February 20, 2016

"Real" journalism is dying because guys like me can do it better

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

While the "real" journalists use the Alberta NDP's attack on this here website to launch yet another pointless inside-baseball debate about accreditation standards for their dying profession, I thought I'd say a few words on behalf of all the non-journalists who don't get a space on the island.

There's been way too many so-called opinion leaders fretting about what would happen if every blogger with a chip on their shoulder wanted access to a government press briefing.

Speaking just for myself -- and trust me, I'd rather do anything than watch some robot of a spokesperson stand behind a lectern and spout talking points -- I think the thought of people making their living by the pen terrified that someone else might want to have an opinion too is way more revealing and way more of a cause for concern than any overstepping of boundaries by Rachel Notley and her jumped-up university student's administration of a government.

The reason journalism is circling the drain is because everyone -- even and especially the journalists -- know guys like me can do what they do just as well, and in many cases better. More to the point, we don't have pretensions to being anything more than what we are.

When journalists from REPUTABLE organizations allegedly hurt women, get massaged by political mafias, plagiarize, make stuff up out of thin air and then turn around and wag their fingers at us rabble for "lacking credibility", it's a bit much.

Look at this condescending bit of bilge from serial bow-tie wearer and publisher of the Toronto Star John Honderich wherein he pats himself and his Liberal propaganda organ of a newspaper on its metaphorical back for taking down Ford Nation and the Toronto police union, something those lowly bloggers could supposedly never do.

What his posturing reveals, though, is something we all knew already- that his newspaper has an agenda, which is to terminate conservatives with extreme prejudice. It's right there in the Star's despicable Atkinson Principles, and yet John-John is offended by the very suggestion that the Star was protecting its spot as the go-to enforcer of progressivism.

Since starting here on the Megaphone, I have predicted an NDP collapse, the downfall of the Harper govenment, the emergence of #Gamergate into the conservative mainstream, the possibility of a Trump vs. Sanders showdown while everyone was still writing them both off, and even the behaviour of the Media Party itself in light of the recent PCPO win in Whitby-Oshawa.

I am not a wizard or Lieblein the Omniscient. I'm just good at what I do.

I'd put myself up against any of John Honderich's assassins when it comes to doing what they should be doing, which is informing the good people of the nation about goings-on, and I've never attended a day of J-school in my life.

But do I get invited on to "Power and Politics"? Does anyone want to talk to me about provincial politics, which I've been covering, accurately, for years before I started here? No, because I'm just some random on Ezra's wacky website. Being RIGHT about stuff with regularity doesn't rate, apparently.

Then again, when you have a spot and want to protect that spot, you don't concern yourself with little things like accuracy and being able to separate signals from noise.

"Real journalists" and their defenders scratch their noggins about why they're losing money by the ink-bucket as the answer stares them baldly in the face. You guys say you're about journalism for the people? Prove it!


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commented 2016-02-23 09:33:35 -0500
Love freedom of speech! Some dude said words are mightier than the sword! Keep speaking please!
commented 2016-02-22 12:34:38 -0500
The minute I hear someone call themselves a ‘professional’ journalist is the minute I stop listening to them. Journalists are lower on my level of respect than lawyers. At least you can still find a good ‘professional’ lawyer.
commented 2016-02-22 07:56:25 -0500
I see the regular two (more likely one pretending to be two) from the peanut gallery tossing their nuts into the arena yet again. Seems all they [he] can do is insult The Rebel and its journalists – yes journalists. They [he] should really try to hide their [his] jealousy and hatred better, it is rather glaring and is becoming rather stale.
commented 2016-02-21 07:43:54 -0500
LOL. Get a job.
commented 2016-02-21 00:32:29 -0500
I think the Rebel deserves credit for allowing bloggers like Joshua Lieblein to contribute to the site. He says: “I am not a wizard or Lieblein the Omniscient. I’m just good at what I do.” The second line has yet to come true if he is referring to his writing, but it may be another of his astonishingly accurate predictions. Keep up the good work, and remember… practise, practise, practise.
commented 2016-02-20 21:39:53 -0500
Michael Mann, I have a career that is entirely separate from politics. I don’t need money. I do, however, think it’s a little silly that so-called journalists get paid to misreport the news while I can tell you what’s going to happen without being compensated. I blog, and I write, simply because I enjoy it.
commented 2016-02-20 19:54:27 -0500
I think a big part of the demise of the Mainstream Media has been its commoditization. Tune into any mainstream newscast or newspaper and you will see the same stories covered with the same slant and the exclusion of all the same “uncomfortable” stories. Given modern technology, why would we need more than one organization that does this?
commented 2016-02-20 17:22:11 -0500
don craig commented – “would you want to get invited onto power and politics?”

Only to promote the Rebel or to pull a Donald Trump on the pretentious inanity of the CBC “real Journalists” :-)
commented 2016-02-20 17:06:12 -0500
would you want to get invited onto power and politics? other than to share in the bottomless pit of spewing fees..
commented 2016-02-20 16:46:31 -0500
Interestingly No, I would not wish to work for dead tree media because the office politics are an intellectual ghetto and every junior employee gets pink slipped as the subscribers flee and Dino media implodes as a news/opinion source.

Read the Post today about the health of the Dino Journo-lists – Torstar layoffs continue, stock @ $2 a share is shopping its ass around with no takers because it has no saleable value after it liquidated Harlequin publishing and its Vaughn printing plant to stay afloat – Postmedia in debt millions, run by a mutual fund readership continues downward.

CTV and CBC news have less market share in prime time than loser CanCon specialty channels like OLN – and that is in a protected market – but all that ends Mar. 1 – watch the stampede away from this preachy 3rd rate Cuck media when it is no longer a maditory “tiered” channel on cable. Pay per channel will kill preachy Canadian cable news. The biggest gains in news and opinion subscribership are all internet venues – and no CBC,CTV, and other MSM online sites are dead loss enterprises which cost the parent company more to run than they get in ad traffic..

As usual Mann your delusions are just that -all your own delusional bent reality.
commented 2016-02-20 16:10:19 -0500
The fact of the matter is that you would kill to work for a real media source. Who do you think you are kidding? The only reason why The Rebel even exists is because no one is willing to hire these people and they need to eat. The same goes for you.

I am quite sure if CTV or even CNN came a calling to you with a nice fat cheque and wanted to give you your own show – you would bail your blogging career in a second.

You don’t have a choice – that is why you do what you do and you defend what you do out of bitterness ultimately that you are not working your dream job at a reputable media source.
commented 2016-02-20 16:06:54 -0500
Maybe when ‘journalists’ start reporting the TRUTH….not THEIR truth, we will have some respect for them. Respect has to be earned…..not bought! Most journalists today ‘belong’ to some party or group. That is why groups like The Rebel are resonating with the public. We are sick of being lied to…..being forced to read the crap they put out. We want THE TRUTH!
commented 2016-02-20 15:21:10 -0500
Joshua, good piece, good link, Thks!
commented 2016-02-20 14:56:51 -0500
Are the usual media party “dogs in the mangers” just self appointed guardians of their future iron rice bowl employment prospects in a leftist totalitarian government utopia? An observation that Comrade Notley’s PR gopher resources on the taxpayers dime exceed in numbers the size of “the press gallery dedicated to covering her government” is a wake up call.
commented 2016-02-20 14:22:12 -0500
“But do I get invited on to “Power and Politics”? Does anyone want to talk to me about provincial politics, which I’ve been covering, accurately, for years before I started here? No, because I’m just some random on Ezra’s wacky website. Being RIGHT about stuff with regularity doesn’t rate, apparently.”

According to Nietzsche, “A “firm reputation” is useful wherever society is still dominated by the herd instinct. It is most expedient for everyone to “pretend” that his character and occupation are unchangeable, even if at bottom they are not. Being at odds with “a firm reputation”, the attitude of those who seek knowledge is considered dishonorable while the petrification of opinions is accorded a monopoly on honor! Under the spell of such notions we have to live to this day.” CBC is a bastion of stagnation in this country, they reject any concept that is outside of their expected nay demanded criteria of complete adherence to their policies of political correctness and that of their fully socialistic partisan views.

It is better outside of the herd where freedom of thought and speech reign so take their rejection as a compliment.
commented 2016-02-20 13:47:55 -0500
Emphatically DO NOT WANT to be part of the MSM sausagefest. Let’s get that clear. If they did pay me to embarrass them, I wouldn’t say no though!
commented 2016-02-20 13:39:11 -0500
@ Dbee Db
I do not believe anyone here feels that Ezra is pontificating from the pulpit, except you.
I’m sure he appreciates the sentiment though…
commented 2016-02-20 13:20:52 -0500
what was that self-serving crap ?
some dry, unknown wafer trying to find the sweet spot to jump into to make themselves more palatable?
commented 2016-02-20 13:12:30 -0500
This site is popular and getting more so because people are tired of the msm and the complete and utter BS they shovel at us.
commented 2016-02-20 12:52:17 -0500
They don’t have the balls to prove it, because they know they would be chewed up and spit out.
commented 2016-02-20 12:46:38 -0500
So called “real media” has always carried water for the lefty governments in all countries. Canada is no different.

Canada’s media party is pure shit and lies. Who would want to start/grow a media business on the left, but it still occurs.

The Independent and Conservative sites in Canada are but a handful and under serviced, yet this lack of under serviced base remains.

So why?? In exchange for the Media party carrying water for the country’s lefties, they are returned favor. Build a lefty media operation, join the media party and collect your kickback.

World wide media does not compete. The world wide media party is paid off by big government to operate the way that big government chooses – to sell corruption and theft as normal and to keep Independent/Conservatives out of the game.

God bless the internet. The world wide media party is dying fast and the masses are ecstatic about this.