January 22, 2016

“No” to Energy East but “Yes” to western oil money? Hypocrite Coderre reacts to critics with anti-Christian smear

Brian LilleyArchive

After Montreal area mayors refused to allow the Energy East pipeline to run through the region, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre smeared his critics by suggesting they were anti-science types that believe the Flintstones was a documentary.

So Coderre takes a shot at Christians with progressive shorthand for stupid, conservative Christians. What does that have to do with a disagreement about pipelines?

When conservatives like WildRose leader Brian Jean or Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall present rational arguments about why Canadians should favour pipelines, not fear them, all they get back are irrational arguments and name-calling.

Whether supporters of these parties have religion in common or not is debatable. It’s far more likely they’re small business owners struggling to stay afloat in a tough economy.

Coderre thumbs his nose at pipelines with oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan but Wildrose tweeted out that since 2007, Quebec has taken in almost $74B dollars in equalization while Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said: "I trust Montreal area mayors will politely return their share of $10B in equalization supported by west."

Don't count on it Brad. Coderre tweets about how we all contribute to the collective effort and can have opposing views but disagree with him, and he’ll mock you with an anti-Christian smear. I expected better from him. Coderre should be ashamed of himself.

I'm not even a westerner but I'm fed up so we’ve launched a new campaign here at The Rebel to “CutThemOFF.ca.

If you too think it’s hypocritical for politicians to take oil money from Alberta and Saskatchewan but not help get that oil to market with pipelines, then I invite you to sign the petition now.

Please share this petition far and wide on Facebook, Twitter, email – anyway you can – get your friends and family to sign up too.

We’re also going to commission a poll to see what residents of Alberta and Saskatchewan think of politicians like Coderre who take the money but block the oil.

If you can help pay for the poll, we would appreciate it. We don't get billions from taxpayers and only exist because you support the work we do. Any donation, $5, $10, or more will go a long way to making this a reality.

If you agree, if you support Canadian oil and oil workers and if you’re tired of the hypocrisy then go to CutThemOff.ca now to sign and share the petition.


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Any government in Canada that opposes pipelines
should lose its share of oil & gas equalization payments.

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commented 2016-01-22 22:25:19 -0500
Withhold any payments, funding, salaries or welfare cheques to any provinces, groups, politicians or individuals who attack our children’s and our country’s financial well-being in this way. They should, and must, be at liberty to object, but also be prepared to suffer the consequences of their actions. I say that it’s about time that the provinces stop behaving like two fleas arguing over which one of them owns the dog.