October 11, 2017

Mark Latham's Outsiders: Milo Yiannopoulos

Mark LathamRebel Host

I talk with Milo Yiannopoulos on what happened with the Alt-Right, plus what he hopes to achieve with his upcoming Australian tour. (PS: Sign our petition protesting attempts to bar him from coming.)

We also look at the Australian Human Rights Commission’s new campaign: manufacturing racism through a series of TV commercials you have to see to believe!

There’s ZEG’s cartoons, the Outsiders’ Outhouse and Left Lunatic of the Week (who reckons everyone with a job got it through "racism"!)

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commented 2017-10-12 00:32:23 -0400
Fantastic interview with Milo, always enlightening to hear from him, he explains things so well, he is a truth teller, it’s no wonder they dislike him.
The fellow, Jensen was it, that got his job because of racism, I said to myself before you said it Mark that he should quit. It would be poetry if the powers that be didn’t want their company identified as being racist in any way and fired that left wingnut idiot. Just when you think they couldn’t possibly get any stupider, they come forward and continue to surprise you all over again. Great show Mark.
commented 2017-10-11 11:34:45 -0400
Great show Mark.
You picked another real example of “real left lunacy” again this week!
commented 2017-10-11 06:27:49 -0400
This was an absolutely fabulous interview/discussion. I love Milo he is not pretentious nor a PC interviewee.
I would love to understand what his thoughts are on the the contentious SSM. I think I picked up a little of how he felt about groups who want to push their ideals on others, at the expense of others freedoms but; would like to hear it ‘straight’ from him.
Tks for the great piece of viewing.