April 17, 2015

Justin Trudeau events moved out of Catholic church halls by PEI bishop

Rebel Staff

Justin Trudeau has been effectively kicked out of two churches by no less that the bishop of Charlottetown.

The Liberal Party of P.E.I. had two events lined up this weekend, both in Charlottetown Catholic churches, and both featuring Justin Trudeau.

However, that was before the diocese sent a directive to the province's parishes, reminding them that partisan events aren't permitted in church halls.

Both events have since been relocated.

According to The Guardian:

Gerry Gabriel, a spokesman for the Diocese of Charlottetown, explained this is a diocese-wide policy that does not allow any political events hosted by only one political party. Multi-party events, such as a candidates’ forum are permitted.

This policy has been in place for the last four years, he said.

However, Catholic churches in P.E.I. had been allowing partisan political events in their church halls until recently.

For example, a Progressive Conservative MLA held his January 14 nomination meeting "at the same church hall in Stratford where one of Trudeau events was scheduled to be held."

Asked about this apparent double standard, Gabriel told The Guardian:

“When three or four years lapse, I guess people’s memories aren’t as clear as they should be. So the bishop, this morning, issued a re-statement of that directive to make sure that all pastors, all parishes are clear on the directive.”

Gabriel denies the sudden enforcement of this policy has anything to do with Trudeau’s pro-choice abortion stance.

He added that the diocese was more concerned about Catholic churches forfeiting their charitable status by hosting politically partisan events, citing recent Canada Revenue Agency audits into charities accused of participating in party politics.

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commented 2015-04-17 07:58:53 -0400
Well that was some pretty deft stick handling on the part of the spokesman Gerry Gabriel.