September 26, 2018

Child-killer gets race-based sentence due to “minority status”

David MenziesMission Specialist

Terri-Lynne McClintic is the monster who murdered eight-year-old Tori Stafford, and while she received a life sentence when she was convicted of first degree murder in 2009, she’ll be getting out early.

Not for good behaviour, mind you, but because she’s a native.

McClintic is about to be transferred from a real prison to something called a healing lodge in Saskatchewan.

And Terry-Lynne intends to make use of her so-called “rights.” Correctional Service Canada’s website for the Okimaw Ohci lodge reads like a travel brochure.

Tori’s father, Rodney, is organizing a protest on Parliament Hill on November 2nd, and I wish him well, but I’m not hopeful that he’ll get an audience with the Prime Minister.

Welcome to an odious new trend in justice in Canada: Race-based sentencing. And it’s spreading.

Special sentencing for any group is a despicable racist trend that subscribes to the racism of lowered expectations.

So much for that iconic image of Lady Justice.

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commented 2018-09-27 20:56:26 -0400
I assume Canadians must like it. They keep voting Liberal and NDP.
commented 2018-09-27 19:29:29 -0400
Turdeau translates as SHIT WATER
commented 2018-09-27 12:36:17 -0400
This is how social justice works. Real justice is blind, social justice sees everything through the lens of identity politics. So, based on your position on the victim scale, you can get a slap on the wrist for murdering a child or go to jail for making a joke. Since the scale is always changing so is the “justice” handed out.
commented 2018-09-27 07:29:00 -0400
You can thank turdo la first and Ss 25 and 27 of his much-vaunted charter for this.
commented 2018-09-27 02:31:41 -0400
This is true racism.
commented 2018-09-26 22:53:33 -0400
When she gets let out on the street, it had better be in another country. How about we apply the law fairly in this country. Here’s hoping Bernier can have an influence on the PC narrative and bring some sanity back.

Anyone who did what she did will always be what she is.
commented 2018-09-26 20:40:27 -0400
We’re in serious trouble peoplekind. If we don’t do all we can, we will follow Iran, Turkey, Syria, Venezuela, France, and UK. Ref: Pat Condell. Keep the faith
commented 2018-09-26 19:42:21 -0400
commented 2018-09-26 17:11:26 -0400
Different rules for different races, and this MO is being applied to all aspects of our society. They are becoming more direct in their approach now, by smearing all white people as being privileged, therefore deserving the full measure of the law for the same crimes.This is what’s wrong with our country! This psychopath should be in jail for life. Any excuse to release minorities from facing the full weight of their crimes is being used. It just means they’ll find it much easier to offend again, because they know they won’t face any serious time!
commented 2018-09-26 15:49:13 -0400
When a Muslim or an off white (Like Trudeau), or black person kills somebody, the victim is just as dead as he would have been, if a white person had killed him. This means that to give colored people a lighter sentence is racist…..Hmm, white lives don’t matter?