September 28, 2018

“Hanoi Jane” reverts to Trump derangement after brief moment of lucidity

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

Hanoi Jane is raising eyebrows (not her own obviously-too much Botox for that!) with comments she made about President Trump and his voters.

Shockingly, some of her comments made sense, but then she inevitably revealed that she, like so many other Hollywood celebrities, still doesn’t understand Trump voters or why he won.

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commented 2018-10-01 00:34:54 -0400
Jane “Barbarella” Fonda peaked about 1968…. it’s been one fiasco after another ever since…
commented 2018-09-29 18:51:31 -0400
How many times has this woman reinvented herself? Everytime she loses another man in her life.
commented 2018-09-29 07:41:19 -0400
A privileged upper class elite woman who has never got her hands dirty says she doesn’t understand ordinary people. People who just want government to get off their backs and live in peace with their children and make a life for themselves. Go back to Hanoi and make a life for yourself, Jane.