May 07, 2016

(GRAPHIC VIDEO) Is Earls serving HALAL beef? Our EXCLUSIVE investigation reveals the truth

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

We have been on the story about Earls Restaurants decision to abandon Canadian farmers from the very beginning. The Canadian chain, founded right here in Alberta, decided to source its beef needs in Kansas from a place called Creekstone Farms because the company says it wants to use something called certified humane beef.


Certified humane beef doesn’t mean anything in reality except a poorer farmer. It doesn’t mean that animals will be treated any better than they already are by the best farmers on the planet, Canadian farmers. It doesn’t mean that animals are any safer to eat. Canadian meat is the safest meat to eat in the world. Certified humane is just a trademark that farmers pay ridiculous fees to an American company called Humane Farm Animal Care for the rights to use.

That’s it. That’s all.

You can watch my videos explaining the whole problem with the made-up certified humane designation, and see Earls sad attempt to spin their way out of our boycott, at

But like many of you, I knew there was more to this story.

I saw all the blogs about the method of slaughter at this magical humane abattoir called Creekstone Farms. I knew there were blogs out there saying that Creekstone beef was all killed using Halal methods even if they aren't selling it as certified. I saw the story in Muslim Eater, a blog for Islamic foodies, saying that all Creekstone beef was Halal.

Let me explain.

Halal is the Islamic method of slaughtering animals. There are specific ways that this can happen for different kinds of animals but for the purposes of this story, I’ll only talk about beef. The killing can be done by any sane Muslim. An Islamic prayer is said over the animal and then the animal’s throat is slit, often by hand, from ear to ear and all the way back to the spinal column. Not through the spinal column.

Many people, including me, don't want to eat an animal that died this way.

I started investigating the information on these blogs for myself. Was this certified humane facility, Creekstone Farms, really completely Halal? Because Halal sure doesn't seem humane to me and having seen a Halal kill myself, I can say this utter with confidence. I wanted to know: is Creekstone entirely Halal even if they aren’t saying so?

So I did something other media in Canada seem unwilling to do; I chased the facts.

Watch my video to see what I found out about Creekstone beef. (WARNING: It is very graphic.)

Earls wants us to believe they care about humane treatment of animals. I do too. Earls says it cares about people knowing exactly what’s in the food we eat. I do too. That’s why they should be telling us the truth. The whole truth. My questions should have been answered with a phone call, not an investigation.

Don’t I have the right to know what’s in my food, too? Or is Earls reserving that right for the people they are so busy virtue signalling to?

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commented 2019-04-01 09:01:35 -0400
Beef is halal In our Muslims community.
commented 2016-08-08 05:12:52 -0400
This is unbelievable .I actually enjoyed going to earls for wings.
commented 2016-05-16 22:27:10 -0400
I’m not sure you have done much for your cause Dwayne. Your arrogance is astounding and your comments, very revealing. Its been educational.
commented 2016-05-16 11:06:03 -0400
Being Muslim is not a race, as people from all races can be Muslim. Someone who questions Islam and is wary of those Muslims who follow the Koran, specifically Sharia law are not racists.

Muslims have lived with out issue in Canada for a generation, maybe two, most definitely not hundreds of years Dwayne. The difference now seems to be numbers. A country who’s demographic compared to other religions/cultures, is closer in numbers to the ‘domestic’ faith/culture, instead of just being a small part of a varied mix, problems start occurring. Muslims as we have seen with many issues, from the wearing of the Niqab and Burka , ignoring identity requirements, women’s rights, to demanding prayer rooms in schools, girls kicked off soccer teams, sitting in the back of classrooms, unprecedented numbers of Mosques preaching hate and the killing and subordinating of apostates the kafir, and infidel, to Halal certification, all examples of Sharia creep. These things were never forced into our society the way they are today, when as you point out Muslims lived in Canada without issue. It is happening because there is confidence in numbers, and brazen requests are becoming the norm. The more Canada capitulates the more is asked of her. We don’t allow other cultures to insert the laws of the lands they left behind into out Canadian laws. Our Constitution does not allow for that. Every culture has the freedom in this country to practice their religion and celebrate their cultures, but not at the expense of any other. Muslims seem to expect preferential treatment. I say religion, but in the case of Islam it is also a political ideology and system. In Canada our country is based on Judeo Christian principals, and we have a right to keep it from being watered down and pushed aside by any other. It is the foundation Canada was built on. “Islam is the answer to the west.”, you see Dwayne a comment such as this one only proves my point about your inflated and out of place expectations of the west and Canada specifically. Trudeau has it wrong. He will not be PM for long. Our constitution does not give any new Canadians the right to special treatment over the rest of us, or the right to insert another political system into our existing one.
commented 2016-05-15 21:38:37 -0400
Stop your lies!! STOP!!! Do your research Hamas is not taking the Palestinian people hostage. Hamas was democratically voted in. You are so brain washed by hate. Fear is your drug of choice!! Liza your need to read the Canadian charter of rights. That is Canada’s greatest documents to protect all Canadians from Right wing people like you. Spreading Racism and intolerance. Were you born yesterday. Muslims have been Canada for Hundreds of years living peacefully. Canadians never even noticed them. Until now there is an agenda and that is an attack on Islam and your feeding into that. Btw The Quran is spelt with a Q. Not a K Your ignorance shows. No Muslims are bringing Sharia law to Canada. Why do you keep saying this. Your sickness of Islamophobia is getting to your head. Your a Bigot just like the rest of you right wing nuts. Islam is the answer to the west. That’s why people are converting in an alarming rate. Islam is for all of humanity wake up! Learn read stop feeding the hate. Im so happy Justin Trudeau is our PM he does not promote Racial intolerance. Justin Trudeau is educated on Islam. Justin Trudeau has been to a Mosque. You must be an Atheist? you are blind to the facts of our creator. Lying is a sin! if you keep lying you will go to hell. You need repent. All human beings were created equal. Stop treating other cultures like there sub human. There is only one Race and that the human race. If you can t handle other cultures or Races you need to did a deep hole in the ground and bury your self in there. The world has no place for people like you. Please do the world a favor. DO NOT TEACH YOUR KIDS THIS RACISM. RACISM IS SPREAD AND IS TAUGHT BY PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Its not your fault you can be forgiven. God is most merciful and forgives all people. Pray to him and ask for forgiveness. You need to repent. We are all Gods children. We are all the descendants from The first human beings Adam and Eve. The Truth is right here in the Quran. Unchanged and protected by Arabic. The first human beings spoke Arabic do your research. Islam has lasted the test of time. Islam means peace and it will be here for every till Judgement day. Read the Quran here. Tonight I will pray for you I will pray that God forgives you for your sins and your lies. Here it is Read..

I wish you the best. :)
commented 2016-05-14 02:00:24 -0400
“Pick up a book some time! you are so ignorant you know nothing!”

I did, the Koran.
commented 2016-05-14 01:06:24 -0400
When push comes to shove, it will become crystal clear who’s country this is, don’t you worry about that.
You have been mislead by this liberal government into believing Canadians are push overs, that we will accommodate all Muslim migrants every whim, even to the point of accepting Sharia law. Not all at once just a bit at a time.
Let me be the first to tell you, contrary to what Justin Trudeau may say, most Canadians will, I assure you, push back.
Islam is not compatible with western values. What is written in the Koran is not compatible with western values.
Sharia law is not going to be tolerated here. We have Canadian law. Only.
Halal certification will not be tolerated here.
Aside from the fact that it is a method to extort money from Canadians, it is linked to terrorist organizations such as Hamas. Hamas is the terrorist organization currently governing over and holding hostage the Palestinian people.
Don’t use ‘the melting pot’ as an excuse to bring Sharia law to our country. Our accommodation has been abused, as you demonstrate.
commented 2016-05-13 22:43:05 -0400
There is no room for Sharia in Canada.
commented 2016-05-13 11:42:27 -0400
For starters this is not your country. This is Native land. #2 do you know who Hamas is? They are the Government of Palestine. You need to get your facts straight. Why are you promoting fear with you imaginary boogie man. Your invisible terrorist entity. This is not your country! Canada is not white country its a melting pot of many Nationalities. Ive been in Canada and no Muslim is trying to make Canada theres’s this is silly to think? your not making any sense silly. You are ignorant and uneducated. Halal is the best meat for you there is scientific evidence. Leaving the blood of a dead animal in the meat like they do at most Grocery chains is bad for you. Use your head no wonder why Cancer rates have sky rocketed. Did you watch the video I posted on Halal? There is so much germs and bad bacteria in the meat when the blood is not drained. Your promoting a back ward system. The people at Earls are far more educated them you are. You speak with no knowledge and ignorance. You need to do more research first then talk. Your speaking with less knowledge of a topic you don’t know much about. Muslims have been live in peace and still do for 1400 years until one day some one decided we want to attack there religion. People are converting in a fast rate for the reason. Why don’t you learn more about islam from a Muslim rather not even know what your are talking about. Pick up a book some time! you are so ignorant you know nothing!! its sad really and pathetic! No one is funding Hamas silly! Why do you keep making shit up? Hamas is a government funded on there own. I think your thinking of ISIS. Hamas is not a Terrorist group. You need to do more research. Why do you believe every thing you read. How smart are you? The Palestinians are poor. They are being oppressed by Israel. Bombed and killed every day. You need to get your facts straight!
commented 2016-05-12 11:23:58 -0400
Dwayne Bee, I can’t even call you an apologist. You’re the real deal. Love the Koran do you, good for you I don’t. Sharia law , nope not in my country.

Halal is nothing less than an infiltration of Islamic rule in the west. Sharia creep. Also I will fight against any establishment which is linked to terrorist funding. Halal establishments have been proven to send some of their proceeds to Hamas and other terrorist organizations, and Canadians are going to the slaughter willingly if they continue to support this infiltration of Islam into their country. I’m not going to argue the nuance between kosher and halal. I am not Jewish, and this is not a Jewish site.

Islamophobic damn straight I am. I am very concerned about Islamists trying to make my country theirs, because they don’t want to share in our freedom, they want to force their religion/political system here. We already have a political system and laws of our own. We don’t accept Sharia. We don’t accept Halal. We expect you to comply with our laws. As far as the religion part of your political ideology goes, it is completely incomparable with western values. Many here feel confidence in what they call the ‘moderate’ Muslims, I still need to be convinced and your post does little to give me confidence or alleviate my concerns. In fact alarm bells are going off. If Islam wants to live in peace beside Christians and Jews, why do they force their laws onto other countries? Why must we fund Hamas if we want to eat a hamburger at Earls.
commented 2016-05-12 04:18:43 -0400
Oh so it seems like you all specialize in spreading Miss information. Im very disappointed with this web site that has came down with the sickness of Islamophobia. For starters those people in that video are not Muslims. That is not how a Halal Slaughter is performed. Second! This is a Jewish site then tell the Truth!! There is no difference between Halal and Kosher slaughter. Same concept! Its the people who are running this site are Trying to spread fear and Hate! Zionists who are attacking the religion of Islam. Halal is a better method of slaughter then Traditional stun gun. That is the most cruel way. A Jew would never eat the meat that has gone Thru Factory Farming the Conventional way of killing an animal. How ignorant are you people trying to spread lies to a Target audience of people who are uneducated. People who just don’t know about Halal meat. A Jew and a Muslim but have similar Traditions. Don’t try and down play Kosher is not the same! It is the same. Both groups say prayers to the One god before slaughter. There is no Ritual or Evil sadistic done. Some cities every Restaurant has Halal Meat. Its 2016 and how Dumb to you think most people are? or I mean Gentiles(Goyim) You don’t think we know your agenda. Give it up its not working. Cowards. Spreading miss information and diss information! The Readers of this site should do there own research in stead of being miss lead by these people. Trying to get people fired up about Islam. It is you people is why Islam is the fastest growing Religion. Trying to push people away from the Book. There is Scientific proof that Halal meat is the most pain free way to slaughter an animal. I seen all 3 slaughter and by far the use of stun gun is by far the most Barbaric way where the fear hormones goes right into the Meat. Don’t let these people fool you. Muslims and Jews DO NOT WANT TO EAT AN ANIMAL THAT HAS BEEN TREATED INHUMANE! AND MEAT THAT HAS NOT BEEN BLESSED BY OUR CREATOR. Its sad really they know most people are Atheist or agnostic and ignorant and they are feeding your brains with no Education rather lies!! Trying to spread the sickness of Islamophobia and hate. Ive read most of the comments on this site. They are low and its spreading Racism and Divide. There is a Reason its 1.5 Billion and still growing. Because the Truth is in the book. Whites, Blacks, Spanish are converting to Islam for a reason. Nice try. If you want to learn about Islam. Learn from a Muslim and not the Media or these Hate sites. The media is owned by these con artists and there on a mission and that is to Try and Destroy Islam or slow down the fastest growing religion on Earth. 1400 years of unchanged truth. Never corrupted by these people. Here is a video below posted of scientific studies of Halal
You Decide for your self and comment later. Don’t let the Haters miss lead you from the Truth. That is what this day and age is like. sinister people like these spreading hate. Muslims, Christians and Jews have lived for centuries and centuries with out problems and in peace till after sept 11th and the Fake War on Terror times have changed. here is the video below watch and learn
commented 2016-05-11 18:51:53 -0400
Good job, Doug! I couldn’t have said it better.
commented 2016-05-11 16:53:52 -0400
I have sent the following letter via feedback form:

To whom it may concern:

Your supplier Creekstone Farms, dispatches it’s beef animals using Halal methods. Your claim the"Halal killing mthod" produces “Certified Humane Beef”, is an outright fiction if not a blatant lie. In fact I would go so far as to say they are so far apart, as to be at opposite ends of any spectrum of the Human dispatching of food animals.

Leroy Fuller the founder of Earl’s Restaurant served together during the Korean War. Sadly it would seem the current generation of his legacy has seen fit to forgo Canadian beef suppliers in favour of sole sourcing its entire beef product from a USA supplier that enshrines the most barbaric and inhuman dispatching of domestic animals. At very best, this is deeply offensive to me on so many levels. Top of the list, as Canadians we have a long tradition in going the extra mile and doing the right thing.

At worst your Board of Directors’ has allowed the Operating Officers efforts to drive profit for the shareholders at the cost of corporate integrity. Why else would Earl’s pander to a specific religious market segment that hides behind .an obfuscating certification? “Kosher Beef” (Shechita) also stipulates the barbaric severing the trachea, esophagus, carotid arteries, jugular veins and vagus nerve using a special sharp knife. Both certifications charging can be had, and for a similar license fee.

I have for many, many years spent considerable time and money dinning, entertaining and enjoying Earl’s offerings. However until such time as your corporation takes all religion out of your supply chain, I will not and nor will I approve any future expenditures of my personal or corporate entertainment budget at your establishment.

I will also be encouraging my family, friends and business contacts and members of the Chamber of Commerce, to review your new beef sourcing policy and join me in spend our dollars elsewhere. This is the strongest and likely most effective message possible to your Board of Directors…. walking away with my money.


H. Douglas Stead
2239 Sicamous Ave.,
Coquitlam, BC V3K 6R9
commented 2016-05-11 10:17:34 -0400
Anonymous, Do you mean the extortion part or the funding terrorism part ?
commented 2016-05-11 04:24:08 -0400
You people are getting way too paranoid over halal. Some of you are even turning into some kind of a leftist animal rights activist.

I really don’t care how the animal is killed as long as I don’t get food poison.
commented 2016-05-11 01:03:58 -0400
“Mandatory labelling of claims related to ritual slaughtering: The proponent indicated that all food products resulting from ritual slaughtering should be required to indicate that on the product. The current federal government approach regarding ritual slaughter is that such claims are voluntary, but when used must be truthful and not misleading.”
commented 2016-05-11 00:48:46 -0400

more halal products
Nestle, Campbell’s, Swanson, Prego, V8, Cadbury halal prepared.
AMWAY Nutrilite is the top-selling supplement brand in the world.
Abott Nutrituin producers of Nutritional Products & Infant & Baby Foods
Loblaw Companies Ltd
AL-NOOR Canada Inc.
Caghill Canada meat processers
commented 2016-05-10 19:32:45 -0400
Some may consider the introduction of this " halal practice" to be a fringe or trivial issue. I don’t. I personally do not want to participate in the acceptance of any of the Islamic faiths practices or norms. Nothing period. To do so is just another step towards letting them take over Canada like they have Europe.
People that follow the teachings of Mohammed are a billion and a half strong. That is not a minority.
They can make homes for themselves someplace else where this stuff is accepted , along with other practices like stoning adulterous women and setting fire to gays.
commented 2016-05-10 18:47:19 -0400
I totally hear you! My favourite pig was named Wiggy. He wiggled when we pet him. I owned him
Unlike yourself, I did eat him, but I was sad.
But dad did pay me, which I used the money to buy another two pigs.
I eat meat and I know and deeply appreciate where it comes from.
commented 2016-05-10 17:54:33 -0400
I affectionately call them “the girls” in the field, and the bulls I call “the big guys!” I know these animals are eventually slaughtered for food, but I can’t stand anyone treating them badly.
We also had chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys and pigs. We always named the lame ones, and kept them with their own kind. We had a pet duck that we named “Carson” and one day at supper, my step-father mentioned the fact that we were just about to eat Carson. I swear it was like a moment from that movie “Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.” All four of us kids got up and left the table at the same time. We went hungry that night, but we just couldn’t eat our friend Carson the duck!
commented 2016-05-10 17:13:32 -0400
I grew up on a small dairy farm in Southern Manitoba. They were free range, sleeping on grass (not dirt) in the summer and fresh straw in the winter.
Our animals each had their own name and personality, they lived happy and humane lives.
The cows lived in a grass (not mud) pasture and got milked twice a day. They lived on average 22-26 years, they each knew their names, and we petting and brushed them every day. (They LOVED being brushed). In the summer we put bug spray on them every evening. If they flies were really bad they bellowed for more when it wore off. We always obliged. We loved our cows.
Then when they could not produce milk any more they got sent away to the dog food factory. That was one very sad day. Still makes me sad to think of the day my favourite (Milkshake) went. I was 14 and she was 26.
The males didn’t have it as good as the cows. Around 4 months old they got “cut” (still makes me squirm).
They then got set free into the big pasture to graze. Every day they got some candy (crushed grain and salt). They always came when we called them and loved to get their noses rubbed.
When it was time to butcher one we sent them off to 14’ by 14’ pen, no water, no food for 12-14 hours. Poor guy. We then led them out with the promise of grain (candy) and shot them with a 308 behind the ear as they took that first and last mouthful. Always felt sad. We helped pull that calf, clean it off after it was born. It trusted us. And then we cut it’s jugular, skinned it, gutted it, and quartered it and brought it to the meat cutter’s.
We loved those cattle. They were them money in our bank, the food on our table, and we always respected them and they died for our living.
To me this was Humane living for our cattle. The only one I feel bad about were the old spent cows. I wished I was the one (or dad) to have put the bullet in its skull so that it didn’t have to suffer.

I am now 40 years old. I still get all of my beef from a farmer who does it similar to this way today. I am still the one who pulls the trigger, and my heart still always hurts as I do it. I am so glad that I know that the beef I am eating never has to suffer. I think of that every time I eat beef.

PS I do the same with all of the pork I eat as well.
commented 2016-05-10 15:34:17 -0400
James: No they’re not killed the same way. In Kosher the animal is standing with it’s head uppermost. When the jugular is severed the blood instantly drains from the head resulting in instant unconsciousness followed shortly by death. The animal is securely held upright in the special stall so it doesn’t fall, breaking limbs. As you can see in the attached video the Halal way is to string the animal up by one leg, fully conscious, before it’s throat is slit to the spine. I’ve seen videos showing the animal pulled off a wet platform. When it hits the concrete it’s legs break. Then as it flails around screaming the “butchers” pick it all over until it bleeds out. Or, they put it in a drum with holes in it and the animals’ head sticking out the end. They turn the drum so that the animal tumbles around as it is knifed.
The other difference is that Kosher is not forced on the non-Jewish population AND, most importantly, a portion of the cost does not go to Hamas, Hizbollah, The Muslim Brotherhood and others. Halal is a necessary part of the jihad. Kosher is a choice and a mark of clean, inspected quality meat/ wine, salt etc. They don’t do soup!
commented 2016-05-10 14:58:15 -0400
Question: How is Halal different from Kosher? Aren’t animals slaughtered exactly the same way? If not, tell me what is different?
commented 2016-05-10 10:46:34 -0400
The root of all evil is religion followed by corrupt politics. Take your pick , under Trudeau Canada is going down the drain quick. Sharia law has no place in Canada. Under no circumstance will I ever conform to the barbaric wishes of a religion born from hate or would I worship a pedophile the architect of this demonic religion.