January 28, 2018

“Gutless” bureaucrats pull ad after malcontents accuse native model of “channeling” Pocahontas

David MenziesMission Specialist


A poster from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada urging natives to sign up for their Indian Status card triggered progressives who slammed it in social media for the crimes of “cultural appropriation” and stereotyping.

The focus of the outrage is model Neegann Aaswasskshin, who was accused of channelling the likeness of Disney’s Pocahontas because she’s wearing a turquoise necklace.

But it turns out, the social media misfits wrongly jumped to conclusions.

Neegann herself is Native American, and in addition to being beautiful, she’s a very accomplished lawyer who has worked on Indigenous policy with many organizations and governments.

In other words, she’s a superb role model and someone who would never take part in a campaign mocking First Nations culture.

The clothes and jewelry she wore in the ad were all her own and she was just being herself, but for this, she suffered hurtful comments from trolls.

In typical gutless bureaucratic fashion, Indigenous and Northern Affairs waved the white flag of surrender and yanked the poster rather than stand up to social media malcontents.

No doubt they’ll spend more on a new non-offensive poster and squander funds that could be better spent on actual Indigenous causes.

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commented 2018-01-30 02:47:08 -0500
I’m so insanely confused. If the poster was produced by indigenous folk, then how could they possibly accused of appropriating indigenous culture?
What possible reasoning would lead them to admit guilt?
If not them, who would have the “right” to take part in indigenous culture?
commented 2018-01-29 14:54:37 -0500
Now that’s a spade Menzoid!

I’m on side with Senator Lynn Beyak, and all the Indians and others that wrote in support of her!
Andy Scheer, et al, acted shamefully…again!
All the emotional BS about how the ‘demon-colonialist-patriarchal-White-man’ in Canada treated the poor Indians so badly and never did anything good for them out of Christian charity and the goodness of their hearts – and purses – must be exposed for the SJW/Identity Politics/Progressive revisionist and divisive nonsense that it is! As does this ‘noble-savage’ illusion.
We can begin by recognizing the problem.
Double standards and hypocrisy – with a lefty-driven agenda.
We can start by getting rid of the whole special-interest-group-think Indian bureaucracy and it’s huge expense to the taxpayer, and by immediately stopping the flow of the $10 Billion a year plus taxpayer funds to the thieving chiefs.
Get rid of the racist reserve system, which is based on the bigotry of low expectations – You intigrate into Canadian society, or return to your ancestral homelands – in Asia!
Get rid of Gladue and the rest of the mollycoddling, bleeding-heart, hug-a-thug policies . If you do the crime, you do the time – no more ‘special’ treatment. Then, work on why Indians are really so over represented in the criminal courts/prison system – like blacks are in the US. Just the facts ma’am.
Round up all the foreign activist-funders, instigators, saboteurs and promoters of this whiney-poor-Indian-victim shamefulness. Whether it’s Soros, Rockefeller, or Saudi money – shut them down! Where’s CSIS and the RCMP!?
We need to allow the Indians the chance to develop some self-esteem, self worth and self respect as they integrate into Canadian society. Some will – some won’t. Life is like that. It’s time to move forward.
My acknowledgement to those of you who don’t allow yourselves to be trapped in the (lefty) White Man’s oppressive system of Indian plantations! You and I both know you don’t need a pat on the back and likely don’t want one anyway.
Time to start calling a spade a spade!

No apologies.
commented 2018-01-29 11:48:19 -0500
Our First Nations people need to be encouraged to apply for status because it will help them and their families access benefits they can’t without status. That’s the point of this, that and how we have done some majorly horrible things to our First Nations peoples. If my grandparent was taken from his or her family and raped and beaten for years in a residential school as a child and then expected to live like a normal person in society while being treated like shit by a lot of white people for being an “Indian”.

Canada has the literal blood of children on our hands and people choose to focus negatively on some small thing that is actually being done to help our first nation’s peoples.

Most of these people who call themselves SJW’s are people pleasers that want to look good to other people pleasers on social media by presenting an image. It’s all about style without substance, surface followed by more surface followed by more surface. They don’t care about actually helping anyone or looking at an issue beyond what is easy, because they likely are trying to look good on many other fronts as well.

So they get up in arms about silly things on the internet while actually doing nothing in real life to help anyone. Neegann Aaswasskshin tries to actually make a real difference by being an Indigenous Affairs lawyer and then further by participating in this awareness campaign, and she gets flak for her necklace.
commented 2018-01-29 02:45:18 -0500
Eventually they will devour each other .!!
commented 2018-01-28 22:42:07 -0500
Sorry….my post should read “As I men…..”
commented 2018-01-28 22:40:30 -0500
Has I mentioned before if the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” it is because it is broken, and the morons that keep on greasing the wheel without fixing it are really the most stupid.
commented 2018-01-28 22:06:01 -0500
Yup, Drew, you are absolutely right!
commented 2018-01-28 21:43:10 -0500
Susan Ashbrook it is usually some SJW clowns being offended on behalf of someone else. Which in itself is racist but they do not get it.
commented 2018-01-28 21:34:55 -0500
The question is… was our Indigenous community offended by the poster, or just the PC SJWs who feel it is their right and responsibility to determine everyone else’s feelings?
If you want to speak of cultural appropriation let’s talk about Disney, who snaps up folk tales, makes them their own, copyrights them and then focusses the full force of the law against those who paint those “Disney” characters on the walls of their daycare centres. Disney’s Pocahontas is not a true representation of the real Pocahontas so why should they hold the key? Besides, Neegann Aaswasskshin was not claiming to be Pocahontis… she has her own life and merits as a person, and truly as an Indigenous person… as many Indigenous people have today.
commented 2018-01-28 19:56:04 -0500
Jan G, thanks for posting the story and AMVETS letter to the NFL. I hadn’t heard about it until now.
commented 2018-01-28 19:17:48 -0500
Speaking of ads pulled.
As per John Horvat, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP):
" American Veterans (AMVETS) were asked by the NFL to provide an ad for this year’s program. AMVETS’s two-worded message, #PleaseStand, encouraged Americans to stand for the National Anthem in respect for veterans who have fought and died for their country.
The NFL rejected this message as political. This is the same NFL that allowed football players to disrespect the National Anthem by kneeling in protest.
AMVETS was severely disappointed by the snub, and wrote to the NFL:
“It’s a simple, polite request that represents the sentiment of our membership, particularly those whose missing or paralyzed limbs preclude standing. We sought to give a new contest to the discussion from the perspective of the veterans who had been largely disregarded. Your staff’s decision to reject the ad … serves to make that disregard even more stark and unfortunate…
Moreover, the fact that the commissioners of the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League have allowed the very same #PleaseStand ad to run in their respective program books only makes the NFL’s decision to reject the ad that much more inexcusable.”"
commented 2018-01-28 19:09:43 -0500
You said it David! Lunatics!
Kent Hehr resigned because he offended some women, but not because he offended and affected the income, financial remuneration and lives of disabled people? What he did and how he treated those with disabilities was far worse and devastating than anything he said to these women on any elevator.
Justin Soros, strikes again. His mommy and wife probably told him what to do.
commented 2018-01-28 18:53:01 -0500
I’m not as angry at the perpetually offended SJW as I am with those who are so ready to cave into them at every opportunity. I’ve noticed that it’s rarely the “victim” groups that are offended but far left white folks who take it upon themselves to be offended on their behalf.
commented 2018-01-28 17:28:26 -0500
So when are the Liberal SJWs going to call for a commission of inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal men?
commented 2018-01-28 16:16:47 -0500
Given the dynamics of this silly nonsense, I’d’a thought it would have taken an Indian complaining about the poster to Indian and Northern Affairs, for the beta-male bureau-cucks to jump that high…
Lefty liberals…you can’t live with them and you can’t shoot ’em.
commented 2018-01-28 16:01:05 -0500
SJW’s would appear to have the minds of 12 year old children. I would suggest to them that they try to do something useful, like jumping off the tops of High Rise buildings.Doing this, all they would have to worry about is the sudden stop at the bottom.
commented 2018-01-28 14:55:56 -0500
David, the title of your report says it all!
The perpetually outraged are costing tax payers again…unbelievable government reaction to all this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the poster, the accusations are absurd and unfounded.
commented 2018-01-28 13:54:16 -0500
Spring is coming, the snowflakes had better watch out!