August 06, 2015

Harper and most Canadians agree; end subsidies and let political parties run on their own steam

Brian LilleyArchive

Is it true as we keep hearing from the opposition and the media, that Harper is giving himself an edge with a longer campaign?

Subsidies for political parties are not a new thing. They've been with us for a long time but now the opposition parties are trying to make voters believe that this only benefits Harper and the Conservatives. All of the parties are eligible for the rebates depending on how much they spend but I agree, and so does Stephen Harper, that we should end subsidies for political parties and let them run on their own steam. 


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commented 2015-08-07 15:45:00 -0400
Terry is just another left wing idiot. What hurts is that my tax dollars pays him. KILL THE CBC!!!!!
commented 2015-08-07 11:26:01 -0400
Barb, you have clarified it for me. Thank you.
commented 2015-08-07 09:27:11 -0400
Peter and Prince, there was a ‘per vote’ subsidy that the Conservative government eliminated some time ago. What Brian is referring to here, is a 50% rebate of election expenses that all parties get or can claim.
commented 2015-08-06 23:53:39 -0400
Be aware of the college leftists;
They screwed Alberta by vote splitting.
commented 2015-08-06 23:44:19 -0400
The pundits here are forgetting about all the freshly built Saudi imam political bases
(aka: mosques) being built across the country as we speak. (or type)
The new up and coming islamic party of Canada (funded of course by the Saudis) should be food for thought.

Just saying…
commented 2015-08-06 22:47:56 -0400
I was under the impression that that bill had passed through into law as well, but Brian’s video seems to indicate otherwise.
commented 2015-08-06 21:43:41 -0400
Harper tried cutting subsidies to the parties before, and I believe it was either while he had a minority government, or early in his majority. The Opposition parties (AND the media) had a royal conniption, with all the emotionally-overloaded language that implies. Didn’t that legislation (to cut subsidies) get passed? I thought it had…
commented 2015-08-06 19:39:31 -0400
If the Conservatives did do away with this subsidy from the Canadian tax payer, then the opposition parties would be hurt the most, even if the Conservatives would get a greater amount due to greater spending, and that is because the Conservatives have more money to work with than all the other parties. The subsidy would help the other parties more.
commented 2015-08-06 19:05:53 -0400
Well said Brian. I am with you on this. The Lib’s and NDP will be begging on the streets.
commented 2015-08-06 18:33:46 -0400
The following is sarcasm intended; OMG!! Armagedden is upon us! Socialists will not be able to confiscate taxpayer money to fund our intended march for communism in Canada! Worse, we will have to (gasp!) work, (another gasp!) to convince Canadians to part with their hard earned cash to support OUR vision of Canada, and where they fit into it as intended slaves of the state!
commented 2015-08-06 18:20:20 -0400
Yes that would say adios to the Liberals ,NDP and all other parties. The Conservatives would be the only party left.