April 06, 2017

“It’s voodoo”: Trudeau Liberals plot NEW anti-business climate “shakedown”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Catherine McKenna, the Liberal Environment Minister, has no clue about the science or economics of global warming. But it all just got crazier, as I explained on last night's show.

Regardless, McKenna has a new plan. A threat, really:

“You better be aware that you’re going to need to disclose the risks of climate change to your business models, or else you may be held financially responsible.”

What does that even mean?

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commented 2017-04-07 12:49:45 -0400
The Tree doesn’t realize he needs Co2 to survive. Soon the tree will be a dead stump without the Co2 that nature provides.
commented 2017-04-06 22:17:26 -0400
The Tree please show me how the power costs in Ontario are good for business?
commented 2017-04-06 22:16:43 -0400
The Tree then why is the PM being anti business then you halfwit?
commented 2017-04-06 18:49:43 -0400
The Science is in. IT’S THE SUN STUPID!!! Co2 is a bit player at best. Even if their failed hypothesis was correct(it’s not) , their “solution” via global socialism, would only make things worse. Everyone knows it’s the socialist basket cases that have the worst environmental records.


commented 2017-04-06 18:44:11 -0400
Tree, your roots are showing.
commented 2017-04-06 12:36:31 -0400
And next will be a confiscation of personal property.
commented 2017-04-06 11:25:37 -0400
From the Gov’t of Canada “Investors in Canada” pamphlet:
Part 34 Additional Reguirements
a) Corporate warming climate plan. Compliance mandatory for Canadian licensure. Full details at www.gc.ca/climateregulations/pages3-3122/html. Penalties, including fines and jail terms, listed at www.gc.ca/climatecrimes/finesandjail/pages21-36/html.
b) Gender-based analysis. Compliance mandatory for Canadian licensure. Full details at www.gc.ca/genderregulations/pages4-267/html.
c) Social Justice Report. Compliance mandatory for Canadian licensure. Full details at www.gc.ca/sociallicensereport/pages1-674/html.
c) Proof of Receipt from the Trudeau Foundation. Optional, but recommended. Full details at www.trudeaufoundation/contribute/html.
commented 2017-04-06 11:21:18 -0400
Ezra Levant is a liar. This article is proof of that yet again. Everyone, including the Prime Minister, recognises that an anti-business climate is not in anyone’s best interest.
commented 2017-04-06 10:40:05 -0400
But Gerry, PM Airhead proves that air can exist in a head sporting a variety of colors.
commented 2017-04-06 10:28:57 -0400
SO many blond air heads.
commented 2017-04-06 10:22:25 -0400
And the globalist goals are now all coming together for their Fascist take down of capitalism. Defy them in whatever way you can.
commented 2017-04-06 10:06:17 -0400
When the government threatens that you better have their ideology as an integral part of your business plan “or else” then we’re seeing authentic economic fascism. Yet where is the MSM and the Harper haters demonizing the Trudeau/Butt Liberals for being control freaks?