January 22, 2016

“No” to Energy East but “Yes” to western oil money? Hypocrite Coderre reacts to critics with anti-Christian smear

Brian LilleyArchive

After Montreal area mayors refused to allow the Energy East pipeline to run through the region, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre smeared his critics by suggesting they were anti-science types that believe the Flintstones was a documentary.

So Coderre takes a shot at Christians with progressive shorthand for stupid, conservative Christians. What does that have to do with a disagreement about pipelines?

When conservatives like WildRose leader Brian Jean or Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall present rational arguments about why Canadians should favour pipelines, not fear them, all they get back are irrational arguments and name-calling.

Whether supporters of these parties have religion in common or not is debatable. It’s far more likely they’re small business owners struggling to stay afloat in a tough economy.

Coderre thumbs his nose at pipelines with oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan but Wildrose tweeted out that since 2007, Quebec has taken in almost $74B dollars in equalization while Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said: "I trust Montreal area mayors will politely return their share of $10B in equalization supported by west."

Don't count on it Brad. Coderre tweets about how we all contribute to the collective effort and can have opposing views but disagree with him, and he’ll mock you with an anti-Christian smear. I expected better from him. Coderre should be ashamed of himself.

I'm not even a westerner but I'm fed up so we’ve launched a new campaign here at The Rebel to “CutThemOFF.ca.

If you too think it’s hypocritical for politicians to take oil money from Alberta and Saskatchewan but not help get that oil to market with pipelines, then I invite you to sign the petition now.

Please share this petition far and wide on Facebook, Twitter, email – anyway you can – get your friends and family to sign up too.

We’re also going to commission a poll to see what residents of Alberta and Saskatchewan think of politicians like Coderre who take the money but block the oil.

If you can help pay for the poll, we would appreciate it. We don't get billions from taxpayers and only exist because you support the work we do. Any donation, $5, $10, or more will go a long way to making this a reality.

If you agree, if you support Canadian oil and oil workers and if you’re tired of the hypocrisy then go to CutThemOff.ca now to sign and share the petition.


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Any government in Canada that opposes pipelines
should lose its share of oil & gas equalization payments.

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commented 2016-01-23 15:31:20 -0500
Time to cut off the east. Transfer Payments, Oil, Natural Gas whatever! Let them fend for themselves and see how long it lasts! What was that phrase from years past? Let the eastern bast##ds freeze in the dark!
commented 2016-01-23 15:00:36 -0500
I am not from the West but I understand their frustration. I thought we cared about climate change? What is the cost to the world to keep bringing in oil from the country with the worse human rights violations, the terrorists supporters? Is it safer? What is the additional cost on the environment to ship this? What is the cost to Canada to make sure our own oil stays in the ground and hurl out insults causing a real divide within our own country?
commented 2016-01-23 14:41:24 -0500
God and The Bible are fairy tales – so what’s the problem here?
commented 2016-01-23 13:57:03 -0500
Bravo Zulu I also know of easterners getting the axe in alberta, we as westerners are getting very tired of the east. Don’t think since his idiot father pierre has the country been so divided. Personally I want alberta out of Canada asap, and send notley packing off to live with wynne they deserve each other.
commented 2016-01-23 13:25:28 -0500
We’ve (Albertans) have to get our oil to market if we are to survive.

There is not one person, and especially not the anti-oil types that post here, that can use actual facts, actual real live datum, to back up their claim that Alberta oil is worse than oil from elsewhere in the world.

This opposition to the pipelines has nothing to do with not liking Alberta oil because it is somehow “dirtier” than Opec oil. It is about crippling Canada’s ability be a competitive force in the global oil and gas industry.

If there are some complete fools who believe it is because of some environmental issue, then they are deliberately listening to lies and anti-oil propaganda and prefer stupidity to truth. But I suspect that most of the anti-Alberta oil dweebs get some form of monetary gain from their opposition.
commented 2016-01-23 12:50:13 -0500
@ john servedio commented 4 hours ago
listen to the crickets chirp in Atlantic Canada. The liberal provincial strangle hold is so great you hear not a chirp from the other side of the Quebec border, you know the one it shares with the Maritimes?
I do not know of a region with more reason to grasp at even the prospect of one job being created here in the East. It would be the only job created in eons. Cut off the transfer payments to the Maritimes as well, the only way for them to speak up and demand the pipeline is to cut off their excuse for never having to take responsibility for the standard of living we are always forced to accept as “have not” provinces.
Atlantic Canada – crickets

So true

Welfare and unemployment incomes.

That is why my friend laid off every easterner he had working for him out of Grande Prairie.

He will never hire another and has told mew that he will work actively to prevent them getting another job in the province when things turn around – and they will eventually

Maritimers – now almost as bad as kebec – but then again it is a huge french region.

So no surprise.

Let those bastards freeze in the dark

I vote for western independence.

If notley has any courage she will use the not withstanding clause to tell the east to fuck off when they come looking for cash.
commented 2016-01-23 12:26:41 -0500
Coderre can’t help himself, he’s a Liberal. And that’s how Liberals play, through insults, coercion, intimidation, graft and lies. I would bet money that Coderre is on the payroll of George Soros or the Rockefellers who finance the Canadian anti-oil movement.
commented 2016-01-23 12:01:44 -0500
For those that don’t believe that liberals view everything outside of central Canada as colonial outposts to be economically controlled for the benefit of liberals, I would suggest you study the fisheries industry in the maritimes or the now defunct Canada Wheat Board. It will give you all the insight you will need to understand how the liberals have made an art form of manipulating provincial industry to ensure those provinces stay economically indentured to Ottawa and ultimately perpetuating the myth that provinces ‘need’ Ottawa and the liberals.
To those that hold to the idea that ‘in the next election with the right leader’ conservatives will again win control of the government, I will go on record right now: the cadre of extreme leftists hiding behind Trudeau will make sure that the bloated bureaucracy and government regulation will be so entrenched and intrusive that even if Margaret Thatcher herself was our prime minister it will be impossible to undo the leftist quagmire. We already have Trudeau on record this election saying he will institute electoral reform doing away with ‘first past the post’ for ‘proportional representation’. While this is not a completely bad idea the devil is always in the details with liberals. We can all be certain that any electoral reforms will be designed and/or rigged to benefit liberals not Canada.
So once again Albertans are faced with a choice. The same choice our parents and grandparents faced. Stay in confederation or separate? The notion of Alberta separation is hardly a new idea and it is most certainly not the easy path, but, to quote my late Dad, “it is time to shit or get off the pot”. Albertans either accept that it is time to take matters into our own hands, to which there is no guarantee of success, or, accept that Albertan interests are secondary to liberal Ottawa interests and just ‘go along to get along’
As for me personally, I would choose to honor the example of my Alberta homesteading family forbearers. I would choose to take the uncertain path and work hard to build a better independent Alberta rather than take the easy path and become an Ottawa liberal indentured Alberta.
commented 2016-01-23 11:57:58 -0500
PM Selfies’ rule is shaping up to be the most divisive in history…Western separatism is sure to rise again…
commented 2016-01-23 11:56:13 -0500
Since the pipeline is an interprovincial pipeline, it comes under the control of the National Energy Board and the federal government. Provinces may voice their objections to it; lobbyists may lobby against it; activists may organize protests and blockades; but, ultimately the final decision is that of the NEB. There is an arbitration process available to solve disputes.
However, since our illustrious emperor now is backing Premier Nutley on this, and, of course, so is Premier Winnie of Ontario, I feel that Coderre is simply venting. Latest news on this is from CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/energy-east-pipeline-mayors-1.3415033 There are several other media following this.
commented 2016-01-23 11:50:12 -0500
All the more reason to believe that Canada will, in the not too distant future, split wide open. Looking on from Texas (a truly free place) I can only be heartened that Canada will soon cease to exist. Its faults are one thing, but it’s those who exploit its faults, and then take their advantage and rub it in the faces of Western Canadians that will inspire wrath in others. So, keep it up, boil that pot and get the anger flowing.
commented 2016-01-23 11:37:42 -0500
these people need to be hung upside down in the streets to fix this. sorry, but it’s true. hope you are ready for what’s coming next….
commented 2016-01-23 11:28:39 -0500
I think both Edward and John have hit the truth of the matter – to be more precise I would wager there is a good deal of Saudi moolah invested in getting an anti-Canadian oil patch government elected and I wouldn’t be surprised to see foreign oil cartel agents IN the current government policy tanks. CThe buggers bought the UN and now they have bought a US POTUS and a Canadian political party.

Aside from Coderre’s obvious simpatico with foreign oil cartels and mob energy racketeers, his rhetoric displays what you have when the velvet glove is removed from secular progressivism – militant atheist douchbaggery combined with a fascist authoritarian reflex. All in all another totally bought and sold lefty sphincter.
commented 2016-01-23 11:04:59 -0500
John Landry: I was wondering the same thing as I do about many of the politicians and activists who seem to only have a problem with our oil. Probably no way of knowing if money is being put aside in a foreign account.
commented 2016-01-23 10:46:40 -0500
I bet the House of Saudi has padded his pockets.
commented 2016-01-23 09:55:34 -0500
Corderre and Trudeau have no problem with criticizing Christians. BUT, the certainly sidle up to and accommodate the Muslims who are currently voting for them and, not to mention, criticizing a Muslim can put your life in danger and these cowards are responding accordingly – criticize Christians is no problem but Islam is off-limits because to do so is dangerous to your health.

And as far as science is concerned, science in no way supports the foolishness and idiocy of these two Liberals who expect, if they say something, the populace will blindly swallow the deceit and deception! Facts and statistics do not support their idiocy!
commented 2016-01-23 09:16:41 -0500
No to Quebec, yes to Alberta independence.
commented 2016-01-23 08:57:58 -0500
Must be getting close to spring I hear sounds coming out of the ponds.
commented 2016-01-23 08:33:08 -0500
listen to the crickets chirp in Atlantic Canada. The liberal provincial strangle hold is so great you hear not a chirp from the other side of the Quebec border, you know the one it shares with the Maritimes?
I do not know of a region with more reason to grasp at even the prospect of one job being created here in the East. It would be the only job created in eons. Cut off the transfer payments to the Maritimes as well, the only way for them to speak up and demand the pipeline is to cut off their excuse for never having to take responsibility for the standard of living we are always forced to accept as “have not” provinces.
commented 2016-01-23 08:04:55 -0500
Bill Smith – good one!! lol

Flintstones? Ah yes, ridicule – the number one Lefty tactic.
We all contribute says Coderre? Well he can contribute space for a pipeline. No doubt he thinks he’s all hip, part of the “in” crowd, being against pipelines n all. In fact, he is quite simply a useful idiot to the extremists, and doesn’t even know it. How embarrassing!!

A change in the Constitution is in order, that each province is obligated to pursue all means possible / available in order to qualify for transfer payments. That’ll do the trick!!
commented 2016-01-23 03:00:22 -0500
Another week, another website, petition, poll, and Brian asking us to pay for the thing.

As for the flintstones comment, was that really a christian insult? It sounds more like an insult towards intelligence.

As for short earth creationists, it did not help that Stockwell Day was one of them. My only regret is that I did not get to hold up a Barney plushie when he spoke in front of an audience.
commented 2016-01-23 02:07:15 -0500
Coderre is one of the Demarais/Dussault Montreal families handpicked useful idiots. And while these two inbred Montreal families get more retarded each decade, so do their useful idiots like Coderre and Trudeau.

So we should expect more common tripe from Coderre and most idiotic decisions from Trudeau. It’s what these detached fools do best.

Quebec’s so called Quiet Revolution was financially backed by Demarais and Dussault. Dussault was the connection to Paris. Since France is beyond broke, Paris financing has been replaced with “equalizing transfer payments” – the West now pays for Quebec uselessness.

What makes Demarais and Dussault nearly as idiotic is that they are caught up in the pasts expecting the media party to control Canada’s narrative like it did in the 90s and earlier.

Here are two of the Demarais fools – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andr%C3%A9_Desmarais https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Desmarais,_Jr.
commented 2016-01-23 00:49:05 -0500
I am an Albertan and I am so sick of the Liberals and their corruption. I think that it is part of their DNA. Quebec has been receiving billions of dollars from Alberta and Saskatchewan because they are a “have not province” They have natural resources they could develop but they are too damn lazy . It is much easier to collect those equalization payments from the west. If we still had a Conservative party in power in Alberta I think that there would be lots of pushback, but some idiots elected the socialists and Commisar Notley agrees with the mayor of Montreal. She is against the development of oil and pipelines too. I think that it is time for Alberta and Saskatchewan to form their own country and maybe, just maybe, all the freeloaders will realize that the gravy train has left the station.
commented 2016-01-23 00:04:33 -0500
LOL, it’s like this:
A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.”

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You’re in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

She rolled her eyes and said, “You must be a Conservative.”

“I am,” replied the man. “How did you know?”

“Well,” answered the balloonist, “everything you told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to do with your information, and I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help to me.”

The man smiled and responded, “You must be a Liberal.”

“I am,”! replied the balloonist. “How did you know?”

“Well,” said the man, “you don’t know where you are or where you’re going. You’ve risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You’re in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but, somehow, now it’s my fault.”
commented 2016-01-22 23:43:52 -0500
Well first off I think Alberta needs to start to serve its citizens by stopping out of province labour from comming in to work second I would say we need to hold a plebiscite and take this matter to an international Court while we are at court we take that money and put it away to a third party until the matter is settled perhaps drag it on for years
commented 2016-01-22 23:21:37 -0500
Honestly though I can’t see Notley actually standing up for Alberta and cutting off the welfare. Like I said before she could probably do it with the notwithstanding clause since it would be in our best interest.
commented 2016-01-22 22:56:57 -0500
I have signed, we all in the west must work to help Canada. We are the only ones that give a damn.
commented 2016-01-22 22:52:42 -0500
I think we’re all quite aware of what Alberta and Sask. think about Quebec and Coderrier but Ezra you should also get some feedback from all those unemployed New Brunswickers as well.
commented 2016-01-22 22:49:11 -0500
Could you include BC, and Ontario in your petition?
commented 2016-01-22 22:33:56 -0500
As far as I am concerned kebec and everyone who calls themselves a kebecer can take a long lingering lick of my arse.

No money for them

And no jobs outside the province for them when things turn around.

Cannot stand the province and detest the vast majority of the people – almost all of who are always crying and yet have not added anything to this country of value for a long time now.