November 24, 2017

“Nightmare” of transit, taxes, traffic: Doug Ford issues “Tory Ticket” to Toronto Mayor

David MenziesMission Specialist

Toronto has a whiz-bang way to get traffic moving on King Street — namely, it has banned vehicles that aren’t streetcars.

Welcome to the latest salvo in Toronto’s War on the Car!

Doug Ford, the man who hopes to be the city’s next mayor, explains why he’s not happy.

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commented 2017-11-25 15:29:30 -0500
Well Mr. Homhimer, your posts are yawn worthy, I will give you that. Say, have your nuts shriveled to the size of raisins?! It’s affecting your memory! I already told you, you started out from a point of deception, for most people, that’s not cool. You copied and pasted from a deceptive site and still expect me to take you seriously….Gawd you are dense.

PJW posts on YouTube and I don’t see Alex Jones in his videos….but, I digress. So, did PJW hack into
C-Span and manipulate the footage of Joe Biden behaving like a creepy perv with little girls, teen girls and grown women? What a f***ing genius! Amazing hacker is he?
commented 2017-11-25 14:53:51 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Again, more dodging and excuses. You can’t prove me wrong with facts, so now you are going the play the “your posts are tired and boring” game, which will eventually turn into you leaving the thread.

Rinse and repeat.

Alex Jones owns InfoWars – of where PJW works. Everything to do with InfoWars (including PJW) is a complete joke and for people like you that are anti-science, anti-fact and anti-logic. Basically content for stupid people who are suckers for moronic conspiracy theories and fear mongering. I was simply using Alex Jones’s name as an umbrella for all the idiocy that comes from Info Wars.

If you want me to show you all the MANY times that PJW has been debunked and laughably so, let me know – I will post so links for you.
commented 2017-11-25 14:44:36 -0500
liza Rosie,

Nothing you say bothers me at all. Why would it? I am better than you.

You live in white trash racist shit kickin’ hick Alberta. Again, The Texas of Canada. The embarrassment of Canada. Calling me elite is a compliment coming from a goober like you.
commented 2017-11-25 14:24:41 -0500
Damn, I forgot BETA. Frank is a stuck up, soy boy, beta, inbred, provincial, wannabe Laurentian elite. There that’s better.
commented 2017-11-25 14:18:43 -0500
Your repetitious posts are tired and boring. What you have managed to expose is your own mental illness.
You are mistaking Paul Joseph Watson for Alex Jones. Remember PJW has an English accent and posts videos that call out the hypocrisy you subscribe to. I realize PJW is a contributor to Info Wars.
Don’t know what Alex Jones is saying….but, I’m sure whatever it is, it gets under your skin.

Anyway Mr. Hohimer, you make sure to have a really nice day!
commented 2017-11-25 14:10:28 -0500
Frank you didn’t like being called out as a stuck up inbred provincial wannabe Laurentian elite did you? Sorta stung did it?
Who cares that you are a little bitch for Tory. Inconsequential. Now take a break from your trolling and go take care of your need somewhere else. Preferably in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Muta Ween, absolutely, “Torontario” can affect the whole province, just like Ontario unfortunately leads the way for the rest of the country. We need to make it our business. Also, Mayors almost across the country are leftist’s. It is a network at the municipal level. Anytime there is a chance of a conservative Mayor getting in, it needs to be big news. It is another level of the swamp that desperately needs draining. Municipalities can be the worst cesspools.

That was a decent interview with Gavin, showed a lot of class on the part of all those involved.
commented 2017-11-25 13:35:58 -0500
How interesting – Faith Goldy wouldn’t go back to The Rebel, because she felt burned by Ezra over free speech – despite still liking him.

Of course some people here will ignore that blatant hypocrisy.
commented 2017-11-25 13:03:42 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

I am not agitated at all. It’s actually quite entertaining to have exposed you and your bullshit.

Like I said: The problem with you is that you are not willing to be proven wrong, when someone does prove you wrong and it happens all the time on The Rebel. You are so brainwashed – that facts simply don’t matter to you. You simply dismiss them, because you and Alex Jones think you know better than actual educated and intelligent human beings.
commented 2017-11-25 11:49:47 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Keep deflecting with images and leaving threads when you have nothing, which is all the time. You can’t bullshit anymore.
commented 2017-11-25 11:47:19 -0500
Drew Wakariuk,

Yes, I realize there is bullshit on the internet. It’s spewed here constantly.

It’s interesting that you call Toronto a shithole, considering it’s a only part of Canada that’s deemed worldwide to be a world class city and it’s only part of Canada that anyone really cares about outside of Canada.

You think Alberta competes with Toronto in terms of what the city has to offer ala restaurants, shopping, culture, ,etc.

The Calgary Stampede – yee haw. Canada’s Texas.
commented 2017-11-25 11:08:49 -0500
Toronto: old Huron word meaning “land of crying papoose”.
commented 2017-11-25 09:52:52 -0500
Whether you call it Toronto or the GTA , by virtue of its population it dominates and overwhelms the entire Province of Ontario. .In fact , the province should be called “Torontario”.
So people that posted that it is none of our business because we don’t live right in the middle of the swamp , I say that every of Ontarian should have a vote in what creatures we elect to swim in it.
commented 2017-11-25 04:00:09 -0500
Frank Hohimer you do realize there is BS on the internet , even if it says what you want to hear. Now tell me which of these scientific predictions have come true? NONE!!!! Where was that ice age?
commented 2017-11-25 03:58:43 -0500
Frank Hohimer many Americans highly approve of Trump. Did not say he had high ratings in shitty targeted polls. Those same polls said he would not win. You sure are not very smart, no wonder you need a left wing nanny state, you are incapable of self reliance.
commented 2017-11-25 03:56:23 -0500
Frank Hohimer never said that idiot, i said you spoke of Alberta despite living there, when you called Albertans names , now try learning how to read. And TO is a shithole.
commented 2017-11-25 02:57:20 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Again, you have got NOTHING.

That’s why you left the thread.

The problem with you is that you are not willing to be proven wrong, when someone does prove you wrong and it happens all the time on The Rebel. You are so brainwashed – that facts simply don’t matter to you. You simply dismiss them, because you and Alex Jones think you know better than actual educated and intelligent human beings.
commented 2017-11-25 02:20:20 -0500
Dismissed! Look it up.
commented 2017-11-25 02:17:29 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,


You didn’t provide shit. You just kept on posting the same anti-science, anti-fact, anti-logic, mouth breather idiocy over and over again that didn’t actually address anything that I said.

Show me where it was discredited. I will wait.

Prove this wrong too, since you bailed right after this:,8554
commented 2017-11-25 02:08:12 -0500
Boy Jack, your memory is bad! There were three other links to prove your blogger is full of shit, he used abstracts from 11 000 scientific papers and skewed the whole 97% of scientists agree BS. He faked this report and you know it. He was discredited publicly. I also posted the debate with Murano as your blogger was a weak debater and lost… wanted to rub it in!

Plus I added several links to real scientists to counter what you have ingested & regurgitated. Doubt you did anything with the links. Your loss.
As I said in the thread last week, I researched the website you posted before spending any time on it – I also caught you copying and pasting and called you on it….plus the source you linked me to was indeed discredited. So, anything you posted after that I filed under “not worth my time”. Jack, you started from a point of deception, and, too bad you consider that a debate. I call BS on your tactics and consider your posts unworthy.

I signed off by telling you to enjoy your climate cult, my sentiments remain unchanged. So, you are officially dismissed.
commented 2017-11-25 01:52:29 -0500
liza Rosie,

You don’t have a clue about Toronto even if you were born there. That much I know based on your posts here on The Rebel.

If you followed Rob Ford, then you would clearly know what a joke he was and similar to Trump – his claims and bragging, weren’t actually the case. He lied endlessly and greatly embellished his accomplishments. Apparently you didn’t follow the fact checking for everything that Ford would say.

Tory is going to destroy Doug in the next election. Yes, there is a general consensus that for the most part – Toronto is happy with their mayor – meaning people do have some problems with Tory, but overall they feel he is doing a really good job hence his approval rating.
commented 2017-11-25 01:45:47 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,

Except you couldn’t prove your claim of that website with factual science information having been discredited – you were simply dismissing facts, logic and science, because you have been brain washed by kooky conspiracy theorists, who don’t remotely have any kind of science degree.

Not to mention you bailing after this, because there is nothing you can to negate this:

Scientists slam Marc Morano’s Climate Hustle doc as patently STUPID and misleading.,8554

However feel free to prove this wrong with more claims from people who don’t have a clue about science and logic.

You left the thread, because you have absolutely NOTHING.
commented 2017-11-25 01:37:29 -0500
Keith and Helen Harvey, the comparison to Detroit is a good one. If this bunch in Ontario have their way the entire province will go the way of Detroit, not just T.O., then watch the decline spread across the entire country. Ontario has definitely been a leader in the decline, and that is how it will go down in history.
commented 2017-11-25 01:34:02 -0500
How the hell would you know Frankie. I grew up in Toronto and still spend a lot of time there. I have people there, I follow what goes on there and I know as much about Toronto, or more than you do. I followed Rob and how he ran that city the whole time he was Mayor and subscribed to his newsletter. I have followed Tory since and I know how he does business. I also know for a fact that your opinion of Tory does not reflect the opinion of the entire city. As usual your opinion as some kind of consensus , just is not.

What the hell do you know about Alberta? Not one thing. You know nothing about the true Alberta before Notley and her Ontario beta’s filled up the Alberta legislator, yet you bash Alberta every chance you can get. Unlike you, I appreciate the potential of the entire country and take an interest in it. I have people in Alberta, Sask., Ontario, Quebec, and NFL. and I live in BC now. I have lived in the far north of three provinces and as far south as you can get in two. I have lived in five provinces in total over the years, know the politics and feel a part of all of them. Do you ever get outside of Toronto Jimmy Jack?
Stuck up inbred provincial wannabe Laurentian elite, you are all the same. Luckily not all people in that city or province are.
commented 2017-11-25 00:55:31 -0500
The Tory program. How to kill business and jobs in the downtown core. I remember when I was a kid, mom and dad would arrange a Saturday of shopping before Christmas, downtown. There would be some Christmas snow on the ground, so our Christmas spirit would be high and we would go and see the Sears and Eaton’s Christmas windows. And we would always be there for the Christmas Parade and see Santa. Kids don’t get that now, it’s just not the same somehow, it’s all gone. And then there are guys like Tory, who want to play Mr. Grinch all year. Cars and trucks generate the money in the city, people on bikes, don’t. They don’t contribute anything to the city in any way, oh yes someone will say they don’t pollute. That’s it, they don’t pay for fuel, there’s taxes in those fill ups, they don’t pay for a license sticker, taxes again, they don’t pay for a driver’s license, more taxes. They don’t pay for insurance, tires, mechanical service, for parking or for parking violations. All this is connected to taxes and jobs and those taxes also paid for those bike lanes. You eliminate the cars and trucks from using the roads in the city, stop commercial vehicles like Taxis from driving people to locations within the city. And prevent trucks from making deliveries to stores, restaurants and all other types of permanent businesses, eventually the city will die, perhaps even go the way of a Detroit in bankruptcy. Tory probably envisions a green city, as he sucks up to the Liberals Climate Change Agenda, with Bicycles being the only mode of personal transportation, big flower pots everywhere and the only business would be street vendors selling “T” shirts, sunglasses, flowers and hot dogs, etc. Until there is no one left that pays the bills and there will even be cobwebs across those bike lanes. We Love Mayor Rob and can only hope that Doug is successful in his bid for that job. All The Best Doug.
commented 2017-11-25 00:30:42 -0500
Jack/Frank you posted a discredited bloggers website, mocked actual sites I provided links for and then mocked me. Bet your ass I left the thread.
What you don’t seem to get is, people are free to leave unproductive discourses with you. You have been banned numerous times, and, I think you should recognize that nasty part of yourself which gets you into hot water. I doubt this is the only place where this happens in your life.

I have called you out on not citing in other threads, when you have obviously copied any pasted or posted something which really needs a source. Others have remarked the same thing. You don’t like it when Rebels point this out to you. That’s your issue.
As for Andrew, she can answer for herself. She knows exactly what I’m talking about. Your tag team routine is tired!

As for the shitty city of Toronto; I stopped visiting this cesspool several years ago.

John Tory jumped on the Islamophobia band wagon via twitter when he didn’t have a clue as to why there were people protesting outside a mosque; they were understandably upset with the hate speech the Imam had been preaching eg. “kill the filthy jews where you find them”….. this was later pretty highly publicized and there was a video recording released of it. John Tory didn’t retract his statement and just carried on. Kathleen Wynne did the same thing. Imagine that!

I don’t know if the people of Toronto will stay the course or vote Ford into office, it has zero impact on me and I can look on to see how it unfolds.
commented 2017-11-24 23:30:51 -0500
Drew Wakariuk,

Where is this high approval rating for Trump you speak of?

I also don’t pretend to know what’s best for Alberta when it comes to elections or act like I live there like Liza did, so you are wrong. Yet again.
commented 2017-11-24 23:04:52 -0500
Can’t wait for the NO-GO ZONES. LMAO!
commented 2017-11-24 23:04:12 -0500
Frank you speak of Alberta and do not live here, so apply your comment to yourself.
commented 2017-11-24 23:03:27 -0500
Toronto is a shithole and most people in Canada hate the place.