November 29, 2016

“Like cult members,” Trudeau family applauds billionaire dictator Fidel Castro

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's praise for the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro wasn't a "gaffe." The entire Trudeau family has a history of applauding Castro's regime and painting his actions in the best possible light.

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commented 2016-11-30 13:55:50 -0500
Ron Voss – that was a scathing account of our commie leader. I wish she would have included that he was publicly booed for what he said about his hero, Castro.
commented 2016-11-30 11:21:19 -0500
Only because “Clean Break Seperation” is unlikely to become a reality any time soon as preferable as it may be. Our own provincial Western governments are too infiltrated by liberals disguised as conservatives. ( SANDRA JANSEN, REDFRAUD, SMITH!!!) Heck we can’t even get real conservatives to agree on a consensus in this province anymore. And then we have the influence of radical feminists in our local governments that base their decisions soley on their gentalia and not rule of law and competency based meritocracy. For seperation to occur takes some real men and women with balls.
Not a bunch of mellenial activist ingrates having melt downs over cow farts causing global warming.
Just saying.
commented 2016-11-30 06:28:33 -0500
Thanks for the support Brent… But why would we want to hold out for a fair deal when we could have the west to ourselves..
The “fair deal” over time would de-evolve back into central power for the Laurentian’s with them sodomizing us just for sport.
Clean break separation
for the Republic of the Western alliance and a new country is born… Based on equality, self-reliance, fair play and the profits from our natural resources stay within the country and they’re not pimped off by the laurentian elite like it is their “entitlement” We would have the best hospitals and education system in the world and we would be the envy of every free nation on the planet.
commented 2016-11-29 20:40:03 -0500
Hey Rick… I’m under the belief that his overall popularity with Canadians somewhere is around 17%
commented 2016-11-29 20:06:12 -0500
|You nailed it Leviticus 2013
Its fast becoming time for the west to start thinking more serious about punting the laurentian elitist dictators as our centralized form of government. The west is becoming populated enough I believe to support such a transition. We really don’t need Qeerbeck or Gongtario, just saying. At the very least we should play it up like Qeerbeck has been doing for over a hundred years then perhaps we could get some respect if we threatend to seperate until we get a fair deal.
commented 2016-11-29 20:03:27 -0500
I have it on good authority the 38 odd percent along with the (remarkably absent) lefty trolls that infest this site are smugly pleased with Trudope over his fawning of a communist dictator.
commented 2016-11-29 19:15:54 -0500
Or in the west we could just separate… It seems that the Maritimes and the Atlantic provinces have had a long-standing love affair with the liberal administration as well as Quebec and Ontario…
In the west we are rich in natural resources with a “Git er done” attitude. As an independent nation we already have the ability to handle our own internal affairs as well as the skills and knowledge to bring our resources and our know how to the international market.
In effect we receive nothing and need nothing from the east and for far too long the idea of keeping Canada together as romantic notion is no longer viable… For far too long we have had to suffer the bullies and dictatorships that we have as a result of our two most populous provinces deciding how we in the west would be treated in “club Canada”
If the Atlantic and Maritime provinces were to become fed up with the policies from Ontario and Quebec they would stand very well by themselves as they would be supported by fishing and warm water ports as well as industry agriculture and mining..
Nobody really needs upper and lower Canada West or east and especially we do not need any more policies dreamed up and created by this narcissistic communist monkey traitor who specific goals in mind are to bankrupt and recolonize our once great nation and then handover our sovereignty to the UN.
commented 2016-11-29 18:07:27 -0500
What a shame on sur flag!!
commented 2016-11-29 17:51:47 -0500
See the smiling adoring faces of Trudeau’s audience, lapping up cheap wine, as he tells them how much he admires China (and hates Canada). What a bunch of dorks.
commented 2016-11-29 16:08:14 -0500
Well, although they have much in common, there is one substantial difference between Castro and the Turdo Senior and Junior : Castro actually fought and risked death in battle or execution.

’nuff said.
commented 2016-11-29 14:00:08 -0500
Boy King Justin Plutocrat is the UN’s global socialist boy toy-poster child for the NWO. Make no mistake this narcisitic ingrate dosen’t fall far from the tree, he has been whoreshiping fidel since childhood,why do you think he admires dictators so much. His wet sloppy gushing over castros brazen image in their own home for years (oh yes they kept a statue of uncle fidel in their house) and now his open adulation for the world to see, borders on the sick and perverse and should be of no surprise, after all its 2016 and Pluto is a feminist.
Just wait castro aint dead yet he will be channeld through Canada’s new ski bum-drama teacher, mullet loving-selfie stick, any day now. Buckle up Canada the ride has only just begun!!! When it comes to mellenial socialist activist liebrawlers the likes of pluto, rotley, and whiney, the end justifies the means and just like castro you can kill as many as you need too as long as you can provide free education and health care to the oppressed masses then every thing will be alright as this absolves these tyrannts fom any guilt and self loathing.
commented 2016-11-29 13:48:32 -0500
Pride before the fall..
And he is falling..
commented 2016-11-29 12:47:33 -0500
The Trudeau family are Red at heart and always have been but now they are also Red in the face. Flakey Jaytee is trying to compensate by not attending Castro’s Funeral. What a Cuk.