February 04, 2016

"O Canada," as re-wroted by Binks hisownself

Binks WebelfRebel Blogger

Pity the sad Canadian "progressives," while the Dark Lord Harper ruled!

They've languished, lagging behind Euro and Californian busybodies in the sport of endless tinkering, bans, and "wars" on minor stuff.

But, to quote Prime Minister Trudeau II 's goofy "Because it's 2015", Pandora's Box is wide open again for business, and all our kooks will be coming out of the woodwork.


For the progressive mind, we're only one more rule, just one more "fix," away from attaining paradise on earth.

No, they really believe that, because there is no human nature -- to progressives, we're all blank slates to be "improved" upon.

That's how our new PM & his cronies and enablers think.


And They're Off!!

Go look at the crazy Left coast of North America, and notice all the crazy, loonie-left laws, notions, demands, bans, wars, and petty fiddling.

Next, watch over the next few years as all of it is imposed on now Liberal Canada, and good luck trying to keep up with all the underhanded attacks, Marxist social engineering, brainwashing, and exhausting pranks and multiculti twiddling in the lives of Canadians -- who are Canadians, not lab rats.

Already out of the gate we have a provincial government and a cadre of busybodies frowning on the obvious hate-words "mother" and "father."

Ottawa will no doubt not be far behind.

Next up?

Yet another attack on the Canadian National Anthem for being sexist.

After all, as lemon-faced nutty feminist and would-be anthem-wrecker Margaret Atwood knows, anthem-wrecking possibilities are endless.

Would-be Anthem Wrecker, Because Reasons.


Really Old Dead White Cis-Male

Not to mention, that guy who came up with our current anthem (1880s? Really? That's like 500 years ago, almost!!) was not properly sensitized to issues around aboriginal rights, race, gender, body-art, fat-shaming, inclusivity, atheism, tri-genderism, recreational narcotic use, animal-love, NAMBLA, and social justice.

Worse, he was a middle aged white heterophilic cisgendered religious fanatic, who no doubt never -- ever!-- checked his privilege.

Where's the fainting couch!?

Binky Like To Helps

In the spirit of.. uh.. helpfulness to all things progressive (which typifies my work), I'd like to offer a couple suggestions, while we're rewriting and politically correcting things, to account for women, homosexuals, Internet PTSD, micro-aggressions, gender concerns, atheism/ agnosticism, veganism, and worshipping our new Glorious Leader For Life.

Um.. "Because it's 2016"? To wit:

Canadian Anthem, 2020

Yay Trudeaupistan!

Our borrowed aboriginal land:

Inclusion, spliffs, and safe spaces

For all thy daughters suggest.

With non-sexist hearts we see thee nice,

The smug one with great hair!

(Not including Alberta),

Yay Trudeaupistan, we will soon perfect thee!

Grooviness keep our (borrowed) lands

Fully accepting of LGBT!

Yay Trudeaupistan, we will soon perfect thee!

Yay Trudeaupistan, we will soon perfect thee!


Worship The Justin!

Let me know what you think of this one, or compose your own in the comments below.

Unlike Glorious Leader in the Parliament of Justin City, Trudeaupistan, here at Rebel Media and at The Binky Bunker, we actually care and would like to hear what you think.

BONUS! Probable Kanuckistani Anthem (2040)

Oh Kanuckistan!

We do Jihad for thee!

All infidels must rush

To pay their special fees!

Give us all your stuff, And your children, too,

Or we will chop your heads!

Burn all your books, and churches now,

Since Allah is now your head!

You are our slaves, 'Canada' is dead

Good try, but you guys messed it up instead!

Good try, but you guys messed it up instead!


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