September 05, 2015

"Naive, childish" Trudeau calls for military "transparency" -- while a war's going on

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Canada's Media Party doesn't just hate war, they hate our soldiers, too.

Omar Khadr planted IEDs along the roads travelled by Canadian soldiers. Who knows how many of them he killed?

Yet he's probably the number one hero to Canada's media.

The Media Party only show our soldiers some respect when they get killed, then once a year they pretend to care some more, on Remembrance Day.

For years, the CBC repeated the lie that Canadian soldiers were complicit in torture and other war crimes in Afghanistan. This lie was debunked by a blue-ribbon investigation committee but the damage was done.

Now there are rumours that some civilians have been killed during bombing raids by Canada's Air Force against ISIS. If that did happen, it was an accident -- unfortunately, civilian deaths are part of warfare.

The Department of Defense denies it. But the media won't let this false rumour go. 

Justin Trudeau has picked up on it too. as a way to invalidate our mission.

He's so naive, he's calling for more "truth and transparency" about military missions.

Basically he wants to declassify military secrets -- in the middle of a war.

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commented 2015-09-09 01:26:29 -0400
Nathan – we know you’re a left winger ‘cause you just stereotyped all of us, as all for lefty’s do!
commented 2015-09-08 06:40:56 -0400
Brian – People like Richard are the only hope that you will ever fathom that people deign to think differently that you.

Instead of trying to drive him away with inane insults, why don’t you press him on some of the points he raises. So that you can develop a broader understanding of what people think about important issues.

You ask “Why does a socialist hate the military?” But, military spending as a percentage of GDP has actually DECLINED under Harper. He is very two-faced on matters of military. Personally, I support the bombing mission against ISIS, but it was critically important that we clearly define the mission before we entered, and that only happened because the “left wing” pressed the PM on the matter.

On another note, it seems that most posters here don’t have a clue what the word “communist” even means.

And on yet another note: fancy that: extreme right wingers calling other people extreme left wingers. Everything is “left wing” when you’re so far to the right. I consider myself fairly centrist, which makes me exceedingly “left wing” to the average user of this website.
commented 2015-09-08 06:24:24 -0400
“unfortunately, civilian deaths are part of warfare.”

“But the media won’t let this false rumour go. "

If this doesn’t make you aware of your inconsistent logic, what will?

Any bombing mission will have civilian casualties. Canadians deserve to know about these casualties so we can make informed decisions in whether we support the bombing or not.

Civilian casualties are not “military secrets” worth keeping. It’s not like Trudeau is asking for them to send out the coordinates of the bombings in advance – probably the ONLY secret worth keeping in that mission.

There was a time when “civilian protection” was the defining feature of Canadian military engagements overseas. I suggest that, in order to ensure that we can stay on good terms with the few good people left in ISIS-controlled areas, that we return to the policy where civilian protection is number one. Instead, the Rebel seems to suggest that it is better for us to lie and pretend that casualties don’t occur.
commented 2015-09-08 02:55:27 -0400
Canada is riddled with traitors and dupes of traitors. No country can long survive such a situation. Goodbye, Canada.
commented 2015-09-07 17:31:40 -0400
Joan Abernethy said: “Rick – Remember that when the enemy attacks in a successful coup, they behead the leader first to make a point and intimidate to subjugate the masses. I know, I know; small comfort.” Wasn’t that already a plan, and they got caught?
commented 2015-09-07 14:42:58 -0400
Why would you trust anyone with the name of Trudeau with our military considering the damage done by
papa Trudeau in his tenure as Prime Minister. The man’s history speaks for itself (check out
My dad enlisted at the age of 17 to fight in WWII, while this jerk rode around in a Nazi uniform on a motorcycle
through Montreal’s Jewish communities giving everyone the finger. It just goes to show you that people out
there really need to check out who they are voting for and specifically what they are voting for before
ticking that box.
commented 2015-09-07 13:34:17 -0400
Rick – Remember that when the enemy attacks in a successful coup, they behead the leader first to make a point and intimidate to subjugate the masses. I know, I know; small comfort.
commented 2015-09-07 13:31:19 -0400
A couple of points.

If Khadr was like Mandella, he would have remained in jail and fought for his truth instead if deceiving everyone with a confession he now admits he made just to get out of jail so he can sue Canada and the US and score political points fir the poor, oppressed ummah.

If it were true that Canada intentionally collaborated in torture, a crime under both Canadian and international law, don’t you think they’d cover it up in the official records with some lies????
commented 2015-09-07 10:49:47 -0400
Terry Milewski is a piece of shit. So is Porky Paul Wells of Mac lean’s. They are architects of left wing propaganda. Unfortunately, according to the polls, they are succeeding. If Canada had objective and responsible journalism. Mr. Harper would have a huge majority. Trudeau must have a very low brain cell count due to smoking too much pot. He is not PM material. Paul Wells must have some arrangement with Trudeau’s wife. Milewski’s attempt to discredit our military has the grounds for a treason charge.
I have said this before. Let us take the 1.1 billion dollars we give the CBC and do a lottery with it. 1100 prizes of one million dollars. Every year, we could have 1100 lucky millionaires. In 30,000 years, every Canadian will be a millionaire. This is way better than giving this money to the CBC.

commented 2015-09-06 19:22:26 -0400
Keith Barnes said: " I would like to see Trudeau and Mulclair engaged in Military Action. It would be the quickest retreat in the history of Warfare, spineless and gutless, as they are." Don’t hold your breath! Neither of these cowards would commit to the action to begin with! If forced, Trudope would fall back on his “trust fund” life and Tommie the Commie would likely flee to France (being a French Citizen)!
commented 2015-09-06 15:16:12 -0400
Any one who would try to put a guilt trip on our Armed Forces, especially while they are still in action, should be flogged and put on Trial as Traitors. I would like to see Trudeau and Mulclair engaged in Military Action. It would be the quickest retreat in the history of Warfare, spineless and gutless, as they are.
commented 2015-09-06 14:22:19 -0400
Brinkman’s links……? Last time I ventured to click on one of his “links”, I spent several hours and multiple reboots of my computer to flush out the viruses and adware that had flooded in with the link. Hence, I have not and never will again avail myself of one of Brinkman’s “links”!
commented 2015-09-06 14:12:42 -0400
The TTC. I lived in the G.T.A. for just over 15 years before moving out of province to pursue work opportunities. I found the TTC and the GO trains to be a good service. So what has changed? Oh yeah, lefty Governments more interested in rewarding their friends with lucrative contracts (Wind Turbines Anyone?) than actually providing services to the population!
commented 2015-09-06 13:03:09 -0400
Russia will not get involved except to secure there interets in Syria. They will help Asad protect his oil fields and supply weapons maybe even a few special forces troops to help train Syrians but that will be it. Guaranteed.
commented 2015-09-06 11:58:55 -0400
Im honestly not sure which is worse right now NDP or Liberal. There both socialists with hardcore progressive agendas.
commented 2015-09-06 11:48:20 -0400
Is there any doubt where the mentally ill will park their vote this election – Justin and the silly party.
commented 2015-09-06 11:16:38 -0400
Your not a journalist, your a socialist wacko. The kind of person that in these forums and these videos we are all fighting to stop because your ruining this country. So instead of trying and failing to justify yourself, why dont you just get lost and find a forum in the Toronto Star to annoy people. Seriously you have a screw loose and we don’t care about that propaganda rag you are advertising here. Get lost!
commented 2015-09-06 10:16:02 -0400
From the ARCHIVES of Edmonton’s Active Citizenship – Free News Sharing – Citizen news reporter Confronts Conservative MP Lawrie Hawn and asks about Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan – Things turn ugly when the MP is asked about investigating 9/11 in Canada – YouTube:

Edmonton’s Active Citizenship – Free News Sharing – Today features an editorial cartoon on The Rebel Media video editing department… All in Fun!
commented 2015-09-06 10:10:21 -0400
My only military-related beef is not the military’s fault, it’s the politicians who send them to danger in foreign lands on “humanitarian” missions that do not protect or strengthen this country, further flood us with Muslims and undermine our public safety.

Harper has done some great things for our military that other leaders would never have done. For instance, Canadian Rangers in the north will able to retire their antiquated Lee Enfields for some solid Colt .308 units. That is money well-spent to better equip our armed forces to guard our country.

I’d like to see these guys well-armed and stationed at our borders, government buildings, etc. Not overseas in questionable conflicts that are of no benefit to the People. Don’t forget who refused to search homes without a warrant in High River, sure as hell wasn’t the police.. I trust the military a hundred-million times more than some petty cop any day of the week.
commented 2015-09-06 10:06:34 -0400
RICHARD VANDERLUBBE Brinkman, people here don’t just call you a Communist for no reason. I’ve met communists before, they act exactly like you, this whole aloof friendly facade as they rip bumper stickers off your vehicle, then say it was an accident…

In this YouTube posted here I’m interviewing two lovely ladies who were protesting bill C51 Anti Terrorism Bill in front of Canada Place Edmonton when I was swarmed by a bunch of Communists who disrupted that interview, falsely accuse me of being an undercover cop and scaring off my two lovely interviews… The rally was organized by the Marxist Leninist who featured NDP and GREEN candidates and key speaker NDP MP Linda Duncan

Thanks RICHARD for explaining your take on GEORGE SOROS – I’ve heard some nutty conspiracy theorists Glenn Beck and Alex Jones in the USA go on and on about this guy SOROS but I never paid much attention taking these right wing pundits seriously… These days I now tune into more colorful entertaining pundits like Dennis Prager and Ezra Levant.

Edmonton’s Active Citizenship – Free News Sharing – Today features an editorial cartoon on The Rebel Media video editing department… All in Fun!
commented 2015-09-06 08:16:12 -0400
Jay Kelly- Trudeau Sr. decimated the military and every person including myself that served during that time knows it, and you think Trudeau Jr. will restore it, not ever. If you say Trudeau will restore the military then why did his father destroy it?
commented 2015-09-06 08:10:47 -0400
As a veteran I can attest that the socialists hate the military, during my time on different bases around the world I did not see one socialist politician visiting the soldiers, but I did see lots of conservative MP’s visiting the soldiers. Under a liberal government I had to buy most of my military equipment from the States because the socialist government refused to buy the equipment we needed to do our jobs. When the Conservatives were in power the military was finally getting the equipment it desperately needed, but every socialist politician and the MSM went into a tirade about the Conservatives spending all this money that the military does not require. Why does a socialist hate the military? I would guarantee that those very people would hide behind the military if they were being shot at, and to me that is a definition of a coward.
commented 2015-09-06 07:54:12 -0400
And here goes that piece of shit paper, yes , the globe and mail, who have had this “Harper hate spew” on their homepage for three days.

Really? Canada’s majority want a new PM??? Yes, polls taken down at the union hall or at pig suzuki’s back yard bbq. Yep the MSM, lamestream media, hate stream media – it’s all the same communist fucking crap.
commented 2015-09-06 04:55:46 -0400
Can people please take the childishness to some other forum. Its obvious some here from the left have no real valid contribution to bring to the conversation or any real facts to back themselves up. If I’ve learned one thing from what the CBC does very well with the facts it’s Ignoring them gives them no voice… I would suggest the same for those comments here that have no validity or have any basis in fact or merit. Certain individuals will get bored playing at their cyber bullying and trolling the forum as soon as people disengage with them…
commented 2015-09-06 02:51:13 -0400
Jay Kelly – and you trust Justin Trudeau to keep his word after the election? That is so cute!

I would also like the percentage of spending on the military to be increased, but by decreasing spending on social spending. Having the social safety net become a hammock will ruin a lot of people’s lives because the entitlement society is not self sustaining in the long term. One of the worst aspects is that those who are fully dependent upon the over-production of others, and never make an effort to become productive, will never see or admit that they are parasites upon the economy and will constantly vote for whoever promises them the most. When the parasites come outnumber the productive, the society is truly doomed.
commented 2015-09-06 02:16:45 -0400
George Soros pulls the strings of staged civil unrest globally. His money can be traced to the CIA-run “Arab Spring”, Syrian “civil war”, overthrow of Ukraine’s government, “Occupy” groups, La Raza, Black Lives Matter. He’s even allowed to operate here in Canada, he funds the “Idle No More” filth you post on your shitty website.

Brinkman, people here don’t just call you a Communist for no reason. I’ve met communists before, they act exactly like you, this whole aloof friendly facade as they rip bumper stickers off your vehicle, then say it was an accident.
commented 2015-09-06 02:02:03 -0400
Trudeau is the only leader promising to restore veteran’s services across Canada and restoring disabled veterans lifetime pensions.
I think it is time Canada restored military spending to the level it was at in the 1990’s (1.8% of GDP) from the abysmal level Harper has brought it to (1.0% of GDP).
Dropping bombs from a few planes is not a good strategy. Respecting our soldiers by adequately funding them is.
commented 2015-09-06 01:26:51 -0400
War isn’t won by sentiment. It is won by soldiers
commented 2015-09-06 00:46:35 -0400
It can be honestly said that the number one cause of death in the middle east is Islam, Canada’s military with their Code of Conduct and Rules of Engagement will never even come close to the loss caused by Muslims.
commented 2015-09-06 00:33:21 -0400
It’s been fun, enjoy your Labour Day Weekend Rebels! Be Safe and ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM!