April 05, 2016

“Maybe Canada is returning to decades of leftist darkness” despite the inspiring example of Brad Wall's success

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On the evening of the Saskatchewan election, I noted that Premier Brad Wall proved you really can change a province's entire political culture in the right direction.

But is Wall's success an example for all conservatives to follow -- or an aberration?

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commented 2016-04-06 13:26:57 -0400
For a time I did some voter identification for the Sask Party, and a lot of people really seem to have confidence in his management ability. You know, understandably some people make a big deal about “messing with the liquor stores” but you know, in Alberta, alcohol dealers are doing just fine. Your friendly neighborhood drug dealer is still on the corner, still employing staff, playing taxes and selling a dangerous and frequently toxic drug. They’ll get over it, and I can see Brad Wall’s opposition soften further. One thing I noticed, and this is very interesting, that many, many of the people I called in Saskatchewan were not yet citizens, not yet permanent residents or could simply not speak english outright.
commented 2016-04-05 20:12:07 -0400
Jack Pallance;
I believe that when we witness the supporters of our so-called prime minister referring to him as “Justin”, that we are seeing a manifestation of the mental illness of the left.
Psychologists might describe this as “anxious-preoccupied theory” which is just one of many styles of adult attachment.
Many of these poor folks, who are to be pitied, covet his wealth, possessions and lifestyle, and actually feel that they too will become incorporated into that same lifestyle by “attaching” themselves to him through their supportive, doe-eyed, idol worshipping association.
commented 2016-04-05 17:59:20 -0400
Peter and all, I guess conservatism can be depressing, in that we don’t get set up to believe in the great money tree. We know there is no massive base of wealthy Canadians to loot to meet more leftist demands. Living in reality can sometimes be tough.
I believe that is part of what it is to be conservative. Living in reality, not some dream world.

Here on the left coast I keep hearing people refer to the PM as “Justin”. Like they know him and pal around with him. Even with Obama fever, no one called him affectionately “Barrack”. In fact to do so would show disrespect for the office. Somehow they really believe silver spooned drama teacher is one of us.
commented 2016-04-05 16:25:25 -0400
Being is denial was really never my cup so I call it as it is. Reality is that the pendulum HAS swung so far left and it did get stuck there and there is no sign of it going right again. I’ve been watching the slow sinking of Canada and its a real shame. Some tried to save her but now she has taken on too much water and will eventually settle on the bottom and will not be seen as anything substantial or awesome again. So now I’ve been reading other news feeds and numerous forums about Canadians leaving Canada for good and there are MANY of them. I’ve considered it and now I see that its necessary in order for me to survive financially. Canada is not longer Canada it is a false representation of a once great nation under the guise of a diseased, socialist cesspool and won’t recover from the insanity of the misinformed socialist loons that have perpetuated the sinking of this nation. Thankfully I did much traveling in my years and have found an alternate home that will allow me to survive comfortably. Canada is a lost nation with naive generations running the show. It was fun Canada. From East coast to West coast I learned plenty and saw many amazing things. But Canadians just can’t seem to fight for justice and take a stand. Lots of staging with no substance. Chest beating but cowering when it really matters. Its over.
commented 2016-04-05 15:43:17 -0400
Iam more and more of the mind that it’s over,and Iam human, and I like to give those left wing bastards a punch and a kick as they and there idealism bring us down, but can you imagine a conservative government getting back in and applying even a modicum of austerity to heal the country, it would be portrayed as HARPERISM at its worst !! And with all the little kids from k -12 and post --dumb as a post educated , they would just buy it again!
commented 2016-04-05 13:27:41 -0400
Up until the October election Canada was on the cusp of greatness.
We stood as a beacon of light to the rest of the world that was already circling the drain. But only a comparative few of the infamous 39% that voted to elect a nincompoop as our so-called* prime need to be drawn back from the dark side for our country to become great again. Everyone, take heart.
[* I’ll insist on referring to him as “so-called” until our country hires a suitable replacement for Prime Minister Stephen Harper.]
commented 2016-04-05 13:21:49 -0400
Malcolm and Jack, you are both so damn depressing. The truth is depressing.

Problem with being conservative is that by nature a conservative seeks out truth and reality, which is depressing at the moment.

Sometimes it seems appealing to live like the socialists do, in a fantasy world where unicorns roam and pixie dust trees grow magical energy to power the world.
commented 2016-04-05 13:13:31 -0400
Malcolm Johnston, you are a cheerful one … but you reflect how I feel.
commented 2016-04-05 12:52:25 -0400
PETER NETTERVILLE commented 1 hour ago
Well Ezra, I certainly hope Canada is not irrevocably left wing.

My hope/prediction is:
Manitoba election goes Conservative on April 19, 2016
Ontario election goes Conservative in June 2018
Alberta election goes WildRose in May 2019

I can dream!

The US money influence will choose whether to leave Canada as is or change it. Canada also has “Rebel Media” as the lone independent / conservative voice in Canada.

This has to change too – start another brand Ezra – get your friend or cousin to run it.
commented 2016-04-05 12:30:07 -0400
They are going to be gunning for Brad Wall now. Just like they demonized PM Harper and Rob Ford. That’s what Brad has to look forward to. SK did the right thing because they’ve had at least 3-NDP governments, that kept them poor. At least there is one conservative government still standing, but I’m not sure for how long!
commented 2016-04-05 12:18:46 -0400
The problem is you are facing sincere true believers in the masses in the Liberal way of things. The “moderate” voter has been brainwashed so very well. The job done on them in high school was effective. What we call discussion points would leave them mind boggled. No one bats an eye on a major corporation (Bombardier) living on the taxpayer teat. Or even the fact Canada only shares the distinction of having a state run media with Britain, Cuba and North Korea. We think we are alike, and we are socially, with Americans. But we are not. Canadians poll in the 60 to 70% for how much they trust the media. Americans pull between 15 and 25%. We are not only not skeptical. We as Canadians are not even curious if perhaps there are other ideas out there that are legitimate.
commented 2016-04-05 12:03:48 -0400
I’m sorry Ezra, Canada is too far gone. All the little glimmers of hope are no match for the tidal wave of corruption, childish thinking and poverty the Liberals have caused in Ontario and will cause federally to the rest of the country. Canada will experience the biggest brain drain it’s ever seen in the next few years. Investing here is hopeless, the myriad of government and quasi-governmental agencies and taxes that entrepreneurs have to wade through pretty much ensures that the smart money will find better (and thanks to Canada’s identity politics) more welcoming places.
commented 2016-04-05 11:56:44 -0400
Well Ezra, I certainly hope Canada is not irrevocably left wing.

My hope/prediction is:
Manitoba election goes Conservative on April 19, 2016
Ontario election goes Conservative in June 2018
Alberta election goes WildRose in May 2019

I can dream!
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