April 27, 2015

Gerald Butts' Facebook freakout: Is this the tone we can expect if Trudeau becomes PM?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Justin Trudeau's right hand man, Gerald Butts, went on the attack on Facebook, criticizing columnist Bruce Anderson for a pretty ho-hum piece about the Harper budget.

Butts blasted Anderson for "criticizing his own party in public."

I don't know why, since Anderson says he's not an "official Liberal."

But Anderson's daughter is. She works for the Liberal Party.

So isn't Butts' freak out a bit weird?

Is he hinting that Anderson's daughter will be fired for something her father wrote?

What does this whole episode say about Butts' mindset -- and about the man he works for?

Is this the tone we can expect if Trudeau ever becomes PM?

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commented 2015-04-28 15:17:40 -0400
Makes you wonder who’s really leading the Liberal party….
commented 2015-04-28 07:49:23 -0400
Jerry is disturbed because one of the Liberal branded Journos got off the plantation – such disloyalty to the Librano media plantation IS VERBOTEN!
commented 2015-04-28 06:34:18 -0400
This is a reaction that affords many an insight into the mindset of Trudeau and his close advisers. It’s not a pretty sight, is it.
commented 2015-04-28 00:19:32 -0400
I know as a former reporter if someone with a political connection “outed” me as connected directly to any one particular party, I would have put a very swift and public end to it! I told a candidate, who asked for my vote directly to my face, to keep on walking once. Non – partisanship should be a requirement for any officially non-aligned publication, or have an individual contributor’s alignment be made public and accepted so the audience knows what direction the article or editorial is coming from. The real losers are the audience. They think they are reading something unbiased, and believe what’s in it as such, when it isn’t. This reporter needs to come out of the Liberal closet, one way or another! Then watch, and see what happens to his daughter. I’m predicting nothing like that will happen. The LPC will make sure of it, as only they can!
commented 2015-04-28 00:13:27 -0400
Dennis, I don’t follow you. Thatcher was a provincial Premier, the senate is federal. I don’t get the connection. It’s not likely that a Liberal premier of Saskatchewan would have much say in who goes to the senate. There were lots of federal Liberals around in that time, if I remember correctly, who would have had a much bigger pull. And I believe the unofficial quotas for senate members from any particular province or region applied then as now, so Saskatchewan would have had maybe 2 or 3 potential seats, at most, at any one time. I’m not criticizing or anything, I just don’t get the reference, it doesn’t make sense to me.
commented 2015-04-27 20:11:54 -0400
“Now I wonder what Justine Trudeau and Gerald Butts will do since Justine has banished the senate from his caucus. " There will be a Liberal reformation guaranteed.
commented 2015-04-27 19:57:41 -0400
It was said tyhat there were two doors to premiers (Ross Thatcher, Liberal, Saskatchewan 1964 -1971) office, the front foor and the door to the Senate. If any of his MP’s dissagreed with him they would be dispatched to the senate. Now I wonder what Justine Trudeau and Gerald Butts will do since Justine has banished the senate from his caucus.
commented 2015-04-27 19:28:21 -0400
I’m not much into politics, but I do keep tabs on things a little, just to have a general sense of what’s going on.
Since I was of age to vote and sort of understood how it all works, we’ve had liberal governments and conservative governments off and on, and in general, Canada ran pretty well regardless of which government was in power.
This is actually the first time I am very concerned about the choices out there. I’m not concerned about my choice, because
to me, the only choice is Harper. What worries me is that the lefty media party are out to control what people think.
A lot of Canadians take the word of the CBC as gospel and never question their one-sided reporting.
I’m giving Harper the X and I’m giving Justin the axe.
commented 2015-04-27 19:12:59 -0400
That’s funny. The lefties always end up attacking their own in the end. Recall how Martin tried to push Chretien out the door and he made sure the public knew. Chretien then countered and stayed another term Between these two idiots, they managed to destroy the liberal party – no wait, hand off the liberal party to troodo and some butthead. Squeal Gerry Squeal!!! Your leader is a joke.
commented 2015-04-27 19:04:41 -0400
Thank you Ezra. I did not know Anderson’s daughter worked for the Liberals. You would think CBC would provide full disclosure about their panel participants. Next thing you know Coyne will be related to Justine’s step mom.
commented 2015-04-27 18:26:49 -0400
Of course, liberals do not believe in free speech – i.e. HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSIONS across Canada. They believe minorities should rule the majority. In their speak, it is called “social justice” and should raise the hackles of any voter who hears it. Right in tune with the UN. That is where assisted suicide comes from – the UN says the earth is overpopulated but only in democratic societies. Does not include the 57 islamist countries.
commented 2015-04-27 18:04:02 -0400
Oh dear! The Libs squabbling amongst their selves, like children. They all need a good spanking. No If’s And’s or Butts.
commented 2015-04-27 17:58:06 -0400
Butts reminds me a little of Stephan Dion with his tight-ass temper tantrums. He is immature and uncultured. Pierre Trudeau would be disgusted at his lack of social sophistication and disgusted at his moron son’s spineless follow of such a bullying interpersonal style.

Butts called Anderson out on facebook? Who does he think respects what he says? Party faithful may fear his clout but respect him? Not a chance. And voters? Even less a chance.

No one likes a power abuser who misuses his position to publicly humiliate, publicly intimidate. And that Trudeau doesn’t get that and rein him in should make every Liberal cast a protest vote.
commented 2015-04-27 17:43:55 -0400
Gerald Butts’ Facebook freakout: Butt sends warning shot out to media, lie or heads will roll!
commented 2015-04-27 17:40:29 -0400
“Justin Trudeau and his fellow Liberals do not believe in free speech.” Hand in hand with an admiration of Communist Dictatorships. It’s becoming pretty obvious what a Trudeau Gov’t would look and act like for anyone who cares to see……………
commented 2015-04-27 17:23:52 -0400
Butts…..the name says it all.
commented 2015-04-27 17:14:16 -0400
Justin Trudeau and his fellow Liberals do not believe in free speech. It is as simple as that.