December 22, 2016

“Peculiar fascination”: Canadian embassies clamour for photos of... Immigration Minister McCallum

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

When Stephane Dion took over as foreign affairs minister last year, one of the first things he did was remove a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from the newly renamed Global Affairs Canada offices, replacing it with Canadian art that had been taken down four years earlier by then-minister John Baird.

When Dion ordered the switch, he said it was "entirely appropriate that we take every opportunity to showcase the best of Canadian culture in all of our government installations.”

It appears that memo hasn’t made it to Canadian embassies and missions overseas, where documents obtained by the Rebel show a peculiar fascination with high-resolution photos of Immigration Minister John McCallum.

Canada’s missions in Colombia, Tanzania and Delhi, India requested photos of McCallum. Our embassy in Mexico wanted portraits of McCallum and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

Under the ministry’s rules, missions have to display photos of the Queen, the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and the three ministers under the Global Affairs umbrella—foreign affairs, trade and international development.

I realize that McCallum has been around a while, but I’m not sure he qualifies as, to quote Dion, “the best of Canadian culture.”

So why the obsession with his portrait?

This is a classic example of giddy bureaucrats sucking up to their new Liberal leaders—certainly not the post-partisan administration we were promised by Trudeau.

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commented 2016-12-23 19:54:22 -0500
Actually, he looks like Clarence in It’s A Wonderful Life.
Only McCallum answers to another god.
commented 2016-12-23 02:59:40 -0500
Oh dear god. You rebel people won’t let that stupid issue of the portrait of the queen coming down die. I’m just surprised Andrew didn’t ask us to sign that stupid petition to keep the portrait up. How’s that petition working out?
commented 2016-12-23 02:38:42 -0500
Hey never know when you might need emergency ass wipe.
commented 2016-12-23 02:26:40 -0500
Maybe they’re just fascinated with his resemblance to Elmer Fudd. I hear Bugs Bunny is still big over there.
commented 2016-12-23 02:10:09 -0500
Oh Hell!… Big, big misunderstanding… They though they were ordering a DARTBOARD with McCallum’s red nose on it!…. You know, to hang right up there with Ralphie Goodale!…
commented 2016-12-22 19:44:36 -0500
McCallum is there for one reason , He makes Justin look sane and somewhat intelligent.
commented 2016-12-22 18:42:46 -0500
Looks like they used shellac on the end of his nose. Probably to keep the blackheads in check so there would be no chance of an accidental projectile landing on someone.

Thanks for the belly laugh KEITH BARNES.
commented 2016-12-22 16:32:24 -0500
Mind you, if I have sold my soul to the socialist Liberal party of nitwit TrueDope version 2.0, I probably would souse my guilty conscience in liquor as well.
commented 2016-12-22 16:30:00 -0500
Has anyone noticed that end of McCallum’s nose is becoming spherical. I wonder if he uses make-up to hide the red. The village drunkard.
commented 2016-12-22 16:06:21 -0500
That’s quite the reputation you are making for yourself McCallum. Who’s name gets scribbled on the wall in the men’s bathroom? The easy one, the one everyone can do easily and for free. Maybe we should get McCallum a pair of those bullet proof pants. Nah, no need. He loves it. Too bad we all have to suffer for his promiscuity.
commented 2016-12-22 16:04:11 -0500
Why Minister Happy Hour doesn’t just retire is beyond me.
commented 2016-12-22 16:03:55 -0500
Who the hell would want a picture of the villige idiot?
commented 2016-12-22 15:39:42 -0500
Keith got a good laugh.Just wait they will want to up the immigration numbers.Got to take some pressure off Germany.
commented 2016-12-22 15:19:33 -0500
They just want these pictures as a training aid. HOW TO RECOGNIZE A DRUNK.