June 18, 2016

"More Liberal lies on gun laws": PROOF uncovered in Chretien era Cabinet docs

Brian LilleyArchive

Ever since the terrorist attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, there have been calls from Canadian politicians and those in the media who share their views, to toughen up our gun laws.

In particular, they are using the situation to shoot down a Conservative MP’s efforts to have the AR-15 re-classified as a hunting rifle even though, as we’ve reported, that was not the gun used by the jihadist.

That’s one lie but here’s another that you need to be aware of and this one is coming from Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

Watch as I explain and prove that contrary to the claim he’s making now -- that gun laws should be left to faceless, nameless bureaucrats -- the Liberals used to believe that these decisions were best made by those elected to Parliament by the people they represent.

Click here to see the documents for yourself.

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commented 2016-06-21 11:57:32 -0400
It’s all quite clear to me now….I heard an interview on CBC with a very soft spoken sociology professor who explained that the reasons why the AR-15 needs to be banned is because of it’s symbolism and it’s appeal to toxic masculinity.

I became an instant convert….all you Rambo gun nuts….I have had it right to the tits with your macho chest beating.
commented 2016-06-19 15:49:30 -0400
JAY KELLY – I suggest you make comments about headline writers at The Rebel when you yourself can tell the difference between “rights” and “writes”…
commented 2016-06-19 13:02:29 -0400
Judith Hummel commented – " Who needs an ASSAULT rifle to kill some poor little dear, hardly anything worth eating left."

Heh heh – on display here is the weaponized stupidity which buys into hoplophobia of anti-gun mythologies – Sweetheart, it takes a pretty dull knife to accept the propaganda spewed by political pressure groups at face value. Educate yourself before you regurgitate this sophistry or you only accomplish proving yourself to be an idiot – this is NOT a CBC echo chamber for zombies – people here know the facts and reject the BS.

The fact is no province allows hunting big game like DEER [not “dear”] with A) a fully auto or select fire rifle and B) small caliber cartridges such as the 5.56mm which the AR 15 is chambered for. and C) full auto rifles are prohibited in Canada. Been this way for longer than you’ve been alive Pumpkin.

SO – you will never see a full auto select fire rifle capable of a cycle rate of 700 rounds per min. in this nation lawfully in a civilian’s hands and you will never see an AR 15 used in hunting Deer. AR 15s ( a rifle functionally th same with the same magazine capacity of 5 rounds) is restricted to target shooting on an approved range only. They have a functionality for shooting pests like gophers, coyotes and badgers but that is moot now they are a restricted firearm they cannot even be legally carried in the hunting field – not even your own property.

So other than the science fiction that exists only in your mind, my tender little snowflake, could the fantasy scenario you fear be real.
commented 2016-06-19 12:21:02 -0400
@judith Hummel …I do not own an Armalite 15, But I was at a tournament at a DND range yesterday where all of the competitors were offered the loan of a Canadian armed forces C-7 which looks exactly the same except it fires full auto. Any gun the fires 700 rounds per minute will catch on fire and melt the gas check long before 700 rounds,

Anyway , the army and navy competitors borrowed the PROHIBITED full auto C-7 (called the M-16 in the United States) Everybody else opted to use their own personal guns, different variants of the Armalite (not assault rifle)15. One of the members of the RCMP team was the tactical officer who put the cuffs on Justin Bourque the cop killer in Moncton. The gun Justin Bourque had shoots a round three times the mass of the AR-15 just as rapidly ….but those rifles are not restricted and are legal to hunt with…..and the RCMP does know the difference. And contrary to the picture that the media paints, RCMP officers do not have a problem with civilian gun ownership. Every gun club in Canada has police and retired police in it’s membership.

The gun is prefered for varmint and pest control…gophers…groundhogs…prairie dogs….coyotes.
commented 2016-06-19 11:34:26 -0400
Guns are “Peacemakers”.

Trumps rallies are often met with protestors who push, shove and punch Trump supporters. Sometimes the protesters even riot, smash windows and burn cars, but not in Texas.

Last week Trump held a rally in Gilly’s Bar in Dallas Texas. Thousands of supporters attended and outside there were many protesters. But there was no punching and pushing of Trump supporters as they left the rally as there usually is because in Texas one can openly carry a firearm. Many Trump supporters were openly carrying riffles and had pistols slung on their belts as they left the rally. And of course the leftist protestors did not resort to their usual bullying tactics.

The left cannot win political debates without lying and intimidation. But it is hard to intimidate someone carrying a gun. That is why the leftists want gun control and that is why the USA Constitution guarantees the right own guns.
commented 2016-06-19 03:08:31 -0400
Anybody else have the urge to bat Ralphie’s round little head out of the ballpark every time you see it?
commented 2016-06-19 02:39:12 -0400
JUDITH HUMMEL ;David Green fairly well set you straight, but absolute ignorant comments like that are what the regressive Left are made of. Why don’t you inform yourself before you go spewing out absolute ,total garbage?
A .223 caliber is exactly .003 inches ( 3/1000 of an inch) larger than a .22 caliber plinking gun. Although it is pushed along with much more powder it is still a very small hunting caliber , more suited for small game, and almost unethical for hunting big game like deer, elk and moose unless shot at 300 yard or less. It is used by militaries because it is light, fast, inexpensive and tends to wound and not outright kill the enemy. The theory is that a wounded soldier takes more time and resources away from the enemy than a dead one giving us the advantage. Its not used because it creates devastating carnage. There are safes owned by hunters ,full of large caliber hunting rifles that will do a way better job than any .223 AR 15 or other make, if its large scale damage thats needed. Get informed will ya?
commented 2016-06-19 00:32:32 -0400
Marty you have no idea how sad I am. There is no Santa Claus? Really? During the election I thought Justin was Santa Claus ,what with all the promising of toys without limit. I just assumed the traditional Santa was an artist’s conception and that Justin was the real thing. Kind of a left wing messiah
who would lead us into his perfect will. Say it ain’t so.
commented 2016-06-19 00:28:55 -0400
Peter, yes I am asking. Why do people want to believe a lie that they know is a lie? Mind boggling.
commented 2016-06-18 23:20:09 -0400
Whoever rights the headlines on The Rebel should be fired.

PROOF is put in all caps even though their is no actual proof for what Brian Lilley proposes. Brian Lilley has an opinion, and a strong one, but their is no proof of what he suggests.

Get another writer.
commented 2016-06-18 19:31:27 -0400
Judith Hummel said “What are hunters shooting that they need 700 pre min?”

What is “700 pre min”?
If you are falsely trying to say that you believe the AR-15 shoots 700 rounds per minute, you are sadly sadly mistaken. The AR-15 is only a semi-automatic civilian rifle, it only shoots 1 round for every trigger pull.

Judith Hummel said “Who needs an ASSAULT rifle to kill some poor little dear”

First off, the AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle. Please get educated about the subject before posting, otherwise you look and sound like an idiot. Assault rifles are PROHIBITED in Canada. That means you cannot purchase them or own them here. The “AR” in AR-15 does NOT mean Assault Rifle, it stands for Armalite, the company that initially made them.
Secondly, The AR-15 is only a .223 caliber size round, it is essentially too small for deer hunting, although if a hunter wanted to get close enough they could still use it. A .223 is a small varmint round or target round. It is small enough that a 7 year old girl could shoot one (google that on YouTube).
commented 2016-06-18 18:33:16 -0400
Taking politics out of the equation, does not take some politicians from the equation. Who hires the bureaucrats, the police, and all others that the politicians are telling us should be in charge. The political few hire and fire these individuals, it just takes away direct control from the politicians,or probably more correctly said, that of our elected bodies, placing it in the control of back room people with hidden agendas.

Now let me see, this government wants to take firearms out of the hands of honest law-abiding citizens, that with the rare exception of a few individuals have a good deal of respect for the law. This would leave criminals, or people not concerned with the law still able to procure firearms. Additionally, it would leave a government that has clearly indicated its intention of suppressing the democratic process, favoring a china like dictatorship.

It definitely brings one to stop and ask what is the ultimate agenda of this dictatorship that’s currently in power!
commented 2016-06-18 17:56:44 -0400
gezzz finally something I agree with. What are hunters shooting that they need 700 pre min???? might have better luck with glasses. Who needs an ASSAULT rifle to kill some poor little dear, hardly anything worth eating left.
commented 2016-06-18 17:56:44 -0400
gezzz finally something I agree with. What are hunters shooting that they need 700 pre min???? might have better luck with glasses. Who needs an ASSAULT rifle to kill some poor little dear, hardly anything worth eating left.
commented 2016-06-18 16:38:47 -0400
And once again, the Liberals are still being jack asses!
commented 2016-06-18 15:55:01 -0400
Liberals still being jack asses.
commented 2016-06-18 15:39:40 -0400
Liberals being jack asses again!
commented 2016-06-18 15:32:39 -0400
…out of my cold dead hands…
commented 2016-06-18 15:15:05 -0400
Vacu-head Trudope the Younger wouldn’t know which end of a gun to hold, so he would have no problem deferring to the UN for decisions about anything, the recent genocide debacle illustrates that. He is WEAK and USELESS and a DISGRACE to our rapidly crumbling country.

As for “Gucci” Goodale, I have many times stated that he is as slippery as snot on a door knob. A lifetime politician, his serpent tongue has had NO problem rolling out the lies, in fact he is about as greasy as they come. To trust him would be a MISTAKE. If you look closely, one can see a big “A” stamped on his forehead, a bleak reminder of the ADSCAM mess, and yes Goodale was up to his eyeballs in that. He was also privy to the ultra expensive gun registry white elephant courtesy of Allan Rock and the liberal slime of the 90s. He does have the required arrogance to be in the liberal party, to that there is no denying.

The RCMP have no business MAKING laws. They proved they were above the law in the High River gun grab. I hope they learned their lesson there, and revert to enforcement, which is what they are supposed to do. As of yet this is not a police state, but we are teetering on the edge, and we must be vigilant.

commented 2016-06-18 14:27:44 -0400
I offer the following verb and it’s definition:
to dictate : to prescribe or lay down authoritatively or peremptorily; command unconditionally
If we are being dictated to by our governments ,does it not follow that we are now living under a dictatorship?
Each and every day some level of government dictates to “the masses” how we are to conduct our lives. They tell us how our children are to be raised, They tell the amount of sugar in soda to when ,where and if you can have a cigarette.
They tell us who we can like ,even who we must like ,what we can say and how we can say it.
Of course they must protect us from ourselves and take away everyone’s means of protecting themselves
Liberty is fading away like the photo in Back to the Future.
We live in the world of the government/media complex. They establish the narratives, the policies and the result is a shameless sham.
commented 2016-06-18 14:01:29 -0400
The liberals are liars? Come on, next you will tell me that Santa is not real and that the Easter bunny does not lay colorful, designer eggs. I just don’t believe you.
Take a look at the picture heading this article, take a close look and tell me that our lovable feminist Pm and that other liar, uh, umm I mean fellow with him are bold faced liars. How can that be?
Santa has long ears and loves to eat carrots and lays colorful eggs, and the Easter bunny is a fat guy who dresses in red and……… now I’m all confused. Trying hard to get my head around the fact that all liberals are liars – if that is the case then why did 39% of the voting public vote for them and why does our ‘so well respected’ and never biased spin doctors called the CBC do everything in their power to support them and never say a bad thing about them? Huh, come on tell me, Huh, why?
Someone sell me a bridge somewhere.
commented 2016-06-18 14:00:43 -0400
Yet another cause du jour that the Libs can knee jerk into action, giving the illusion that they are being proactive on a very important issue. In reality they are avoiding doing the important stuff , stuff you know that may require a decision that my not be popular with all and sundry. Pipelines anyone?
commented 2016-06-18 13:57:07 -0400
Jay “idiot” Kelly still believes it was an AR-15 that was used in Orlando, and that it is an “assault rifle,” when it is just another semi-auto rifle just like any semi-auto hunting rifle. He also refuses to acknowledge that the shooter was a security guard with all the clearances and paperwork to obtain the gun. He also ignores the 911 call made by the shooter that clearly stated he was doing it for ISIS. You just can’t get any stupider than that.
commented 2016-06-18 13:36:25 -0400
My question is, are harsher Canadian gun regulations going to stop the next Muslim terrorist attack in the United States? The Liberals, the CBC et al are bugs buggered in my opinion…We need Muslim control not more gun control.
commented 2016-06-18 12:26:54 -0400
Also, if I want an AR-15 without record I’ll just head off to the local Mohawk Nation when I’m next in Ontario or Quebec and getting cigarettes. Long live the black market.

The Fremen have a great point.
commented 2016-06-18 12:16:59 -0400
It is amazing how many ignorant left regressives think the AR in AR-15 stands for assault rifle. Of course this includes members of the liberally corrupt party and their union bureaucrat hangers-on along with the liberally corrupt propaganda machine the MSM.
commented 2016-06-18 11:59:26 -0400
I agree, David Ross, the RCMP are biased and should never make the decisions on what firearms should and should not be allowed, because they would no doubt rather have all firearms be taken from the people. It is easier for them to control the people if the people have no guns.
commented 2016-06-18 11:54:56 -0400
Al Peterson asked, “Why do people want to believe in lies? Knowingly and willingly? Why?”

Was that an actual question or was it rhetorical? Just want to know if you are looking for opinions.
commented 2016-06-18 11:48:40 -0400
If a liberal’s mouth is moving, he’s lying. Goodale knows Fing well right that an OIC is needed to reclassify a firearm – IT IS NOT A POLICE DECISION! I

If a firearm is moved to restricted or prohibited during this liberal regime, it is because a cabinet minister signed the order – the treacherous coward is planning on criminalizing us and blaming the police for it.
commented 2016-06-18 11:47:05 -0400
Good report Brian.
The fact that the RCMP ( who sit in a position of bias and conflict of interest and being such, fail the test of Natural Justice) classified any weapon with an “AR 15” platform as “restricted” demonstrates the RCMP are either very incompetent , acting on their bias or both, and need strict oversight. In fact the Chief Firearms Officer who makes decisions on firearms ,should never be permitted to have anything to do with the RCMP. The CFO should be a position held by a non biased member of the pubic not associated with any police force or other armed enforcement branch with no appearance of or real conflict of interest. The RCMP made their decision to restrict all AR 15 platforms because they “looked scary”. That is irresponsible, incompetent and childish.