January 12, 2017

“Ghoulish” Notley NDP are carbon taxing funerals

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Two things are inevitable in life: death and taxes. Alberta’s greedy NDP government found a way to combine the two. They’re carbon taxing funerals!

This revolting detail came to light when a bereaved family contacted the CBC to say they were overcharged for a cremation.

As it turns out, they were. The funeral home charged $100 in carbon taxes to the family instead of $10. But whether it’s $10 or $100, the government is acting like ghouls by not exempting our final goodbyes from their cash grab.

The NDP are doubling down, blaming Alberta funeral homes because they didn't just absorb this increased cost the NDP handed them.

Economic trade and development minister Deron Bilous was quoted as saying:

"It's disappointing that the company is choosing to increase their costs — which is a business decision should they so choose — but to blame the carbon levy is more than a little misleading to consumers."

Bilous and his government are taxing the dead and grieving families but, according to him, the funeral homes are the bad guys for telling people about it.

Tax the dearly departed but don’t let on who the real grave robbers are!

Every person in Alberta is going to die. Every family in Alberta is going to have to bury someone they love. That's life.

No one makes it out alive, but wouldn’t it be great if we could do it without Rachel Notley’s hand in our pockets?

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commented 2017-01-15 16:39:55 -0500
I’m a firm believer in science. The government has said that it will tax producers of GH gases but reward those who reduce said gases. I get it, liquid oil and solid coal are converted into CO2, a carbon gas. However, according to the GW experts, methane is 23x more potent as a GH gas than CO2. Methane is the main constituent of natural gas. When it burns the byproducts are CO2 and water. Therefore, the combustion of natural gas reduces the GH gas emission to the atmosphere by 95%. Therefore people burning natural gas should be getting paid a huge carbon credit, and not be charged a tax. For the government to do anything less is a lie and a criminal act. I say, “lock her up” —the government, that is, in case you might think something different.
commented 2017-01-15 16:27:20 -0500
Fair is fair. If families have to pay the carbon tax to have grandma cremated, shouldn’t it follow that women having an abortion get taxed to have their foetus cremated?
commented 2017-01-13 11:15:14 -0500
But Rachel said it was the big bad pollution makers would be taxed. nope exempt.
Cathleen said they would be too. Nope exempt.
Justin said small business is just a tax shelter.Nope more like the engine of our country.
Revenue neutral for who? Not even dead people.
Whats that lassie, Justin,s in the well. Good girl now go push Ratchel and Cathleen in too.
commented 2017-01-13 09:24:34 -0500
Every company is going to choose to increase prices, We all knew it would happen, everyone except the NDP that is. They are either really really DUMB, or they are lying, either way I don’t want them running the province. This is pathetic , her carbon tax (pst in disguise) is the death blow to this ship of fools.
commented 2017-01-13 09:03:05 -0500
DIRK ! You must be a new comer on the REBEL , WELCOME !!
commented 2017-01-13 07:15:02 -0500
Carbon taxes are just old fashioned sin taxes. Canadians being total suckers always line up and dutifully pay up to make up for their vices. The lefties then run laughing all the way to the bank while their jets warm up on the runway to take to the luxury vacations they are entitled to.
commented 2017-01-13 02:51:27 -0500
The Alberta government is not adding a carbon tax to cremation. It is just the funeral home using the carbon tax as an excuse to charge more money. No way was that misplaced decimal point an accident.

We should all boycott that funeral home.
commented 2017-01-13 02:37:48 -0500
This one, I suspect, is a prime F*** U** that the Notley bunch are going to have to backtrack on unless they have a political “death wish”… Pun intended… It hits at a visceral level and is one nasty little tidbit that is zooming around Alberta right now, faster than any “clothing malfunction” picture of Madonna ever could…
commented 2017-01-13 01:00:48 -0500
This is just the tip of the iceberg which is about to explode. As a private businessman whose staff have to travel considerable distances to service our customers, you can be sure that we are increasing our travel charges to compensate for the carbon tax, and I know that other businesses plan to do the same. Will the government now have to set up another bureaucracy just to ensure that companies aren’t using the carbon tax as a way to jack up their prices? It’s a fact that rural Albertans will suffer the most from this tax grab, because most products and service providers have to travel significant distances from the cities and will so be passing the tax onto their customers.
commented 2017-01-13 00:55:37 -0500
Seems to me that the “products of conception” which result from an abortion are incinerated in a crematorium, too. Therefore, if the NDP is to be fair and balanced, all abortions should be subject to the carbon tax, and that tax should be payable by either the abortionist or the woman having the abortion.
commented 2017-01-12 22:50:29 -0500
@ LLoyd,
Would you care when dead?
commented 2017-01-12 21:38:23 -0500
Much like ontarios liberal criminal scumbags, the people of Alberta were quick to vote these shit stains in..
commented 2017-01-12 21:20:37 -0500
DRIK —that would be cheating on your taxes
commented 2017-01-12 20:39:54 -0500
Since I am still sitting on some carbon tax free propane i am gonna save some for my own cremation by tiger torch and let everything blow away like untaxed pollutant in the air.
commented 2017-01-12 20:32:06 -0500
Dr. Genius—-"the tax should be applied to people that lose weight, which when released will be CO-2. You have a great imagination; LOL
commented 2017-01-12 19:28:17 -0500
Good one SHEILA
They got you both ways , whether you go to the marbel orchard or the incinerator ,they’re going to charge your kin folk a carbon dioxide tax

I’ll bet if you check the costs at the maturnity ward , the ndps ghoulish finger prints would be found there as well
They got you coming and going and in between !!!!!
commented 2017-01-12 18:48:31 -0500
Such is the cruelty of the Vestal Virgins who are the priestess cult of Gaia the man hating earth godess…your very breath is an offence to nature. I want a sky burial like in Tibet and Mongolia. If the birds eat you quickly it is an omen that you lived a good life.
commented 2017-01-12 18:37:34 -0500
AS DR. GENIUS stated , no matter how you go there will be co2 released. We had better hope that SARAH HOFFMAN lives a long life, can you imagine how she could skew the numbers?
commented 2017-01-12 18:36:01 -0500
Getting away from death for a bit, let’s go to the gas pumps. The extortion tax is about 4.5 cents/L. However, the truck that gets our gas to the north, despite us being the big source, has to pay. The electricity used to pump to the the truck and to the pump has to be paid for. Cost of production is added. At Peace River Coop, cheapest place for gas, the cost is up 15 cents/L since Christmas. So the working poor, which I am not one of thank my Lord, who rely on their trucks do what now?

I would love to ask either MLA for the region but they are invisble Non-Democrats.

2017. Municipal elections. AKA Alberta Mid-term elections. Get involved if you are serious.
commented 2017-01-12 18:21:47 -0500
Notley needs to put a special Carbon Tax on Socialists. Every time they open their mouths, sht comes out. The same could be said for Liberals also. Trudeau should pay double.
commented 2017-01-12 18:11:36 -0500
Every business in AB should put a big sign in their windows and on their doors, pointing the finger right at Notley, and her corrupt party of thieves, for implementing a faux tax, that is meant to further destroy capitalism and wealth, and to keep the peasants dirt poor, while doing nothing to improve the environment. If they can afford it, they should hand out the breakdown of these charges, and circle the carbon tax amount. Rachel has bought and paid for the MSM, but business owners, and individuals need to be more vocal, and show the evidence to those who aren’t paying attention, or who are falling for the BS that she spews.
commented 2017-01-12 17:59:24 -0500
The carbon tax, like all these Orwellian commie agendas, is mis-named, it is in effect an “everything tax” because every marketable service and commodity uses energy and their assessed costs for this will be relayed down the supply chain to the ebd user. It is the biggest tax grab since income taxing and the walking dead who pay the bills think it will cure the weather.

Archeologists will look at us in this era with wonderment as to how an information age society could be fooled so badly.
commented 2017-01-12 17:52:43 -0500
I agree with George Dyer. The businesses do not pay for the tax increases, the consumer does … as it should be.

Businesses need to make a profit to survive so they must pass on those taxes to the consumer. This is a constant for all businesses big and small.

Where the NDP are angry is that Alberta Funeral Homes is not shy in telling its’ clients exactly where the extra cost is coming from.

I can only hope more businesses do the same and add a line to the total for carbon tax.
commented 2017-01-12 17:35:27 -0500
There really are no words for this disgrace of a government. Rachel is becoming more and more greedy and callous. I guess those are qualities that you need, in order to fall for such an evil ideology; to cripple one of the best economies in world, thereby destroying individuals and families. Rachel is nothing but an abusive bully who lacks a conscience!
commented 2017-01-12 17:35:25 -0500
I donated my rebate to Wildrose for which they get $100 and after a credit it only costs me $25 so I am ahead $75 which is a win win situation.
commented 2017-01-12 17:28:17 -0500
Sorry Dr. Genius, you posted as I composed the same thought.
commented 2017-01-12 17:26:59 -0500
So how long before the Non-Democratic Party imposes the carbon extortion tax on a dead body period. After all, it is composed of hydro-carbons and when burned will release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, or, if decaying in the ground, methane as well. Yep, the act of dying increases our carbon foot print so we should be monetarily punished for that selfish act of dying.

2017, midterm election year in Alberta at the municipal level.
commented 2017-01-12 17:21:21 -0500
Why wouldn’t they assess a carbon tax on bodies that are buried without being cremated? No matter how you go, a decomposing body will release CO2. Also, they should apply the carbon tax to people who lose weight. Part of that loss is also released into the environment as CO2.
commented 2017-01-12 17:17:40 -0500
“Now my advice for those who die
Declare the pennies on your eyes "

-George Harrison