June 29, 2016

“Racist” Manitoba NDP MLA slams “white space” healthcare system to demand aboriginal mid-wives

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

We know the Left are the same all over. Alberta, Ottawa, Washington and Manitoba, they don't stray from the formula of inventing pet causes to prove how tolerant they think they are while actually proving how racist they really are.

I cover the Alberta NDP a lot but I like to keep an eye on socialists all over. Today, I bring you Nahanni Fontaine, the NDP MLA for the Manitoba riding of St John’s. She’s so typically NDP. A quintessential social justice warrior who worries about things like gender neutral bathrooms and food justice. With a degree in women’s studies and critical theory from the university of Manitoba, she’s pretty much unemployable outside of leftwing politics. She was even featured in Socialism.com. Oh, And she’s a racist.

Fontaine was making some remarks in the Manitoba legislature about training aboriginal midwives and doulas and said some racist and crazy things, like this:

“And, again, for me it always comes down to indigenous women's right over their body, over their space. And so there's this movement in respect of training doulas because they're a vital component in respect of that birthing plan. And so, as the minister knows, you know, indigenous women have to come to the south to have their babies. Often, they come without any supports. They are immersed in white space.”

What is white space and why is being around white medical professionals a bad thing? When I was having my kids, the last things I cared about was the race of the medical professionals making sure we were all safe and healthy but there’s more:

“And so, you know, for women that are here alone, and that are immersed in white space, with white nurses, white doctors, it can be incredibly alienating and impact on the delivery of their baby. And so there's a group of women that have been trying, for about a year, to get a doula training program.”

Unbelievable. She’s advocating racial apartheid in Manitoba’s healthcare system. Imagine a white woman saying she didn’t want to be in the care of an aboriginal doctor? That would be racist and so is what Nahanni Fontaine said.

But where’s the media? They’re silent, but you just know, if someone from Brian Pallister’s newly elected PC government had said something so gross, so hateful, so racist, it would be in every publication in Manitoba, maybe even Canada.

The only people covering Fontaine’s hate are citizen journalists in Manitoba. And the Rebel.

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commented 2016-07-05 09:46:38 -0400
The mainstream media AGREES with this racism, because they are stocked full of socialists just like Fontaine, and have exactly the same mindset. To them this isn’t news, because it is controversial, because they are also just as racist. They just don’t know it, or refuse to acknowledge that fact.
commented 2016-07-01 20:09:27 -0400
As long as the natives keep grudging that we are living on their land, there will always be tension.

And that includes tension between natives and other non native ethnic minorities. How do you think other colored people feel when they come to Canada? And they find that they have to pay more taxes than the natives? Or that natives get special rights?

Can you imagine your average Joe Muslim, who lost his country to war, having to hear the stereotypical native excuses for being unemployed or a criminal?

I am not afraid of all the Muslims coming over. After they get to know the natives, I assure you they will be quick to ally themselves with everybody else against the natives.
commented 2016-07-01 16:49:56 -0400
I wonder if it would be possible for the REBEL to take that course on line , and break it down in time sequences and show it on here
commented 2016-07-01 16:45:32 -0400
Well it sure looks like to me that there’s a lot of white spacing in her d n a
The regressive leftards are get A way with fiction and lies
commented 2016-07-01 12:25:55 -0400
This is a rampant issue with many aboriginals and we have poor communication in many areas’ of Canada because of similar types of “Stinking Thinking”, PM Justin Trudeau is not doing anything to improve relations’ between Indigenous people and other ethnicity’s of various Canadians’, he is actually keeping the friction going for his and Gerald Butts’ convenience of being able to use the Indigenous people to use as a front and Obstruction Fence for Trudeau’s and Butt’s Environmentalism used to prevent Alberta and Saskatchewan from laying Pipelines across Canada!

Yes, I realize that in many case the dislike by indigenous people toward Anglo and European citizens’ who became Canadians and settlers’ began over the settlement difficulties that arose from the new settlers and invariably created a Civil war in a sense and yea there was some very bad treatment of the Indigenous people while the British Commonwealth was building Canada and some bad deals happened as well as some good deals’ – however, efforts are being made to amend relations’ however we cannot move forward to better the Indigenous’ life style and our life style unless we work together and come to agreements’ in such a way that we can work together as neighbors’ make lemonade out of a previously lemon relationship so to speak!

This shouldn’t be used by Indigenous people to retract revenge or getting eve, which by now I have seen has been done and accomplished many, many times the wheel of discrimination I assure you has already long past come full circle to the point where other ethnic Canadians ’ are being discriminated against by the Indigenous people!
In order for us all to get ahead and move on to a better brighter future, we need to stop feeding the root of hate as that only creates bad consequences for all human-beings, let us all put our best behavior forward and actually see what can be accomplished and how much further ahead all of us, Indigenous people and the offspring of the Settlers’ and new citizens’ can get by positively building our future together and for each other in the name of mankind? Is that possible? We can either sit here in our doom and lick our wounds or heal those wounds and move ahead!
commented 2016-07-01 02:40:49 -0400
If you people think the university of Manitoba is bad, then you should check out the university of Winnipeg. Starting this fall, all new students will be forced to take an aboriginal studies elective for a bachelor degree at the University of Winnipeg.
commented 2016-06-30 12:17:00 -0400
Drew, you’re right.
Their hatred of all things white comes to a screeching halt when it comes to our money. Maybe that’s why its called the green movement. Now if we could just manage to convince a few of these SJWs to agree that white money is the root of all their evils it would be a great day on so many fronts.

Let’s try to see if we can convince them of that. We can go to their protests and pretend to be them with signs that say: “Keep Your White, Evil Money You White, Capitalist Pigs”. “We Don’t Need the Patriarchy’s Money”. See where it leads. Nowhere , I suspect, but it would sure be fun to try.
commented 2016-06-30 11:31:05 -0400
I have spent years working in the Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut and have spent time in the majority of settlements . I like the people in the North . They’re much less dependent and don’t have the sense of entitlement that FN people have in the provinces. However they do have some behavioral traits found in more southern settlements and reserves. One pervasive trait is the way nurses are treated . Nurses are hired by the Federal Govt. and do rotations of 2 weeks / 2 weeks out in most places. They are subjected to abuse the same way nurses in the city experience. The nurses live in a house that has the clinic in it and are often woken at night for trivial complaints – what we used to call ’ cough, colds ,sore holes and pimples on the ass ". They are often threatened with being fired if they challenge the opinion of an elder or issue a medical order that isn’t liked.
Because of this position in the community there are not a lot of FN girls that go to nursing school and return to work in the community. The centuries old bias’s with neighbouring settlements also prevents them from working in other settlements because their opinion would be subjected to accusations of willful neglect.
I have worked on many projects that have members of two settlements on it and watched as they sit in separate parts of a dining area and do not talk to each other.
If this NDP racist idiot actually cared about the people, she would be encouraging the young FN women to go to nursing school. ( a degree in Womens Studies – sheesh ! what are a cartload of nonsense ).
commented 2016-06-30 11:01:29 -0400
yup…why have a job when you can have a gender-neutral toilet instead. great plan for the people…
commented 2016-06-30 10:07:31 -0400
Having “a degree in women’s studies and critical theory from the University of Manitoba” tells you a lot. Critical theory or political-correctness comes to you via the Frankfurt School (cultural Marxists). I am sure Fontaine was ‘taught’ the notion of a supposed “Web of Oppression”, the politically-correct narrative taught by the socialists, er sociologists, in our universities that undergirds the contemporary thrust of social policies among ‘progressives’:
Note that Native Americans are placed on the outer rim of thus web as among the most ‘oppressed’! The more attributes you have closer to the center of the “Web of Oppression”, the more you are characterized as an ‘oppressor’ regardless of what you say and do! Hence, the notion of “white space” and the black lives matter campaign.
commented 2016-06-30 10:03:48 -0400
I BRING YOU THE REASONS WE HAVE SUCH BAD POLICIEYS, I bring you Nahanni Fontaine, the NDP MLA for the Manitoba riding of St John’s. She’s so typically NDP. A quintessential social justice warrior who worries about things like gender neutral bathrooms and food justice. With a degree in women’s studies and critical theory from the university of Manitoba, she’s pretty much unemployable outside of leftwing politics.


we created these animals and we wonder how they got that way.
commented 2016-06-30 09:45:46 -0400
all this proves is that rules are for suckers.
commented 2016-06-30 09:41:15 -0400
Fontaine, from the looks of her, is a mongrel. My guess is 75% white and 25% Indian.
commented 2016-06-30 03:09:38 -0400
I live in Winnipeg, unfortunately. Don’t you people remember, that Winnipeg is the most racist city in all of Canada? And the worst part is, we are proud of this dubious honor.

Sheila, you are missing an important part of aboriginals and Winnipeg hospitals. A few years ago, some Aboriginal guy in a wheelchair was left to die in the emergency room in a hospital. This had left a bad taste in the mouths of Aboriginals, as they believe that this only happened because of racism.

Now I can’t speak on whether or not racism was involved. But I can tell you that there are a lot of bad feelings between Aboriginals and the system, and this hospital incident did not help.

Don’t count on Brian Pallister to stand up for the conservatives. That turn coat announced that he was going to put in carbon pricing.

Good to see the rebel give more coverage to Manitoba.
commented 2016-06-30 02:19:00 -0400
If you are really hard up-you can probably find a Gentile female—- they are ALL loose.
commented 2016-06-30 01:38:00 -0400
Single Jewish Women will still find you attractive, Drew. Don’t be so down on yourself.
commented 2016-06-30 01:00:50 -0400
How come the SJW bigots never turn away WHITE MONEY? Quite the paradox.
commented 2016-06-30 01:00:01 -0400
Well i work for a large grocery chain now , and my work space is anything but white. Still i imagine some SJW would label it as such anyways.
commented 2016-06-30 00:03:05 -0400
I love Muslims and they love me !
Are we about to have a coon by yeah serenade ?
I think that I should probably apologize to most people on the Planet because my Skin tone is WHITE.
I am so ashamed.
Apparently, I have stole everything that I once thought , that I owned.
It is good to know that I am such a Low Life—-
It is better to know that Islam is Peaceful.
commented 2016-06-29 23:51:39 -0400
Sorry Bill, your son is your son and even though most people find him less than attractive he is still your son.

The staff of the hospital where he was delivered are not responsible for that.
commented 2016-06-29 23:45:42 -0400
I didn’t know it before, but now that you mention it, I am oppressed, and owed compensation. When my son was born in Vancouver, the entire staff was south or east Asian…. please justin, issue me an apology… and not just anywhere, an apology in parliament.
commented 2016-06-29 23:26:08 -0400
Charles Moulton,

I think you are right. I was visiting an anglo patient in an Ontario hospital and at first she expressed dismay that her nurses were wearing headscarves.

A few days later, after some painful episodes with her condition, she was so grateful that her nurse spent time with her to comfort her and hold her hand. The hijab became a sign of caring for her.
commented 2016-06-29 23:21:24 -0400
Jay Kelly,

I don’t think Sheila would care, because they are trying to bring life not death into the world. When we I had our last child our Doctor left for a holiday and I had another doctor come in. Trust me my wife didn’t care about the doctor
commented 2016-06-29 23:00:05 -0400
We know that Muslims are disproportionately working health care in Canada, as doctors and nurses and support staff.

I wonder how Sheila Gunn Reid would have felt when delivering her babies if there were only Muslims present in the hospital.
commented 2016-06-29 22:13:58 -0400
This lovely woman only had 590 followers on Twitter, and she is an MP. Well with her racist shit, I see why her following is so low.
commented 2016-06-29 22:13:15 -0400
I wouldn’t make too much of the inane comments made by this MLA. She’s bound to argue that she couldn’t be racist anyway, because only whites can be racist. And maybe she really isn’t racist; just not very adept at complaining without insulting the people she wants help from.

But as an elected member of the Legislature and supposedly with some minimal University training, I think she is an embarrassment to herself and to the Province. Perhaps that big white space called the Manitoba Legislature has been incredibly alienating to her and it impacts her ability to communicate intelligently.
commented 2016-06-29 21:30:06 -0400
Psychopathy is not racist.
commented 2016-06-29 21:22:02 -0400
This Fontaine dame is an evil and loathsome monster. She is super racist. Totally sexist. An excuse for a human being who is filled with hate. She is very much a part of the multiculturalist disease that is the scourge of our society. She is the personification of ignorance and malice.
The NDP must be proud of her.
The Liberals must be proud of her.
She is a poster girl for leftist liberal ideologies and programmes.