented 2016-06-17 06:25:36 -0400
@jay Kelly……:-)
commented 2016-06-17 00:47:18 -0400
Glenn Craig, the guy was pretty clear. He was bewildered by Southern’s apparent enthusiasm for Sharia law, but when asked about homosexuality in his neighbourhood he had a clear ‘live and let live’ attitude.

If Southern had hoped to get some hardline anti-gay point of view she probably should not have asked a hairdresser.
commented 2016-06-16 23:22:53 -0400
@alana and Jay….you are correct on the translation but what might remain ambivalent…and I think the guy being interviewed knew the ambivalence lest he be taken to task for what he said later….was did he mean he was OK with homosexuality or did he mean he was OK with sharia law.

Many moslems who do not live in sharia law jurisdictions still live by that law as self imposed discipline. If you have no personal inclination to violate any of it’s tennents then you would have no problem with it.

“To obey the law is to be free”…the more personally disciplined you are..the less the law has a claim on correcting your behaviour.

People do not rebel against harsh rule…they rebel against capricious and inconsistent rule.
commented 2016-06-16 23:11:36 -0400
I agree Jay Kelly!
Some at the Rebel think that Canada is English only Country!
commented 2016-06-16 22:39:24 -0400
Translation deceptive. TWICE he said, “each to his own” or “each to his own taste”, when asked about gays in Mollenbeek. The translator omitted this part of his answer, which is similar in meaning to “live & let live”, NOT equivalent to "we don’t want gays in Mollenbee.
commented 2016-06-16 22:37:57 -0400
The man looks perplexed at a Canadian lady seeming to promote Sharia law in Belgium.

But in response to the questions about homosexuals being allowed in Molenbeek his answer is clear, and he repeats it at two different times: “chaqu’un a son gout” — to each his own.

Does Lauren Southern think no one on the Rebel can understand French?
commented 2016-06-16 22:31:23 -0400
Something to bear in mind and keep in perspective is that in Canada homosexuality was found on the same page in the Criminal Code as rape, incest, and bestiality up until June 27th 1969.

That’s just 47 years ago .

If you had of done the same interviews back then of white christians or jews for that matter you would have gotten the same results .

It takes a secular state to ram the tollerance down the throats of the unwilling and it takes at least a generation of “they’re here they’re queer get over it get used to it” before it becomes normalized to today’s level of tollerance.
commented 2016-06-16 21:40:17 -0400
Don’t want to be a “you should have” but I will. The way he was looking at you and smiling, one question I would have liked to hear the answer to is “should I be wearing a full burqa ?”
But with BZ. Be careful out there
commented 2016-06-16 21:13:07 -0400
Lauren – you are probably being followed – be sure to slip a wedge of wood under your hotel door – makes it harder to kick in and gives you about an extra 30 seconds to get into an adjoining room

I do hope you have adjoining rooms on at least one side of you – that will give you about an extra minute for security – be sure to put a wedge under that door if you have to move into that room.
commented 2016-06-16 20:06:00 -0400
«Asking about gay rights and sharia on the streets of Molenbeek, Belgium’s Muslim enclave»

Even entering one of Europe’s hundreds of no-go zones sounds like a great way to get murdered. (That’s why the cops don’t do it.) But then to ask people with dark-age mentalities about gay rights…
commented 2016-06-16 20:05:51 -0400
I have supported the rebel for quite some time now, but this story is not very well done or translated. I expect better reporting and less biased opinions from the rebel
commented 2016-06-16 19:48:52 -0400
per Mike Bell…I agree…the guy was saying ‘to each his own’…and yes, as a new arrival he knew better than to tell his true feelings to the media…not a very convincing summary she gave.
commented 2016-06-16 19:44:44 -0400
I’m thinking that a lot of the Belgium native would like to send the muslims back to their own piece of the middle east desert.
commented 2016-06-16 18:16:48 -0400
Lauren: do you not notice that the man that you’re interviewing is SCARED.

He sounds like a typical Palestinian being interviewed – afraid to give either answer.

Listening to him in French, he doesn’t sound so extreme, more like “to each his own” and generally non-committal. I suspect that he’s not much of a radical in reality, but scared of being targetted by the radicals.

Check this, because someone could make you look foolish based on this video. It’s clear that you don’t speak French at all (unlike Ezra’s terrible French, which is still enough for him to catch on to what’s going on) and you can resultingly misread some of what is going on.

I tell you this because I’m trying to help. I have no doubt that you can find way more extreme than him in there if you interview just a few more.
commented 2016-06-16 17:49:38 -0400
I wonder if anybody in the ’hood knows what a Halifax donair is?
commented 2016-06-16 17:41:38 -0400
I’m glad you decided to take a body guard with you into Sharia territory Lauren – I guess the rape culture only come out at night?

Watch yourself and don’t take unnecessary risks – like walking alone.