October 05, 2015

"It hurt, yo": Globe & Mail turns alleged encounter with rude man into anti-Muslim hate crime

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The Globe & Mail reports: "Muslim convert attacked while wearing niqab in Toronto"

The Globe's story begins:

"Her roots in Canada stretch back through her francophone mother to the 1600s. Last week, wearing her Islamic face veil – the niqab, which has become a central issue in the federal election – she says she was trying to enter Shoppers Drug Mart at Toronto’s Fairview Mall when a man carrying a liquor-store bag blocked her path and then drove his elbow hard into her shoulder, in front of her two daughters, ages nine and four.

“'It hurt, yo,' Safira Merriman, 30, said in a Facebook post describing the incident."

A Facebook post?

No police report, no witnesses, no nuthin' -- other than a juicy anti-Harper headline they could torque.

That’s all the Globe needed.

That’s the new evidentiary bar in Canadian journalism.

Maybe the guy was just a rude drunk?

Are there witnesses?

CCTV footage? Of course given the “incident” happened last week, it’s doubtful any footage still exists today.

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commented 2015-10-06 18:31:41 -0400
Doug Brinkman sorry but issues matter in elections, not just what progressives think should be relevant.
commented 2015-10-06 18:30:50 -0400
Doug Brinkman when my family arrived here , both sides farmed land others would not touch, they fed many natives and the rest of the people of this province and country.
commented 2015-10-06 12:42:33 -0400
One way to immediately tell when a hate-burning-to-the-soul leftie posts a first comment on any article, it is always an attack on the reporter/columnist and never addresses the topic.

Why are leftists, especially our resident leftists, so full of hate, rate, anger and mockery? Their souls must be in agony with all that hate.
commented 2015-10-06 11:55:54 -0400
Brinkman, those refugees comming are going to be a worse bane to First Nations and Inuit than anything we have faced before.
Muslims “refugees” are now responsible for almost all rapes and violence that is occurring across Europe right now.
I once again a implore you to ask your Muslim friends how they feel about innocent people being hurt, raped and murdered in the name of Islam.
The only culture Muslims care about is the one they inpose on others.
commented 2015-10-06 11:39:16 -0400
Doug Brinkman commented – " I’m very sorry that our Prime Minister has turned this into an election issue

I’m not sorry about that Doug – neither are the majority of Canadians who take the responsibilities of citizenship seriously – in that respect I think it is a winner of a polling issue to run with.

Doug Brinkman commented – “I have even heard one former Conservative say it borderlines racism…”

No you haven’t Doug – you are confusing that little disembodied voice in your head which always misdirects your actions and convinces you these fabrications are real, with actual occurrence. I’m sure with some SJW cult deprogramming sessions these voices will go away. ;-)
commented 2015-10-06 11:19:34 -0400
“when a man carrying a liquor-store bag” a detail that is immaterial to either an official investigation or a vetted news story – unless you are spinning a disinfo narrative, which this seems to be.

Now the fault for this does not lie with partisan politicing although that may be the motivator, the fault lies with an increasingly dishonest journalism/media pool who think lying for partisan agendas is ok and that they are above accountability for this lack of integrity and abuse of public trust – in this case, by running an unconfirmed concocted story with snide negative political innuendo in attempts to sway voting in an election (disgusting behaviour for professional journalists)

The rest of the problem lies with us who do nothing about disinfo disguised as “news”. An official complaint needs to go to a professional media watchdog/ombudsman if not a federal elections fraud investigation -we have to react this way EVERY time we see such trash peddling – otherwise Canadian journalism will remain the abysmal quagmire of disinformation it is today.
commented 2015-10-06 10:11:21 -0400
Like it or not, Niqab’s are going to freak people out. I would love if Salafitst women would walk daily by a middle school…

In about a week of that torment, they will appreciate dressing as human beings…
commented 2015-10-06 10:07:58 -0400
Pathetic crap “journalism”. …and Brinkman, you are a sly one…. you know how to get the bees here buzzing.
commented 2015-10-06 01:03:38 -0400
It would not surprise me if Justin’s Mother Maggie started wearing a burqa just to prove how "progessive"she is.
How long before the transsexuals don the burqa .
commented 2015-10-05 22:31:26 -0400
Re-Edited: I am very happy for Zunera Ishaq and all Canadian Muslims for this victory in human rights and freedoms – I’m very sorry that our Prime Minister has turned this into an election issue and I have even heard one former Conservative say it borderlines racism… All Canadians beginning from the rich cultures of First Nations, Inuit to those refugees who will soon be welcomed here and perhaps one day become Canadians too I say As-salamu alaykum to you all as Canadians – and thank you all who uphold and respect our laws in equality, rights and freedoms.
commented 2015-10-05 22:20:06 -0400
My Comment on the Huffington Post: I am very happy for Zunera Ishaq and all Canadian Muslims for this victory in human rights and freedoms – I’m very sorry that our Prime Minister has pushed this issue into the election as an issue and I have even heard one former Conservative say its borderlines Racism… All Canadians beginning from the rich cultures of First Nations, Inuit to those refugees who will soon be welcomed here and perhaps one day become Canadians too – As-salamu alaykum to all Canadians – and thank you to all who respect and uphold our laws in equality, rights and freedoms.
Like · Reply · 5 · 37 mins · Edited

Peter Mihajlevic · Yale University
Very well said. Spoken like a true Canadian.

Enjoy Your Freedom – I am not Charlie Hebdo
commented 2015-10-05 22:17:29 -0400
I received this email from this guy named Chuck Armstrong that reads " If it weren’t for Ezzra and the rebel news we would be in the dark listening to dumb fucks like you that bring in every fuking mooselim from any country that will destroy Canada..You are the culturally blind dumbfuck..Ezra is the great freedom fighter…I for sure support him and the rest of the rebel media"

Ezra can be proud of the anger and hate he inspires…
commented 2015-10-05 21:59:54 -0400
I checked out the link, and anything else I could find about this story. I didn’t want to believe that such claptrap could exist in Canada, but I’m sorry to report that it does. A facebook post is all it takes for a rag that calls itself Canada’s National Newspaper to write a piece of what it (and Terry, and Da Silva) call news. These trolls attack this site with both feet for reporting much more actual news stories, but this stupidity is held up as a paragon of news gathering. Where’s the stories about muslim men attacking women for not being muslim? I bet there’s a few examples of that around Toronto’s new sharia ghetto, unless no newspaper in that bastion of socialism would dare report it. I heard it took a few years and a few hundred victims before the press in England started reporting on the grooming scandal. But I digress. This story, as it appears in the Mop and Pail, meets the technical definition of biased, unresearched, put out as something it isn’t, phony news. Anyone with any media experience should recognize it as such, and dismiss it immediately.
commented 2015-10-05 21:15:06 -0400
The Globe and Mail is the worst of the lot of the Media Party acting criminally and treasonously (and in bad taste) against Canada and Canadians (who can compete with a $ Billion a year ‘free’ money?) Since this whole insane-world-escalating-to-‘the end’ reality scenario is getting so tiresome I wish the WTSHTF-time would just get itself over with so we can move on – or not – and that I get to witness the G&M and fellow travelers getting their just desserts. Because then I’ll know there’s justice in the world…
commented 2015-10-05 18:16:46 -0400
If these people want to go around, looking like Sault Shakers, then they should not be surprised when they get Shook.
commented 2015-10-05 13:04:09 -0400