August 17, 2016

“Green” politicians, left and right, are pushing their “religion” — and passing the collection plate

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Because Canada's forests absorb four times the amount of carbon the whole country emits, we are already "as green as green can be," says broadcaster Jerry Agar, guest hosting for Ezra Levant. That doesn't matter to our leaders on either side of the political aisle; they insist we have to "do something" about "global warming," and you end up paying for it.


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commented 2016-08-19 11:30:32 -0400
STEPHEN E: Thanks for taking the time to put such a well constructed post together for our benefit. When sun spot activity diminishes and the earth starts to cool can you imagine the scramble from the progressive left intellegencia? " We have to produce these fossil fuels to save the planet". That will be their mantra then. Sick bunch of globalist money grubbing thieves. To bad Gore couldn’t have run into a bullet 30 years ago, think of the grief we could have missed. Green has rapidly become an ugly colour.

DJBT and the minions
commented 2016-08-18 10:23:29 -0400
Climate change as been going on since earth developed an atmosphere. We are still in a relatively cool period for the earth. Until the ice caps are gone, technically we are still in the end stages of the last major ice age.

Twenty thousand years ago more than half of North America and all of northern Europe were under two to three kilometres of ice. I guess this warming was also man’s doing.

Glaciers are the remnants of that period, and have been and are melting, but the eco-nuts believe it is man’s fault that they are doing so. As the planet warms, naturally – whether man exists or not – the Arctic ice cap will vanish. Antarctica, due to water currents, will remain. Presently, the amount of Arctic and Antarctic ice combined has remained constant. As the Arctic melts, the Antarctic expands almost as a balancing act.

Fact: the earth’s wobble, inclination and variation in orbit (influenced at times by Jupiter) control the earth’s temperature changes in conjunction with the output (which changes) of the sun. Also, earth’s spin is slowing down and within a billion or so years earth will have a 36 hour day. The moon, every year, is moving further away from earth so its influence on tides and reflecting light back to earth at night will eventually stop. The earth’s core will eventually cool and become solid.

The continents are drifting. Australia breaking off from Antartica created the southern ice cap by changing the currents of the ocean. North America, about the time Australia crashes into India, will join with China. This again will change current patterns and land mass warming. Eventually, land will form Pangea II.

The planet itself gives off CO2, methane and other green house gases, but they are minor in relation to the major green house gas of water in the atmosphere (97%). The 100 plus active volcanos’ production of airborne GH gas dwarfs man’s output. At present, what the earth produces in a day takes man one hundred years to come close to producing. Man’s production of GH gases doesn’t even equal the annual variance of planet earth’s production.

BTW, we breath out CO2. Soft drinks, wine and beer production creates CO2, as does hard liquor production. All mammals breath out CO2. Decaying plant life gives off CO2. CO2 is plant food; more CO2 the more plant life. CO2 is used by aquatic species to make shells. So will everything be taxed and aquatic shelled creatures given an exemption?

CO2 was at a dangerously low level a century ago. Around 250 ppm. Below 150 ppm all plant life vanishes, which in turn means earth’s non-baterical lifeforms die off, and quickly. Thankfully, earth is now at just over 300 ppm. Even so, CO2 is not even a quarter of what it was 35 million years ago when grass came into existence.

Earth is still about 2C lower than it was during the Medieval period. Earth is about 5C lower than when the Ice Age northern cap started to melt. We keep hearing how earth has warmed during the past 150 years: earth was in a mini ice age then, so of course it is warmer now than then. In 1898 scientists met in New York City to discuss weather and the consensus was that an ice age was coming; earth would be covered with snow and ice within a decade.

A carbon tax, a carbon cap, a carbon anything is no different than to suggest that we can stop the tides, the wind, the currents of the ocean, the rotation of the earth, the orbit of the planet, or the output of the sun. BTW, we are all carbon bases lifeforms, so will there be a head tax?

Unfortunately Baby Doc Trudeau, his puppet masters Butts and Sasha, and a good many world leaders and politicians, probably by population pressure, adopt the theories of Al Gore the climate Guru (with his undergrad degree in Government) and who keep being proven wrong.

If the planet cools (as Russian scientists predict) it will be a victory for the adherents of GW and carbon tax. If the planet warms, well, we didn’t do enough early enough. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, planet earth just keeps on being planet earth paying no heed to the tiny, tiny lifeforms on its surface.

My prediction, just as valid as anyone’s, is that in eighty years the planet will be warmer, the same, or cooler.

Don’t get me started…
commented 2016-08-17 18:04:27 -0400
I think the Green in the phrase “Church of Green” isn’t about the trees or grass in the environment but about the amount of money that can be collected from taxpayers in the name of “fixing” the environment or soothing our consciences over our “rape” of the environment. I suspect that most of that money will get used to bribe voters into supporting the government of the day. People have become resistant to tax increases in the past decade or two so politicians are going to “green taxes” because they think voters have been sufficiently gulled into believing that the environment really is collapsing and that government, in its wisdom and benevolence will fix it all in due course.

Frankly, I’m skeptical about the entire claim that climate change is caused by human activity AND that it is fixable by other human activity. I am even more skeptical that our scientists actually know how to “fix” the problem.

The world is an ENORMOUSLY complicated system. We can’t even predict tomorrow’s weather reliably so how can we possibly have the conceit to think that we can undo the damage that is allegedly taking place? I acknowledge that climate change might indeed be happening but I’m not remotely convinced that human activity is causing it, let alone that we can reverse it. Climate change seems to be an ongoing natural process that has been going on since the planet was first formed, billions of years before we ever emerged. Do we REALLY think we are to blame for it? Are we really so egotistical that we think we can fix it?

I’m reminded of an incident about 30 years back where I was in a garage getting a tire replaced after it had been shredded by a piece of road junk. The mechanic offered to do a free inspection to see if everything was okay under the hood. I let him proceed and he soon waved me over to show me something. “See that?” he said, pointing at something whirring. “That’s the distributor shaft for your carb and it’s bent. It needs to be replaced.” He quoted me a price of $200, which I didn’t have on me at that moment. I asked if it was urgent and he said it could wait a few weeks. I thanked him, paid for the tire and left. Long story short, I had a mechanic I knew and trusted look at my distributor shaft and he assured me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it! The climate activists remind me of the first mechanic: I think they’re inventing a problem that doesn’t exist and trying to get money for fixing what isn’t broken.

I’m not questioning the sincerity of the grass roots climate activists but I strongly suspect the top people are telling the rest of their minions some pretty outrageous lies just to get their support in campaigning against the carbon. I think they see a big payday for themselves if they can convince everyone that the sky is falling and that they have answers.
commented 2016-08-17 17:55:34 -0400
Jerry Agar is terrible. Next time Ezra goes away can’t you guys get Lilley or Laughton to cover.
commented 2016-08-17 13:55:16 -0400
It’s not about climate, or ecology or any of the counterfeit virtues slimy politicians hide behind. Its about shaking down the public to further enrich the 1%. The hilarious thing about this trendy prog self-loathing is the greatest proponents of this super class rip off are the demented progs who rail against the 1% and their rip off systems.

Being a Prog means being proud of scoring below 50 on an IQ test.
commented 2016-08-17 13:08:58 -0400
Politicians of the right are not climate change bullshit artists.

Progressive politicians on the right are climate change bullshit artists.

How raising taxes and fixing a so-called climate problem is related is beyond comprehension – technology fixes problems, not horse shit big goobmint taxes.

All of these green politicians are FINANCIAL RAPISTSRAPING ALL CANADIANS OF THEIR WEALTH – and the tool to do this is this farce called climate change – FUCK YOU ALL!!!!
commented 2016-08-17 12:46:31 -0400
There are a lot of followers of the Religion of Green.

If it were only politicians we could do something about it by not electing the followers of this cult like religion.
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