May 09, 2017

“Left vs. right is dead”: France splits into patriots vs. globalists

Eric DuhaimeRebel Commentator

Sunday’s presidential election results have altered France’s political landscape. 

Since the end of WW2, the French has been politically polarized between the left and the right, the socialists and the Gaullistes, represented respectively by the Parti Socialiste and the Party Les Républicains.

Now that these two parties have collapsed, a new division has emerged:

Patriots vs Globalists.

This new division expresses the precariousness of France and its identity.

Watch as I analyse how France shifted from a right-left political axis to a debate on its own existence as a country.

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commented 2017-05-10 09:24:36 -0400
I appears that in BC the Right is also dead.

[ sadly shakes head ] I see the world rapidly blindly rush headlong to destruction as they hungrily embrace the destructive ways of the Left/Socialists/Communists.

It won’t be long now before the world is “reset and reinstalled”, I hope.
commented 2017-05-09 16:52:17 -0400
France is under siege, and Macron is is holding the door open to the invaders.
How many times do the allies step in to save her?
commented 2017-05-09 16:36:07 -0400
France has surrendered to Berlin, again, a new Vichy. Only this time, the German/globalist/Islamic cabal (the 4th Reich) will not be attacked by the US, but defended by the US (when the Democrat/globalists regain power in Washington).
Russia will likely eventually go to war against the Islamic States of Europe to protect its secular society, and the US under the Democrats will choose to defend Islam rather than Russia. I’m afraid also that a Red Tory gov’t or a continuing Trudeau dictatorship will see Canadian soldiers killed in Europe again, but defending ISIS this time, instead of democracy.
Timing is everything. If Europeans finally wise up and fight Islam – civil war – they may get the help of the US (under Trump). But if ISIS is smart, they’ll wait for a Democrat president to be elected before they truly rise up; that will assure them of US military support AGAINST non-Muslim Europeans, or at the very least – neutrality of the US.
commented 2017-05-09 14:06:13 -0400
Keith, I don’t believe the US will be fighting for France, they all want a totalitarian worldwide gov’t. If the US intervenes, it will be to crush the citizens rebellion. No western gov’t so far is protecting the rights of its own citizens, except some countries in Eastern Europe and Russia who stands in the way of the globalists. I believe that it will finish in a civil war, in the streets, every man for himself and his family to save their lives. When there is no free speech, no personal protection, no justice system you can count on, violence is the only way.
commented 2017-05-09 13:59:24 -0400
I’m so glad I visited Paris when it still had a culture. I made sure I visited all the historical landmarks I had only seen in pictures. They are magnificent structures & I’m afraid much like Ezra they may not be there for my grandchildren to visit. The beautiful Cathedrals of Notre Dame & Le Sacre Coeur will the first to be destroyed so the mosques can be erected & when that happens I hope that God will strike with the biggest lightning bolt ever.
commented 2017-05-09 13:29:47 -0400
When WW3 starts it will be a replay of WW2 as far as the old Commonwealth Countries and the US will be fighting for France again. There will be a difference though. With Justin Trudeau, Islam’s Useful Puppet, in power, who’s side will Canada be on?

We have a Traitor in our midst. Well more than one if you count the whole Liberal Gang and their illiterate supporters.
commented 2017-05-09 13:28:25 -0400
Eric, Macron said that he will make sure that the extreme right has never again a prominent presence in future elections. To do so, he will undoubtedly flood the country with fake refugees. In 5 years only, he will be right about the non-existence of french culture. France is finished in my opinion.