April 20, 2018

“It’s criminal!”: Wynne Liberals keep everyone in the dark about Ajax Downs casino closure

David MenziesMission Specialist


People in Ajax are fuming about the possible closure of Ajax Downs, and wondering why nearby Pickering is getting a boost at their expense.

Is Pickering the best location for the Durham Live mega-project considering the site seems ill-equipped to handle increased traffic volume?

Then there’s the quarter horse racetrack next to the Ajax casino. If the horsemen don’t receive part of the slots revenue as is the case today, it’s unlikely these horses will run at all or ever again.

And, if the quarter horse industry perishes, it means the loss of 1,700 jobs and $8M in annual property taxes. But, what’s really unnerving about this project is the secrecy.

At a Doug Ford rally earlier this week, I spoke with Ajax PC candidate Rod Phillips and then we paid a visit to Ajax Downs to ask patrons what they thought about the casino gamble the Liberals are taking.

Few are happy about the prospect of losing Ajax Downs and the horse racetrack if the Durham Live deal goes through, so why are the Liberals determined to fix something that’s not broken?

And who really stands to gain from what seems a malicious act against Ajax Downs?

It seems there’s a lot more to this gambit than meets the eye. Stay tuned.

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commented 2018-04-23 16:30:58 -0400
Liberals so follow the money & you’ll find a Liberal insider, a Liberal donor, a donor to one of the Liberal NGOs or any combination of these.
commented 2018-04-22 01:32:35 -0400
Follow the money, it leads to Wynne cronies and other low life liberal scoundrels.
commented 2018-04-21 12:58:20 -0400
Windsor had a horse track and casino very close to the border . I worked there in my teens . It too went the way of the dodo bird along with all the jobs .
commented 2018-04-21 02:46:28 -0400
Lol.. you are welcome.
commented 2018-04-20 23:52:59 -0400
Ajax is just a small portion of the bigger issue. Look at BC and Alberta. And what is with the 29 new casinos slatted for Ontario??
commented 2018-04-20 23:23:00 -0400
This proves the politicians can’t be trusted. They true are LIbErals.
commented 2018-04-20 20:35:35 -0400
Liberals are saboteurs.

FEFW – thanks for the laugh!
commented 2018-04-20 20:07:43 -0400
The next time they do a close-up on her like that they should ask her to shave first.!!
commented 2018-04-20 18:02:50 -0400
Liberals are professional liars and deceivers. Everything they are involved in is corrupt to the core, and sadly most of our institutions are biased towards these creeps. I don’t know how many times the tax payers want to be lied to. They are stealing our freedoms and taxing us to death because of their gross mismanagement of public funds. Wynnie should have been put out to pasture a long time ago!
commented 2018-04-20 17:21:21 -0400
You’re right when you say the Liberals double down on stupid. Trudeau and Wynne have the same philosophy: get enough of the dumbed down vote, and that will be enough to supplement the “narrative” zealot’s votes and their re-election.
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