June 01, 2016

“‘Legal justice’ is an oxymoron” and more aphorisms for the 21st century

Tim BallRebel Columnist

An aphorism is “a pithy observation that contains a general truth.” This definition raises the question, which in itself may be an aphorism, as to whether you are allowed to have a general truth anymore?

It is interesting that there are two forms of aphorism. Those that are relevant regardless of time similar to a universal truth, such as Mark Twain’s “The true dosage of aphorisms: minimum words maximum sense” and those that reflect the changing social and moral values of the day, such as “Unfriending speaks louder than words.”

Businesses surpass environmental activists in exploiting the environment for political and financial gain.

Sustainable development means everything to everyone and nothing to anyone.

Mothers-in-law are usually regarded with low esteem while grandmothers are usually held in high regard, yet they are the same people.

The value of a Flat Earth was you could push the idiots off the edge; now they keep coming back at you.

Unions only exist because of bad management.

“‘Legal justice’ is an oxymoron” and other aphorisms for the 21st century.

The anagram for Senator appropriate in today’s politics is treason.

Seared is a geopolitically appropriate anagram for the Red Sea.

Avarice is a socially appropriate anagram for caviar.

If you are at the seaside, know that an anagram of sunbather is heat burns.

It is appropriate, because of people’s confusion that unclear is an anagram of nuclear.

Decide for yourself the significance of the fact that boredom is an anagram of bedroom.

It is not an appropriate craft despite the fact that canoe is an anagram of ocean.

If you measured, you anagrammatically made sure.

A selfie is a perfect technology for the narcissistic ‘me’ generation.

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Aphorisms, lloyd, aphorisms.
commented 2016-06-01 19:07:20 -0400
Like truthers tell lies