March 21, 2015

"Non-Muslim liberals don't get it," says Muslim activist who wants to ban niqab

Marissa SemkiwArchive

Muslim activist Athar Khan and broadcaster John Downs joined me for a lively debate about the Muslim niqab.

Khan says this controversial head covering is not Islamic but was imposed on the religion.

"Non-Muslim liberals don't get it," he says. "This is part of a broader campaign" to introduce sharia to Canada.

He wants the niqab banned outright.

Broadcaster John Downs disagrees, saying it isn't up to Prime Minister Stephen Harper (or anyone else) to impose their opinions about the niqab on the rest of Canada.

It's a debate you'll want to keep going in the comments.

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commented 2015-03-21 17:24:54 -0400
Let’s be clear here what is happening as it goes way beyond the niqab. It’s about what the niqab represents.
Under Islamic Shariah Law women are property of men. Under Shariah Law they can force marriage girls as young as 10. These same young girls go through genital mutilation. Under Shariah Law it is proper to kill a woman who dishonours the family. Yes those are illegal, they are criminal acts. However, they still occur. Not only that, these people come to Canada knowing this is illegal, yet they choose to come to Canada anyway because to them Shariah Law trumps all government laws of the land they settle in. That means we are importing criminals into Canada.

I have to wonder, would John agree to a total ban on Shariah Law? Don’t need to ban the burka or the niqab if we just ban Shariah law outright. Not only that, immigrants who come to Canada should be asked if they support Shariah Law, if they do, then show them the door back to where they came from. If we dont, we are allowing criminals into Canada to become citizens.

Ask Belgium how their assimilation of Shariah Muslims is going.
commented 2015-03-21 17:15:48 -0400
Loved this, Marissa. Nothing as entertaining as a good debate!

John, I am not Muslim but why should I not wear the niqab? If I leave a bad man, or want to hide for other reasons, like a big sock of stolen cash, maybe I will rent a room under an assumed name and hide out indefinitely under niqab cover.

Some people say, though, that the niqab is more than just a fashion statement, that it is also a political statement. Similar to how the KKK face mask indicates a political stance.

Is it okay, John, for us to cover our faces with a KKK mask too?

Listen, I don’t care if men or women want to wear the full niqab and burka as a fashion choice, a sort of extension of gangster wear that approaches military goth.

But I object to all face covers in banks, on planes, and during public citizenship oath-taking. I want to see your lips form an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty and to Canada, not to the shahada and a global Caliphate.

Great to see both John and Athar again. Always enjoyed both on SNN.

Keep the debates coming!