June 06, 2015

Meet the Canadian "Schindler" who rescues Yazidi child sex slaves from ISIS

Rebel Staff

Rev. Majed El Shafie was born Muslim, then converted to Christianity and became a pastor. For that, he was imprisoned in Egypt and tortured before making his way to Canada.

He now helps other refugees escape Islamic tyranny.

His latest efforts involved traveling to ISIS held territory, then buying enslaved Yazidi girls and smuggling them to freedom.

El Shafie talks about how he barters for these girls using goods these so-called "Islamic" fighters want, such as whiskey.

A documentary about Rev. Majed El Shafie's campaign to free these slaves, “The New Holocaust," airs on Vision TV June 8 at 9 pm ET.

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commented 2015-06-08 21:01:35 -0400
God bless you Sir. And thank you Ezra for giving him a voice on The Rebel.
The only thing is that you were a little bit short on giving us a path to where we could directly donate.
commented 2015-06-07 08:03:26 -0400
Ezra: nominate this man for the Order Of Canada!!
commented 2015-06-07 02:46:18 -0400
Lets send these girls some winter coats. I am so glad we have a PM that gets it, and isn’t backing down, despite the MSM attempts to make him do so! This freedom fighter Christian is someone that Justin or Tom would dismiss and shun.
commented 2015-06-07 02:43:17 -0400
This is just an incredible story -period. This is why I follow and support The Rebel. This is the kind of stories and facts that you will see nowhere else. Never see this on CBC. They are at the moment puffing up their chests and blowing their trumpets because they won a few awards on journalism. I don’t follow journalism awards to know anything about them, however any organization that awards the CBC for anything regarding good journalism and reporting must be delusional to start with.
The Rebel is where one finds stories like the one above. Good for you Ezra and team, keep up the good work.
commented 2015-06-06 23:25:37 -0400
What is the Canadian politically correct way El Shafie refers to of talking about ISIS raping girls?? I didn’t know there was one.
commented 2015-06-06 23:13:12 -0400
This would be a crowd funding event I would trust and be willing to get behind.
commented 2015-06-06 20:25:38 -0400
This is a REAL hero and a shining example what humanity is all about.
commented 2015-06-06 16:40:40 -0400
Such a brave man! Such truly heroic deeds he is undertaking and unbelievable rescues he is achieving! Thank you for this report, and thanks be to God for such a man of courage.
commented 2015-06-06 15:05:43 -0400
This man is a true example of a freedom fighter in every sense of the term. It really raises hope that perhaps not all of humanity is a doomed self-destructive race. I’d really like to see these leftist trash talkers try to disparage this mans great accomplishments. I’ll defend him to my last breath.
commented 2015-06-06 15:00:28 -0400
Thank God for you sir! As a woman with a daughter, I am grateful to you for your efforts to assist in freeing these beautiful young girls. It is people like you that are the true heroes!
commented 2015-06-06 13:53:51 -0400
It is encouraging to know there are still some good people out there. God Bless! What this chap is doing is commendable beyond description for rescuing these girls from a real genocide, not the phony genocide so many of the leftists in this country are wailing about since the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Report!
commented 2015-06-06 13:33:37 -0400
And society condemns Christianity as a “blight” on the world, and that all evils are because of Christianity. How many other religions, I wonder, are performing similar tasks?

Bravo, Reverend!
commented 2015-06-06 13:26:28 -0400
I thought alcohol was forbidden under Sharia?