May 23, 2016

"It's too late to save Norway, Denmark, Germany and so on"

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Founder of The International Free Press Society, Lars Hedegaard, in a short but frightening speech uploaded on May 22, suggests we may have to preemptively Balkanize Western Europe to protect non-Muslims from Islam and its sharia law.

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commented 2016-05-24 17:27:52 -0400
Same here in Canada. Mohammed plans to bring in one million this year alone under the guise of immigrant, family re-unification and refugee (illegals as well because NONE WILL BE DENIED!!). It appears Trudeaus’ agenda is to wipe we white Anglo Canadians off the map in order to accommodate the entire third world which from what I have been reading is also the U.N. agenda for ALL WESTERN NATIONS! He wants his throne at the U.N. and apparently throwing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS AT THE U.N. ISN’T ENOUGH TO BUY THE SEAT SO WE HAVE TO IMPORT THE THIRD WORLD AND SAVE THEM AS WELL. THING IS, HOW MANY WILL BE ENOUGH?? A new world agenda now to wipe we white western populations off the map so the third world can take over all which we built and paid for !! WEll Canada, I guess we Anglo’s better get packing because MOhammed Trudeau hates us with a passion and we will either be on the reserves or refugee boats to nowhere. You all have allowed this and we all are going to pay- not just non liberals!
commented 2016-05-24 17:21:36 -0400
What exactly are the terrorists doing that is any different from what Mohammad did and preached?
commented 2016-05-24 16:20:01 -0400
There is something rotten in the state of Denmark ……… Sweden, Norway… Germany …France… all of Europe …Canada … the USA … Australia… Africa … Asia … the world! ISLAM.
(Apologies to Shakespeare’s Hamlet.)
commented 2016-05-24 12:45:51 -0400
It’s probably a good thing these social cesspools don’t rely on my tourist dollars because all these Islamo-marxist crap holes are fly over country for western tourists now.
commented 2016-05-24 11:10:23 -0400
Excellent post Andy Neimers. Back on the homefront, I think our prancing fagabond, I mean vagabond in Ottawa is sealing up our fate, not for the better. Look at the doomed European countries that Andy mentioned. Fast forward Canada but a few years. The solutions are diminishing Canada. Our window of opportunity is closing to quell this mess. God help us all, I don’t think “Allah” will.

commented 2016-05-24 08:12:46 -0400
Look at the bright side: Europe in flames just might be enough to wake up this stupid continent. Maybe….
But then again…..
commented 2016-05-24 04:41:16 -0400
Once again I would note that not all of Europe is “doomed”… While decades of obviously naive world federalist/socialist rule in the major “fool countries” like Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Holland, and now Austria, has doomed them, there are countries, notably in Eastern Europe, who have fought the Muzzies before and are not about to give up their identity… They are proud of their ancient cultures, traditions, folklore, songs, and languages,and were toughened by the years under Soviet/Russian rule, and will not take it lying down… I also suspect that Ireland, Wales and Scotland would not go down as lambs to slaughter and the British vote on June 23 rd will be very telling as to whether The Brits want to retain their heritage of Nelson and Churchill…
commented 2016-05-24 00:32:23 -0400
Perhaps the first step is for the people to do, is sweep out their governments that have allowed this to happen and that have bent over in appeasement at the expense of their citizens. Then elect a government that will put their people first, and not be afraid to start sending these people back where they came from if they fail to integrate and assimilate, especially the trouble makers and those demanding special privilege.
commented 2016-05-23 23:37:53 -0400
I call B.S.Military action is, perhaps, exactly the method that might bring this nonsense to an end.
commented 2016-05-23 23:36:43 -0400
Dave Tucker….you are exactly correct. But you can add South East Asia to your list of places to go—not dangerous (except some Moslem areas in south Thailand), cheap, and very friendly people.
commented 2016-05-23 21:19:58 -0400
So sad that Europe is no longer Europe. I have friends who went to Paris for a week on vacation, and left half-way through because of the general chaos. To be perfectly selfish, I am so thankful that I saw Greece when it was Greece, France when it was France, England when it was England, Germany when it was Germany, and …. Well, you get the point. Sadly, I have no desire to go back. I will tour Canada, the US, and Australia, where they still celebrate civilization.
commented 2016-05-23 19:45:39 -0400
And it’s too late to save Canada as well.

JT is well on his way to create an Islamist super state in North America. Aided by his fellow travellers in the CPC and the NDP, CINOs and lefties are determined to spread Islam across Canada. Why? They have been morally compromised, if not bought and paid for by the Islamists. Morally convenient politicians, like Rona Ambrose and Michelle Rempel, have decided to throw their lot behind the Islamists. Are they stupid or have they been bought? I suspect both.

Once you start to see Muslims guaranteed their own “safe places”, excluded for all others, you will know that a Caliphate will emerge out of Canada.

Put a fork in you and done.
commented 2016-05-23 19:40:05 -0400
Patti, my heart goes out to you and the true Canadians in your neighborhood. I truly hope you and those around you didn’t vote lieberal. The left is as big a threat to a wholesome way of life than Islam. We will all pay for letting both into our way of life.
I am from Alberta and continue to have hope that the West will succeed from the leftist east.
commented 2016-05-23 19:14:42 -0400
Mr. Hedegaard states that when Muslims reach 20% of a country’s population, “it’s too late”. I’d be curious to know what he thinks happens when a neighbourhood reaches that 20% saturation point. Thanks to Jihadi Junior’s “refugee rush”, this is what is happening in parts of Toronto – very rapidly. In my neighbourhood (Etobicoke, adjacent to Pearson Airport where most of them landed) it’s a perfect storm for the creation of Canada’s first no-go Sharia zone. Plenty of public housing, which has been cleared of infidel tenants who have been replaced by Muslims. Plenty of large, older apartment buildings with relatively low rents, again very attractive to migrant Muslims with their government rent subsidies. Lots of businesses offering them handouts (like free Toyotas) and preferential hiring.

The changes are striking. Six months ago I could walk the half hour to the nearest grocery store and back, and see maybe one or two of them while shopping. Now it’s like downtown Baghdad here, everywhere I look there are hijab wearers pushing huge strollers and texting into brand new iPhone 6’s. At the grocery store, nearly all female employees are now wearing hijabs. My apartment building is filling up with them as well. Now it’s no longer safe or clean to use the laundry room, they throw filthy disposable diapers into the machines. They toss filth off of their balconies. They crowd the local Tim Horton’s, which used to be a place where anyone could gather. Now it’s been taken over by the hijab crowd because Canadians don’t want to deal with their screaming unsupervised kids, their habit of cutting to the front of the order line, and the filth of spilled drinks and food they leave behind.

In Europe the countries are a lot smaller, so the Islamic takeover is quick and very obvious. Here, the takeover is more insidious, one neighbourhood at a time. I fully expect that my neighbourhood will become a Sharia zone within the next year or two, while local politicians and media turn a blind eye. A walk through this area will show you that they are now closing in on 50% of the population. A lot of seniors and poor people live in my building. They will be forced out by these new Islamic invaders creating their no-go zone. Canadians living in other places have no idea what’s really going on, or how bad it really is.
commented 2016-05-23 15:08:28 -0400
If it does not conform to western values, it should be illegal, End of story.
commented 2016-05-23 14:09:47 -0400
The Koran and the perfect human, Mohammed. Exact opposite of the Bible and Jesus. Devil Worship, thy name is Islam!
commented 2016-05-23 11:43:32 -0400
Two interesting videos:

Keith, you may find this link of interest:
Dr. Rafat Amari – “Islamic claims that Abraham and Ishmael founded the temple in the city of Mecca are recognized as false, when we study the black Stone, which was the heart of the temple. Abraham never went to where Mecca was eventually built, nor did his son, Ishmael, or Ishmael’s son, Nabaioth. …”
commented 2016-05-23 10:53:32 -0400
Europe is toast, and it was NOT Islam that orchestrated the fall – it was democide – death by government
commented 2016-05-23 10:53:32 -0400
Europe is toast, and it was NOT Islam that orchestrated the fall – it was democide – death by government
commented 2016-05-23 10:49:37 -0400
And as I write it seems Hofer lost the Austrian election.

It all came down to the mail in votes.

I believe there has been some tampering.
commented 2016-05-23 10:39:06 -0400
any good pesticide containing DDT sprayed directly into the face of the infestation should clear their maggot problem right up.
commented 2016-05-23 10:10:13 -0400
Muslims consider Mecca as the holiest place of worship, They do this because according to the Quran, Abraham visited there.
What the Quran seems to have missed is the fact that Mecca was not built until after Abraham had died.

The Temple that they visit and pray at, was in fact an old Siek Temple and is said to be full of all the old Idles and Icons that the Arabs used to prey to, before Muhammad was invented.

In fact, when the Muslims pray at Mecca, they are in truth praying to all these old Pagan Idles.

Islam is not a religion, it is a Political Platform.
commented 2016-05-23 09:56:41 -0400
Mussy were, are and always will be scum. If Canadian’s don’t take to the streets and slaughter each and every one of them, we will be slaughtered by them.
commented 2016-05-23 09:31:04 -0400
RON CHRISTENSEN: Although Mr. Richards has some posts you may deem a tiny bit crass, it’s time you maybe looked a bit deeper into what he has to say. Ron, you obviously are so enamored with PM Selphie that your blinders will not let you see what a lightweight powder puff that fool is. He is adamant in following Europe into the depths of hell, for that is where they are surely headed. Ronny, I would like you to do me a favor. Please save this post, and in a few years when this country is unrecognizable to what it was and what it SHOULD be, and a Sharia blade is at your throat, remember this,“we told you so”. In the mean time, seek help. You are in need.

DJBT and the dumpling
commented 2016-05-23 08:58:45 -0400
I’ve heard that Erdogan has called himself god. Turkey is definitely the place to watch, given the aggression of Erdogan. Why is Turkey allowed to remain in NATO?
commented 2016-05-23 08:15:19 -0400
Lars states there is no center, no geographical location.
According to this video the spiritual heart is Mecca (4:48) and Turkey is the seat of the throne (34:52).
commented 2016-05-23 07:43:15 -0400
KEITH RICHARDS you are an absolute disgrace.
commented 2016-05-23 06:24:52 -0400
Islam grows in the garden of Muslims. You may consider it the weeds in the garden if you like but it would not be accurate as the ‘weeds’ are supported and nurtured by the other others ‘plant’ in the garden. It would be better to consider it the tool of Muslims, like the edge of the sword or spade to carve out territory for the spread on their religion. The only solution (not the politically correct way) is to curtail the establishment of the religion it our society. Where the religion is well established the only solution may be the annexation of some of your country to to a new Islamic State within what once was your land and to outlaw it within your new and smaller State as a hostile culture.
commented 2016-05-23 02:35:39 -0400
bob egli commented 43 mins ago
You could tell that he wanted to say many other things, like blaming the Gov. for letting the Muslims in , but he may be Censored or arrested. Somehow we must stop Trudeau from wrecking this Country,

Canada deserves sharia and islamic terrorism – Canada chose Bernie Trudeau ( a pot smoking camp counselor and son of the village whore ) over PM Harper, an economist by education.

When you vote for a pro marxist, pro sharia pig, you get pro marxist sharia. Where’s the problem???

And yes, Canada is fucked!!! President Trump won’t tolerate Canada’s choice for long – our one saving grace.
commented 2016-05-23 01:49:43 -0400
You could tell that he wanted to say many other things, like blaming the Gov. for letting the Muslims in , but he may be Censored or arrested. Somehow we must stop Trudeau from wrecking this Country,