June 03, 2015

RCMP stonewalls citizen investigation into High River "gun grab"

Brian LilleyArchive

The Media Party is very interested in knowing all about the RCMP deleting the gun registry data before an access to information request was fulfilled, but they remain silent still on the issue of the Mounties blocking info on the High River Gun Grab.

In fact, they've never cared about one of the biggest violations of civil liberties by police in Canadian history.

I talked to gun rights activist and researcher Dennis Young about the latest tales involving the Mounties, including pages reportedly ripped out of officers' notebooks, which is against the law.


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commented 2015-06-05 11:40:47 -0400
When I ran into difficulty getting FOI information from RCMP, I contacted Paulson directly by email. I just did it on principle thinking he would be too busy to respond. But I got a reply within minutes and the problems I was having with access to information disappeared.

It seems to me RCMP have taken direction from someone, clearly not the federal government, to keep using the Registry regardless of any change to the law, and to add to it from their own opportunities, like High River.

This pattern is typical of all police at all levels. Not all police are rogues but too many in executive are. The problem when police violate legislation is that it makes Canada’s rule of law meaningless and weakens our security.
commented 2015-06-05 07:58:21 -0400
The whole “it was all about public safety” excuse falls apart with just one question: So, did your officers check all medicine cabinets and drawers for potentially dangerous prescription medicines that might have been left behind?
commented 2015-06-05 00:21:02 -0400
Two years on and nothing done about the Gun-Grab At High River, nothing even said about it! Stonewalling, hiding information, destroying evidence.
This is BS!
I have to assume at this point nothing will be done about it…just like nothing has been done about RCMP Commissioner Paulson’s own personal, arbitrary – if not illegal – gun grab ( with Swiss Arms, et al).
Since identity-politics, diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism and all the rest of the politically-correct, lefy mumbo-jumbo were forced onto Canada’s own para-military force, the destruction has been nasty and obvious…so I’m disappointed, but not surprised at the recent discreditable actions and non-action of the RCMP.
As a law abiding, responsible firearms owner I’m also feeling a little betrayed and abandoned by Conservative politicians…
commented 2015-06-04 13:15:12 -0400
Yes, Jason. I recall that incident.
commented 2015-06-04 11:22:23 -0400
Maurice, there was an incident in Nanaimo BC where a Jeff Hughes was gunned down and the police got a “get out of jail free” card on that one. His neighbours complained that his music was loud and the next thing you know he is riddled with multiple bullet hole from RCMP fire.
commented 2015-06-04 11:19:58 -0400
Rick, sadly the RCMP is in control of where I live as well. For many many reasons I do not trust the RCMP. From their Orwellian hate crime units to gun grabbing in High River. And also the fact they have no real agency they are accountable to. Sure, there is Parliament but that is not exactly a speedy or directly accountable way to deal with RCMP malfeasance.
commented 2015-06-04 00:19:48 -0400
Why the hysteria about guns the past several years? I know the looney left think guns magically get up and shoot people on their own but those of us in the real world know the truth that people kill people be it with weapons (knives, guns, bats, etc.) or with bare hands. So why the hysteria? It’s mandatory in Switzerland that every able bodied male have guns in the home. We also know from video footage that Saddam Hussein would walk the streets of Bagdad while the populace walked around armed. Our PM drives in a tank made to look like an SUV. He’s surrounded by guns for protection but the population cannot protect themselves? We have to hide our guns in safes in our own homes.
The real reason for the hysteria is that there was an agreement in the early 1960’s headed by – yes- the UN that all countries would have disarmed their citizenry by early 2100. Everyone knows that the UN is a creator of the banking babel. The land it sits on was donated by the Rockefeller family of Goldman Sacks fame. These are the same people that overthrow governments to ensure that puppet rulers are put in and that a private central bank is there to help enslave and rob the population – just like in Ukraine where they spend over $5B to overthrow the elected government and stole 30 tons of Ukraine’s gold.
It was planned a while back that there would be a North American union The Liberals installed a private central bank under Crazy Pierre in 1974 then in 1995 Paul Martin signed us up to the North American Union. The fore-runner of this union was NAFTA under Lyin’ Brian Mulroney. Notice how the population is never informed about the real motives or even that events happened..
Now that our manufacturing is almost all gone and the US dollar is crashing our country will be severely hit and the population must be contained. If they are armed then that could be a problem. Make sense now?
commented 2015-06-03 22:23:59 -0400
The last justice minister here (J. Denis) didn’t actively pursue this issue. I suppose that the new justice minister should be onto it, but, I suspect the left wing NDP will want to just sweep the whole sordid mess under the rug. And I’m sure that the new federal minister of justice will want to avoid it at all cost lest it becomes an election issue.
commented 2015-06-03 20:11:09 -0400
Yes, the days of Sgt. Sam Steel and the squeaky clean Boy Scout image of “Dudley Do-Right” are long gone. The real tragedy is that the image was actually the truth at one time. I once sat down and tried to calculate the number of Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty vs. the number of innocent members of the public who were either known to be wrongfully killed by the Police Officers, or where there was good reason to suspect they were wrongfully killed by the Police Officer. I went back to 1950. But I stopped, because it wasn’t even close. Robert Dziekański was the one that really brought the lies and spin into public light, if you recall the press conferences that were held following his death and prior to the video being released. But the police incident that really stands out in my mind is the three carpet layers in Quebec who were shot to death as they lay sleeping in a motel room after completing a job. The Police were hardly even apologetic afterwards. It was almost as if they blamed the victims, “Well, it’s their fault for looking so much like the murderers we were looking for”. I don’t trust the RCMP any more, I haven’t for some time. Not that I don’t believe there are good, decent, conscientious RCMP and other Police Officers out there. I worked with some when I was a Forest Officer, And I would never minimize the tragedy of Police Officers losing their lives in the line of duty. But the corruption is endemic, it’s embedded throughout the entire RCMP bureaucracy, from the top down. Like all bureaucracies it’s taken on a life of its own and is more concerned with its own self-preservation than with performing the duties Law enforcement with honesty and integrity.
commented 2015-06-03 17:45:07 -0400
Rick – Ron – It is not just the RCMP. The local City Government and Local Police departments do the same thing. They don’t show up when you fight the ticket.
commented 2015-06-03 16:00:45 -0400
Rick your account below seems to be typical of the police in this country. I am sure most of the folk who view the threads here could tell us similar injustices happening to them. That is why I don’t trust the police at all whether it be the RCMP, OPP or local constabulary.
commented 2015-06-03 15:27:09 -0400
There are rogue elements in the RCMP. At all levels. My area is supervised by the RCMP. I live near an elementary school. The RCMP like to hang about hoping to get someone violating the 30 K speed zone. Some years ago, I was stopped by the Police and given a ticket, and an inspection notice for “tinted glass” in my vehicle. Prior to court, I obtained a letter from the manufacturer confirming that indeed the “tinted glass” was a factory install specific to that model. There was no violation. The ticket was thrown out in court. However, it still cost me for a vehicle “inspection”, which came back as I knew, being the vehicle was in perfect mechanical condition etc, in fact, the inspecting mechanic noting my vehicle was in much better condition than some “new” vehicles he had recently examined! I also had to take time off work for the court hearing. Even though I won the court case, I still lost……wages from taking time off work, and the cost of the police ordered vehicle inspection which was about 200 dollars at the time! I will never be able to recover these monies. Penalized because some officer thought I was an easy mark for a ticket!
commented 2015-06-03 15:14:22 -0400
Can someone not get a court order to force the RCMP and government to give all documents ? It stinks to high heaven.