September 17, 2016

“If your friends would drop a class because they can’t be in the same room as a hat, they should go home to mommy”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Guest host Jerry Agar has more than a few words for the young woman who went ballistic at the sight of another student's pro-Trump hat at a Canadian college.

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commented 2016-09-18 22:30:27 -0400
The hat wearer is Political Science major. He should fear his professors’ wrath.

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commented 2016-09-18 22:29:58 -0400
That girl, and the guy that grabbed the hat should both be charged with Criminal Harassment. The gen wearing the hat should file private charges.
commented 2016-09-18 21:32:04 -0400
These are uneolved “princesses” who had their childhood tantrums pandered to. Bitch-slaps are in order.
commented 2016-09-18 20:18:09 -0400
Wearing a Trump hat in Canada is as stupid as Canadians who had Obama bumper stickers.
commented 2016-09-18 19:11:05 -0400
I actually never liked Trump as a person but I so want him to become President of the USA. I just want to see all the lefty idiots and criminal sympathizers put in their place for a change including the silly twat Zoe Sluser.
commented 2016-09-18 17:56:25 -0400
Cameron do you believe in freedom at all? You sure do not seem to mind when it is under threat. You ignore the main point of the story to deflect from the sad reality. All i can say is do not whine when you are censored because you deserve it and supported it.
commented 2016-09-18 17:54:45 -0400
Cameron please prove that hats are made locally in North America all the time. It is quite easy to order them from your own city. And you make us LOL as well.
commented 2016-09-18 16:42:40 -0400
Trump hat. “Make America great again” makes me lol so hard. The hats are 100% made in China. Do I need to say more?
commented 2016-09-18 14:25:53 -0400
Reminds me of an old song:

“I had a hat when I came in, and I’ll have a hat when I go out”

Had words with a previous contractor who had done a ‘cover up’ job on my house. I told him to grow up and that he acted like a 20 year old (actually meant 14 year old but decided not to go that far). He said “what’s wrong with that”? He’s 50.
commented 2016-09-18 14:11:22 -0400
Great comment Mr. Agar, I hope others will produce “rebuttal videos” in response to the MRU incident.
Here is a good example of the type of video I’m thinking about:
commented 2016-09-18 12:08:32 -0400
Hat on backwards. Originally from the African American urban click.
Cultural appropriation.
Huge petroleum based plastic water bottle. Where is that going later ?
What a loser.
Nice little boobs though.
Sorry that was supposed to be my inside voice. My bad
commented 2016-09-18 11:57:18 -0400
I would hope that a Journalist would visit Zoe’s parents and ask if they really meant to bring up their daughter to be such a useless piece of crap? We subsidize these Halls of Learning, so we should be able to force common sense on the Administration.
commented 2016-09-18 11:44:57 -0400
That little snowflake that immediately bounced to the defense of her peers has no idea that she herself is the victim… Quietly behind her back at their dinner tables the people she thought she was helping are actually laughing at her behind her back. “The little white puppet” that they have tirelessly working for them so they can saturate our Canadian values with their globalism and more indoctrination.
Those that are being used don’t even know it.!
commented 2016-09-18 11:24:43 -0400
In a few countries on this Earth, when a woman is caught not wearing a hijab, she is executed in the street without trial. Who wants to bet me 100 dollars that the imperious, hypocritical POS in the video doesn’t care about this AT ALL and in fact smiles when she sees hijabs, which are symbols of ACTUAL oppression?

Yet somehow wanting to send criminals back home is racist? That’s what illegal aliens are. They’re criminals, every last one. What else do you call someone that breaks the law every second of every day just by being where they are? They could have come in legally. They can also go home.
commented 2016-09-18 10:45:50 -0400
Remember in 1960, when JFK was elected, it was considered radical that he was Catholic. There was full segregation. In less than 60 years, we have pretty much reached equality on all fronts. If small groups of discrimination exist, they will disappear over the next years. I totally support the GOP Trump movement. Trump wants everyone to be equal and as per Rudy Giuliani’s RNC speech, we are one people. Trump wants to help ALL PEOPLE. What the left is missing is that they, with groups like BLM are bringing back conflict, and are really anarchists, racists and bigots themselves. The left attacks the general population like we are all these terrible racists and bigots, when really the general population is progressive and tolerant . Unfortunately this girl is so brainwashed by the misinformation of the leftist media(of which CBC is part of), that she and her peers are orbiting around some other planet. Unfortunately, we as Canadians cannot depend on our elite media to reflect what is really happening in society, but must watch actual footage and be our own investigators. Thanks Rebel for standing up for us all and showing the way a lot of the time.
commented 2016-09-18 10:23:18 -0400
As they say BTW, by the way has any university or college student ever been chastised for wearing a ball cap or T-shirt glorifying Che Guevara? Have any of these vocuous brians ever researched the death and destruction that Guevara engaged in during the Cuban Revolution. Not likely ! And certainly their professors , communists themselves ,would never expose them to the truth.
God help us. Our tax dollars support this crap.
commented 2016-09-18 10:15:17 -0400
And how is this not bullying? Forcing your viewpoint on another person in this manner is bullying. But then again, we conservatives or supporters of other than strict liberal dogma are not allowed to be victims like the weak leftists are. So they are allowed to bully and inflict their opinions on us without reprisal.
Liberals are the most intolerant of all human beings. Liberalism used to stand for some sense of balance and caring in society.But now it is intolerant , socialistic and oppressive. Political correectness is the voice and methodology of oppression.
The garb worn by Muslims are expressions of their political beliefs. That includes the Kufi and the Burka. Would this university chick complain about a male student wearing a Kufi?? And if a Trump supporter complained about a guy wearing a Kufi, what would happen. He would be expelled and shish kebabbed by the CBC and the leftist activists.
Sorry folks. The time for reasoned debate is over. There is no getting to yes and having common ground with leftists. In Canada we are blessed with the Great Lakes. Tell them all to go jump in the Lake of their choosing. As for me, I will most likely use the language our fellow contributor Keith Richards uses. At the end of a negotiation or discussion , when you are driven to point beyond reasoned debate , you just tell them to go do something to themselves.
commented 2016-09-18 00:33:12 -0400
Look on the upside. It is apparently easy to cleanse our universities of leftist snowflakes by everyone wearing a Trump hat. Sheesh, who knew it could be so easy? I am guessing that one chapeau per class should do the trick according to Zoe’s comments. Let’s get on with it, shall we?
commented 2016-09-17 21:00:59 -0400
What a Little Snowflake this tender delicate student is. Really? “I am going to tell on you”. Are you 2 and now looking for your blankie?
commented 2016-09-17 20:58:38 -0400
The University of Chicago recently took a very prominent stand against the cultural Marxist demand for “safe spaces,” etc. Here is Mount Royal University’s opportunity to draw the Canadian line. Will they go for it? I have my doubts.
Back in the ‘70s universities were still genuinely interested in competing with each other for the best students because they cared about the institution’s reputation above other considerations. I’m guessing that Mommy and Daddy’s chequebook has now become far more important.
commented 2016-09-17 20:41:04 -0400
I will have to go with ‘Protestant and Proud’ on one side of the shirt and ‘Israel Forever’ on the Other. Wouldn’t that send these moral revisionists totally wild.
commented 2016-09-17 20:27:23 -0400
Gotta get one of those caps, i can wear it with my “I stand with Israel” shirt , and make the SJW’s have a cow.
commented 2016-09-17 20:26:12 -0400
A perfect example of what our universities are doing to our children… They may think themselves adults but they are incapable of critical thought and without hesitation they will play the intolerance card…
If she wishes to hang out with sodomites and other types that share less than mainstream Canadian values that is her right but however freedom of speech is a right as well.

“those that demand so much tolerance from others show very little of it themselves”
commented 2016-09-17 20:16:02 -0400
Apparently ,Calgarians are going downhill, since the Province embraced the philosophy Rachel Notely.
commented 2016-09-17 20:05:20 -0400
What I find embarrassing as a Northern Albertan whose education came from Calgary institutes is this happened on Calgary institute. Hopefully this girly girl was in humanities and not real studies.
commented 2016-09-17 19:59:21 -0400
It is amazing how aggressive and intolerant and cowardly ( the twerp that stole the hat) have become. . If this upstanding ,righteous and moral, , had a crowd behind her —-she would have started a RIOT. Black Lives Matter——-Kill the Cops! Alahu Ackbar——- Kill Everybody! Please start with the assholes on the Left. They deserve it.