January 28, 2017

“I’ll believe those pipelines will get built when I see it”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I looked beyond the media hype and explained why Justin Trudeau is hardly the "pipeline prime minister, as CTV is calling him now.


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commented 2017-01-29 16:42:07 -0500
I’m not sure how but L’il Puto (Thanks to Freeland and the Basic Dictatorship for that one! LMFAO) will find a way to shitcan Keystone XL. After his masters Obama and Soros installed him with the help of Barry’s campaign team and Georgie boy’s dinero, the first thing Obama did was veto the pipeline as a gift. You really think L’il Puto is gonna work with Prez Trump to push it forward?
We’re about to see some EGREGIOUS BS to justify not building it. I’m thinking some kinda protest from the Prior (So-called “First”) Nations.
commented 2017-01-29 15:39:01 -0500
Leviticus 2013 agree with you it is beyond me why ont and quebec continue to import opec oil while thumbing there noses at Canadian oil ?
commented 2017-01-29 15:36:47 -0500
Bill Elder Bill I work in a 90 000 bpd sagd facility in the patch. I can assure you you are 100% correct, we have a project that is roughly 40 % finished and was put on hold, this was around 150 million, the other phase of which equipment was purchased and is sitting in storage will not be built till they are gone. The target date is for after the next election, it was close to a billion dollar project. I hope you are correct as if these go ahead there will be thousands of jobs that are created with them. Both are on hold now.
commented 2017-01-29 12:45:18 -0500
Energy companies have been watching the now established policy flip flops of the PM and his Low IQ cabinet and are understandably timid in committing to a capital project that may face more political interference or a change in policy months down the road – this is government so lost, so devoid of policy direction they move any way the wind blows – hardly conducive to a reliable business climate.

I have a little bird inside the patch who chirps to me once in a while and the last chirp that came from that direction was that the patch is holding off on most development until Notley and Prince selfie are out of power – they have 3-4 year delays built in to these projects, which shows they are fairly confident Trudeau is a one term wonder.
commented 2017-01-29 09:12:17 -0500
Leviticus I agree. Build refineries here. Build a pipe line to the East. Why export raw bitumen so it can be processed abroad, keep the jobs here. Canada imports 600,00 barrels a day from the Saudis from half way round the world. They burn bunker C oil the lowest dirtiest grade.
Just ask the countries along the route who,s reefs and shore lines are damaged as they wash their tanks out at sea on the way back. Smaller Carbon/Enviro. foot print my ass.

Where are all the greenies on this. Canada can supply Canadians with all our oil needs. Billions sent to the Saudis while Turdo wants to phase out the oil sands. Why would we phase out coal? We have a coal seam that extends across three provinces,very good quality.We export clean coal teck. to China, they are bringing on a new coal fired electric plant every month. Look at the cost of Ontario,s green energy. One duck with oil on it makes national news,yet a bald eagle and thousands of other birds killed by wind power don,t.

Our forest products if you can call them that, means shipping raw wood to other countries for peanuts.
The same goes for our minerals. We must stop exporting the raw products along with thousands of jobs for nothing.

We should be the richest Country in the world. All Canadians should be getting natural resource dividend checks each month, instead we are being ripped off by all levels of government.
commented 2017-01-28 21:21:23 -0500
Well Trudeau just announced to the world that the refugees turned away from the U.S.A are welcomed to come to Canada,so there is your pipe line.
commented 2017-01-28 21:11:56 -0500
Actually I don’t want to Keystone XL to be built either because all that will be going down that pipeline is our raw bitumin… what I would like to see going down the pipeline is refined oil and that would allow a lot more permanent jobs to stay in in Canada upgrading the oil and then the oil that the US receives they could be refined into anything they want from that point on… Plus you get a better price for refined oil rather than Raw bitumin. It wouldn’t create that many permanent jobs and the construction has a timeline when the work would be over. If we were selling upgraded oil (Brent oil) we would have the Extraction as well as the upgrading and that would create many permanent full-time positions.
It is very similar to exporting our raw timber logs to neighboring countries and purchasing back the finished lumber at a greater cost.
commented 2017-01-28 21:04:22 -0500
Yvette you may be correct in thinking the KM will get built because it does have a couple of things going for it. First of all the oil running through it will be destined for cheap sale to Trudeau’s favourite dictatorship China. Also, Ottawa and eastern premiers, particularly in Ontario and Quebec must be getting a little worried by now as to how to keep their welfare transfer payments coming. They can’t afford to allow Alberta to become a have not province as well.
commented 2017-01-28 20:44:10 -0500
Trudeau is not a leader & his main objective is to appease the environmentalists. The President of Kinder Morgan who has been named business man of the year in Alberta said in his interview with PostMedia, that he is confident the pipeline will be built, so I hope he is right & you are wrong Ezra for this one time. It will be a shame if it doesn’t happen because of the many jobs that Alberta’s unemployed deserve will not be created, revenues will keep dwindling & the economy will go stale. Such a no brainer & sometimes I wonder what the aim of Trudeau & Notley is in the long run.
commented 2017-01-28 19:24:52 -0500
Totally agree. I’ll believe it when I see it. The keystone will get built because Trudeau would look too much like a twit if he backed out now since he’s always said he was for it. Of course that was when he knew Obama wouldn’t approve it but too late now. The energy East would make the most sense because it would end our oil importing, it will go to Canadian refineries and it would put a lot of New Brunswickers and Quebecers to work. Can’t count on much from Quebec, but I wish New Brunswick would start protesting for it a whole lot louder.