August 21, 2016

@GirlWritesWhat on Justin Trudeau’s phoney “gender balanced” cabinet

Gavin McInnesArchive

On this week's show, I spent some time talking with Edmonton’s Karen Straughn (@girlwriteswhat). She's a cool mom best known for her videos critiquing what feminism has turned into.

In this clip, she mocked Justin's dumb promise to form a "gender balanced" cabinet — one of the key reasons women voted for him (besides his hair) and a vow he didn't manage to keep.

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commented 2016-08-23 15:46:35 -0400
“I was starting to like him a little when he got fed up, had enough, and elbowed that feminist in the tit…but then he caved in and appologised…what a wus”.
commented 2016-08-22 16:37:10 -0400
JAY KELLY: We object because the combined IQ of Justin’s female cabinet choices doesn’t crack double digits. “COMBINED” !!!! Monsef, Freeman, Philpot, McKenna, now that’s gender diversity coming through big time. Just the crew we need calling the shots. Does this instill pride or embarrassment in our female posters?
I have to think the latter. DREW is right. Tits Trudeau is missing a few genders in his cabinet, he must be a liberal HYPOCRITE.

DJBT, the cow, the cu*t and the other cu*t
commented 2016-08-22 09:08:34 -0400
I think that “Because it’s 2015” is the perfect slogan for silly little Justin and Co. It is utterly devoid of any meaning, substance, or wit.

However, I do look forward to using it on an increasingly regular basis when things are really tumbling down and they ask “why”.
commented 2016-08-22 03:55:41 -0400
Bill Elder if that is the case people like Jay would not get jobs, i mean if they actually tried.
commented 2016-08-22 02:18:04 -0400
It would be much better if the IQ of the cabinet was “balanced” instead of making genitals a qualification for office why not choose who is best able to do the job regardless of what’s between their legs, maybe it’s time these simplistic ideas for qualification were rejected for the mediocrity they produce.?

Why don’t we go with that Jay?
commented 2016-08-22 01:39:57 -0400
What about the other 6 or 8 or whatever genders? Can’t have balance without all of them. Are the Liberals saying they are women and men because of their genitalia? How non progressive of them/
commented 2016-08-22 01:37:18 -0400
Jay how about qualified people for the job rather than filling quotas. Why do you object to that?
commented 2016-08-22 00:57:38 -0400
That famous statement: “Because it is 2015”.

A Canadian Prime Minister invited into his cabinet men and women, at about 50% each.

Do you know why so many object to this? Neither do I.

Let’s go along with it.
commented 2016-08-22 00:01:39 -0400
My favourite is his gender equal security detail..9 men to 1 to every1 token female
commented 2016-08-21 19:43:12 -0400
Well, the shirtless PM has already declared himself a feminist, and he obviously like teasing gays with his androgynous flirting, I think he should go trans gender – because its 2016
commented 2016-08-21 19:17:40 -0400
How come it takes until mid year for Justin to announce what year it is? Is he really that slow or is that when he starts work?
commented 2016-08-21 18:42:08 -0400
She’s obviously NOT one of the brain dead ‘Kardashian reality generation’ who voted for this intellectual midget!
commented 2016-08-21 17:50:42 -0400
Only in Justin’s Canada..