February 22, 2017

“It’s a conspiracy fact”: Soros, Trudeau plot refugee scheme

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Last week, I explained in detail that billionaire George Soros and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had teamed up on refugee policy last September.

The agreement involved not only bringing Muslim migrants to the west, but to propagandize, to “mobilize citizens” in support of them.

And just before Christmas, the government of Canada had a big conference to start implementing this agreement:

"They also committed to working together to make sure that the global narrative on refugees is a positive one.”

So it’s not just about actually helping refugees.

It’s about making sure people only say “positive” things about them.

I wonder if Trudeau has ever flown on Soros’s private planes, or vacationed at his private getaways. I wonder if Soros has funded any of Trudeau’s NGOs, like Canada 2020.

But really, we don’t have to wonder, because the government of Canada put out that press release about it.

No need for a conspiracy theory, my friends.

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commented 2017-02-26 08:41:53 -0500
Apologies to poetry fans; I should have said : will not “Go gentle into that good night.”
commented 2017-02-26 08:33:37 -0500
Europe used to be nice place to live. Uncontrolled mass economigration is turning it into a shitehole.
Within one generation Europe is over if Brexit, Le Pen and Wilders fail! The globalist left wants the same thing to happen here. In the US, at least, I think they’re going to get pushback and if needs be VIOLENT pushback. Americans are not europeans; the cultural marxist brainwashing is only starting in primary and secondary education.
Post secondary is already lost but millions of fighting-age non-indoctrinated working class “Evil White Men” with lots and lots of guns are unlikely to simply “Go quietly into that good night”. Gear-up antifa!
commented 2017-02-23 07:46:37 -0500
Last night Fox News gave the names of the organizations responsible for the Town Hall protests in the US. Each of them is Soros funded. Moveon.org and the Centre For American Progress. There is another one, I just can’t remember the name of it right now. Some of the protestors are paid professionals, some are not. Some were bussed in from out of State, some were not. The globalists are in a death battle in the US and are not going quietly. However they’re alive and thriving in the land with no borders, formerly known as Canada.

If one person here would stand up and tell it like it is, stand up to Trudeau and the NDP and shout it out loud and clear, that person would get my support.
commented 2017-02-23 03:02:56 -0500
Wouldn’t it just be some damn fine Karma if Soros spent his last days in jail realizing his plots have been foiled by Trump or Putin?
commented 2017-02-23 03:01:56 -0500
Looking at Soros makes you realize that some evil people , certainly look evil.
commented 2017-02-23 01:59:38 -0500
Soros desperately needs Trudeau to share his vision of “one world”. He needs the puppet Justin to create a northern front against a Trump USA. There is no way to put up a wall across Canada and George knows it. Attacks on the US from Canada will increase as our country becomes more “3rd world” with the massive influx of refugees from the USA and Middle East.
Justin’s weak mind is perfect for manipulation and Soros hit the jackpot.
Soros doesn’t have an end game, he is just a power-hungry narcissist who gets off on using his list of puppet presidents, PMs, and gov’t leaders to play the greatest board game of all: Earth.
commented 2017-02-22 22:25:57 -0500
BTW, If you haven’t seen this, it’s an excellent short clip on the mathematical futility of “open Borders” and immigration. Help people where they live … attempting to help them where you live will simply collapse your country into a bankrupted anarchy … right Sweden?
commented 2017-02-22 22:03:23 -0500
Trudeau is a traitor to Canada. It is as clear as day! I am so embarrassed as a Canadian these days. I cringed when he was set to attend the White House. He should have worn the pussy hat so popular with the feminists that he adores so much. Trump and the USA need Canada to stand against the NWO Globalist takeover. God help us.
commented 2017-02-22 20:48:39 -0500
Chuck, I think we could fix the problem if all MPs were not allowed dual citizenship. Because the major problem is loyalty.
commented 2017-02-22 20:24:05 -0500
Well, he’s keeping the borders open and was stated as bringing in another 300,000 more “refugees”. The PM is committing treason.
commented 2017-02-22 19:13:08 -0500
@sherri April..non confidence motions can only be invoked if a budget or major piece of policy legislation fails to pass. Liberals have a majority and they all fear their party whip.

Justin’s popularity WILL tank when he fails to deliver on the pot legalization thing. He is going to have to choose between his popular support and pleasing the UN.

Pandering to moslems and the “vestal virgins” is not going to win him the next election.
commented 2017-02-22 19:12:48 -0500
George Soros is evil.
Justin Trudeau is evil.
Islamic Jihad and all Muslims (and they are legion….the majority of Muslims) and non-Muslims (the countless millions of leftist liberal neo-Marxist multiculturalists) who do not openly and forthrightly oppose it are evil.
ISLAM is the greatest evil of our age.
commented 2017-02-22 18:51:13 -0500
Hey Rebel…when are you guys going to set up a petition for a no confidence vote? What is happening right under our noses is no longer something any Canadian should tolerate.
commented 2017-02-22 18:12:52 -0500
Freon Sandoz, all the rest of us need to know about islam we learned from September 11. That,and almost every day since.
commented 2017-02-22 17:56:09 -0500
Just like his father did, this Trudeau is flipping us the middle finger. He has a hidden agenda and lies down with dogs. He is as corrupt, or maybe even more so, as any other politician that imposes his will upon us. Trudeau has reneged on his election campaign promises and I doubt if he ever had any intention of fulfilling them. How can a part-time drama coach/part-time ski instructor have any concept of running a country? He doesn’t and that fact is shining through. I don’t understand how he even was elected. He has always been rich and privileged and has no concept of actually having to stand on his own to make his way through life. Trudeau is definitely not on the champion of those that have had to and do so today.

George Soros is a fascist that actually worked with Hitler’s nazis and helped implement the destruction of over 11,000.000 souls. He is quite proud of that fact and has absolutely no remorse about it. Soros should have been charged, and should still be charged, with war crimes and punished for his misdeeds. It is quite obvious that he is working with the Islamics in order to achieve world domination, just as that was Hitler’s mandate. That should not be a surprise because he has sided with and aided fascists in the past. He is a clear and present danger to the world as we know it and should be eradicated, just as you would squash a cockroach. He is undermining governments around the world and in effect taking them over. Trudeau is being funded by him and is his best buddy.

We as a people, the people of Canada, MUST take the appropriate actions to have this traitor removed from office before he completely sells us down the river to these entities. Even the immigrants are protesting his motion 103, a direct loss of our freedom of speech. We MUST fight this motion 103 with every means available to us and hope that it is not being used as a distraction for something far worse. Stand up Canadians and band together to squash this and any other such attempts to remove our freedoms.
commented 2017-02-22 17:46:55 -0500
Just BTW…George Soros was not always on good terms with the Liberal Party of Canada….during the last crisis of Canadian debt load Soros tried to bankrupt Canada by short selling Canadian dollar futures….Paul Martin made his reputation fending him off by buying back T-bills but this cost Canadian social programs dearly and brought about one of the toughest austerities in our history.

Brian Tobin tried to get a law passed that it should be illegal to offer currencies on the futures market because 65 years of financce minister prudence for small and struggling nation state economies can be wiped out in a month of fat cat Wall Street speculator greed…that law never passed.

But political memory is short…thanks to Trudeau’s pay to play George is back in favour with the Libranos.

Oh and this is wha I think of our thread troll…..




commented 2017-02-22 16:59:21 -0500
I could not even watch all of this as I could fill my blood pressure rise. Where are the PMs and who ever else can get this guy out of office. I keep saying that the only people that should be able to hold a position in any government job from a mayor to a trustee. Has to be BORN in CANADA. This is going to cause a war.
commented 2017-02-22 16:44:36 -0500
FREON…..blood for a refrigerator

SANDOZ…..the pharmaceutical company Albert Hoffman worked for when he discovered LSD

Judging by your comments Freon,You must have taken the “brown” acid, and too much. Seek help.
commented 2017-02-22 16:29:47 -0500
@freon Sandoz…let me give you a little background concerning Jews George Soros age and the holocaust…

They are not and were not of one mind monolithic…..if you believe in that identitarian concept then there is no such thing as an “innocent”.

First let’s look at …I wouldn’t try to pronounce his name …it is one of those eastern european names with far too many consonants and not nearly enough vowels….


Do your history homework JAY…read the link

Then let’s look at the police force he commanded…not as a micro managed puppet as some would have you believe….but as a true believer wanting to please the regieme…it’s members being mostly Jews who could no longer practice law.


Now let’s look inside the camps….


and of course….


Now Jay…this is WIKIPEDIA…it’s really toned down….you should have read the collection of books I bought from the estate of a Jewish doctor…but let me continue and please be patient…I am making a point about the motivation of George Soros…

Now let’s take a carefull look at Abba Kovner….


George Soros is not a “philanthropist”. George Soros is on an Abba Kovner style NAKAM (Hebrew for revenge) trip. Oh he does not stoop to poisoning water supplies…he is much more sophisticated than that……he carpetbags the caos he invests in…he is a very very evil man.
commented 2017-02-22 16:01:26 -0500
A P.M. from QUE.and a communist from Hungary both loved by the C.B.C. C.T.V and Global the end is next.
commented 2017-02-22 15:32:22 -0500
@steve LINDSAY: An American Jew is part of the Muslim invasion? The stormtrumper force is strong in this one.
commented 2017-02-22 15:24:21 -0500
George Soros is going to be investigated soon for all of the civil unrest and treasonous activity he is behind. Then it’s just a matter of time for this
criminal to be put behind bars. (He probably has some cyanide tablets in his wallet to chew on in case this happens,like a good Nazi, so he doesn’t have to suffer the consequences of his demonic activity… at least not in this world. I’m sure he’ll feel perfectly at home where he’s going in the afterlife.)
commented 2017-02-22 15:10:59 -0500
@r SEIFRIED: All I need to know about Christianity I learned from the Oklahoma City bombing.
commented 2017-02-22 14:29:35 -0500
Justin Trudeau, Prime Idiot of Canada, STOP. END. You will be more popular in that condition.
commented 2017-02-22 14:17:05 -0500
Its more than obvious that Trudeau has no Patriotism for Canada. He campaigned without bringing forward just how much he had integrated into the Islamic Muslim religion of hate and war, He has since being in his current position gone back on the very things people voted him in for. After his honeymoon of winning the election on 38% of the Canadian vote, he started showing his true Muslim adoration. More and more often he visited Mosques, but didn’t step foot in a Church other than the Church basement where he continues with his campaigning spew. He had one on one talks with Soros, He opened our borders to known terrorists which he told us he would do and he would argue the point with anyone. He has turned his back on Canadians and focused bringing in Muslim Immigrants. I receive a Disability Pension from the Ontario Government through social assistance known as ODSP from multiple back surgeries to repair a broken back. I live way below the poverty level while the single male Muslim immigrant of collecting over 4 times my annual income, and they are able to work… Believe you me, I have tried to raise hell over this but it all fell on deaf ears. I emailed the PM and my local MP multiple times and only got back campaigning rhetoric.
Soros is a part of the Muslim invasion of North America, to cause civil unrest get our laws changed and bring in sharia law to diminish our laws. All part of the Globalization for world government, but first they have to destroy society so they can use Martial law to round everyone up and cull the population to levels they can manage.
Free speech will likely be grounds for execution at that stage in the game, but right now they will be happy to fine people and collect money from this unconstitutional act of betrayal by Trudeau.
commented 2017-02-22 14:10:23 -0500
Mou sey: all of the above!

Soros is a Hungarian Jew, that posed as a Christian during the war in order to turn in and steal from his fellow Jews, and amazingly finds nothing wrong with that. A true nazi. The end game is simply world domination.