June 08, 2018

"Pawns of War" fills void in Canadian Literature

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

On the last episode of The Gunn Show, author and teacher Russell Hillier joined me to discuss his new book "Pawns of War".

Hillier is the brother of the first Canadian soldier who went to fight with the Kurdish military to stop the spread of the Islamic State in Northern Iraq.

WATCH my interview with Russell to see how his newest book fills a void in Canadian literature, which too often fails to produce novels Canadian men and boys have any interest in reading.

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commented 2018-06-08 22:29:18 -0400
David Kawasaki, your first post on this site is intriguing…are you related to David Suzuki…first cousins?
Did you go through the footnotes? I doubt it! Anyway, your critique is lacking substance and credibility…better luck next time!
commented 2018-06-08 19:19:40 -0400
Space Moose i agree , if i am to read books i must at least have an interest on the basis of it to care.
commented 2018-06-08 18:20:33 -0400
So what if I don’t read fiction? I haven’t picked up a novel in ages. Back when I was in high school and university, I was forced to read LOTS of novels. And then I had to do mindless literature analysis on them. And I HATED it.

Quite frankly, if I am going to read something, I want it to be non fiction, as it actually pertains to something real. Or for that matter, if I want fiction, I can just watch a movie or a television show.
commented 2018-06-08 13:59:02 -0400
I have read enough of SGR’s writing to know that her opinion on Canadian literature is not rooted in her having actually read any of it. It’s like listening to a blind man describe a sunset.