December 04, 2015

'Star Wars Libertarian Special' is one of the best parodies this side of Hoth

StaffRebel Columnist

Like Star Wars? Like Libertarianism? Check this out.

ReasonTV has a new video taking iconic scenes from the original trilogy and adding a libertarian twist to them.

WATCH: "Star Wars Canada: The Liberals Awaken"

For instance, the scene where Obi Wan uses the Jedi mind trick to get passed Storm Troopers, the libertarian version of the character asks if he's being detained. That doesn't go so well for him.

In a later scene, a Rand Paul-ish Jedi named 'Revan Paul' addresses the senate. “It doesn't matter if it's bulk meta data or not, who you're sending holograms to is information about your personal life,” he says.

This is a treat for fans of politics and fans of Star Wars. Enjoy!

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commented 2015-12-04 17:45:20 -0500
This was good. I really enjoyed it. Took me right back to 1978 like it was yesterday. The amazing thing is that the left was into their second or first term after “JOE WHO?” of screwing the country and milking the people back then as they are now……and both Prime Ministers, then and now, have the same last name. And I don’t mean Retard. We are the retarded ones, waiting for a whiff of a cause to jump on. Poor pathetic humans. So desperate we lie and bully about everything.