July 12, 2016

“Purely political”: NEB turns Northern Gateway over to Liberals, ignores majority of Aboriginal groups

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Last week I told you about the Aboriginal Equity Partners, comprised of thirty one First Nations and Metis groups that would be on the Northern Gateway pipeline construction route who support the project Enbridge has been planning for over a decade.

With 45 aboriginal communities on the construction pathway, only 14 groups oppose the project that would include twin pipelines running from Bruderheim, AB to Kitimat, BC to deliver Alberta bitumen to a marine terminal for export.

Construction was recommended for approval by the National Energy Board (NEB) in 2013 with 209 conditions and now the federal court of approvals has overturned a decision made by the previous conservative government to green light the project in 2014.

Eight aboriginal groups, two environmental groups and one labour union initiated legal proceedings and it’s now been ruled that Aboriginal communities were not consulted sufficiently, yet of the 209 conditions, 142 had to do with Aboriginal engagement which is about 70% of conditions.

With a majority of aboriginal groups affected supporting construction, it took only eight communities to overturn and as a result, the NEB announced they’re suspending a joint request from Enbridge and Aboriginal Equity Partners to extend a sunset clause.

One condition required construction to commence by 2016 so the groups asked for a three year extension. The NEB have also suspended their review of filings meaning that it goes back to the Liberals to make further decisions regarding the project.

The decision to turn Northern Gateway over to the Liberals was purely political and doesn’t represent the majority.

We know the Liberals don't support the project so it’s as good as done. The conditions were hard enough to satisfy but with this added layer through the Feds, it will be next to impossible to get a shovel in the ground.

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commented 2016-07-13 03:05:59 -0400
Hi Holly. Not all of us are geologists like you. This means not everybody has your same level of knowledge when it comes to the science, business and politics of oil. As a result, people like myself sometimes find your videos go over my head.

I confess. The only thing I remember from Rocks for Jocks 101, is how tectonic plates and volcanoes work. So please make it easier for people like me to understand what you have to say.

The worst part is, I have two degrees.
commented 2016-07-13 02:29:42 -0400
How many times have we heard the hypocrite Trudeau telling us the lie how his predecessor never got any pipelines built because he didn’t consult enough naysayers? Trudeau doesn’t now nor did he ever intend to allow any pipelines to be built.
commented 2016-07-12 22:43:52 -0400
Forget about renovating 24 Sussex. Trudeau and his clan can live in a mud hut and burn their own shit for heat. It’s what they seem to expect from us. Why is prosperity for all such an alien idea to these idealogues? Make them walk the walk before they force us into energy poverty.
commented 2016-07-12 19:25:59 -0400
That’s a good point, Bill.
commented 2016-07-12 18:45:45 -0400
Honestly, Canada has very abundant natural resources and is good at extracting them and getting them to market (with the exception of getting oil to foreign markets). It’s the basis for the lifestyles we lead, the revenue the gov receives and thus the shifting of tax burdens away from individuals. Yet, I travel often to countries that have no natural resources but also relatively high living standards ( Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc…)… these countries also have relatively low tax rates… so how do they do it??? The work their asses off mainly in service industries. But this does not mean that we can ignore natural resources.. I hate to say this, but my opinion is that the average Canadian had no ability nor desire to do what it takes to be highly efficient and prosperous in a non-natural resource based economy. Doing so means that the average employee would be regarded as what we currently would regard as an extreme workaholic.. running not walking, answering all emails within an hour, working in companies that mostly resemble a highly militarized atmosphere, working a few hours earlier to many hours later everyday, etc… I also find it very ironic that it’s the lazier segments of society that are the ones who are pushing for reduces resource extraction… to them I simple say.. be careful what you wish for because you might actually get it.
commented 2016-07-12 16:26:40 -0400
How about the Ontario Liberals lending money to the Natives to buy Hydro one shares.This country is doomed
commented 2016-07-12 15:28:03 -0400
It’s a fair bet that there will be no major oil and gas infrastructure projects in this country during the reign of Mr Selfie and Notley….Selfie has corrupted the regulatory process to the point of becoming a banana republic
commented 2016-07-12 15:06:46 -0400
I am going a bit off topic. Can the Rebel look into the proposed LNG pipelines from Fort ST John and Dawson Creek area to Kitamat ? The NEB had already approved before these Incompetent LIBERALS got involved and said they wanted to do more studies of their own and make their final yes or no decision in June . According to all the reports ALL THE ABORIGINAL BANDS are on board and agree to the terms that were proposed . The Billions of Dollars that will benefit B.C and the rest of CANADA is unlimited . Again LNG is and has been proven to be the cleanest energy in the world so this is a no brainier . I do realize the PMs social calendar is full of parades and selfies around the world stage but we do need to get Western Canadians back to work .
commented 2016-07-12 14:56:09 -0400
‘It appears the assholes are winning.’ and assholes they really are.
How can anyone be against jobs, increase in our economy etc.?
I believe that the Arabs (OPEC, Egypt and big communist money like Soros) have bought and paid for the NEB, our courts and judges and mostly our politicians. These groups and individuals have to be benefiting in some way to be so adamant in stopping progress and completely ignoring the tremendous job opportunities all pipelines would bring to Canada.
The Lieberals don’t give a shit, Justin Trudeau would be all over this if there were selfie opportunities and self advancement chances – there is the biggest asshole of them all.
commented 2016-07-12 14:54:15 -0400
i really like how they are using their kayaks that are made from petroleum products, & waving their banner made from petroleum to protest oil. Im so sick of the ignorance of people. Everyone wants to keep their high standard of living but nobody seems to understand that we need oil and gas to keep living the way we do. drives me crazy!
commented 2016-07-12 14:44:03 -0400
Thanks HOLLY
Those fn nations that support pipelines must get together and make a big NOISE, please you guys no drumming , when we see that we turn you off in our minds and think , regressive leftard handling.
Just get to the point , you don’t have that much time left !!!!!!!!!!! , and we will support you
commented 2016-07-12 14:41:43 -0400
The pending global economic collapse should fry Canada quite nicely.

Enjoy the ride – thanks for voting in a mental retard into Ottawa – here comes what you deserve Canada.
commented 2016-07-12 14:36:06 -0400
I’ve all but given up on there ever being a oil and gas industry in Canada anymore.

It appears the assholes are winning.