April 11, 2017

“Red Tory” Ambrose wrong to humiliate senator over residential schools remarks

Rebel Staff

On last night's show, guest host Jerry Agar talked to Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein about Rona Ambrose's demotion of a Conservative senator for her remarks that residential schools did “some good things,” and while “well-intentioned” made “horrible mistakes.”

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commented 2017-04-12 11:03:37 -0400
A little perspective is not allowed when you are spinning a tale for convenience.
Good post Jamie McMaster, I totally agree, enough already.

Re: strapping at school. They were common in every public school in the 60’s and before. I received it once, but there were other questionable punishments used also that I won’t go into here.

My husband talked about Catholic school in Montreal when he was in elementary. It sounded like the nuns could be pretty rough at times. Strapping? His first 8 years were beatings at school.

…and yes poverty and disease was far more common in the general public than it is today. Far less safety net etc. so I would suggest everyone was affected.

Don’t forget the Russian kids in the Slocan taken from their families to be under the full control of schools but for a few short visits with relatives a year. The abuses go across the population.
… and it’s done and over.
commented 2017-04-12 10:56:20 -0400
The residential schools have been used as a stick to beat Canadians with, to keep that white guilt flowing like milk, so they can scam more money out of the system, to pay the chiefs. I don’t believe anything the governments say anymore. They are all a bunch of corrupt dogs that need to be put down.
commented 2017-04-12 08:30:21 -0400
“Am I the only one who is sick and tired of hearing about the residential schools? "

Indeed, SPACE MOOSE. Isn’t it high time that the press found a horse with a bit of life left in it?

The dishonesty of the entire “investigation” has been unbelievable. For years we’ve been hearing about the deaths of Indian children while residents at the schools. Suspiciously rounded figures – first 1500, then 3000, now “perhaps up to 5 or 6 thousand” – have been thrown out so that our lazy press could do its modern duty: print inflammatory headlines, due diligence be screwed.

Not one journalist in this entire country has had the curiosity or honesty or sense of duty to sit down with those figures and compare them to (a) the death rates of children on reserves who did not go to residential schools, and (b) the death rate for non-Indian children in rural communities during the same period. Here’s where I’m going with this.

During the first half of the twentieth century infant and child mortality rates were much, much higher than they are today. This was especially true in rural areas where transportation and communication was, by today’s standards, bloody primitive. You can walk around country graveyards and see this high childhood death rate carved into the stones. My Dad’s family had ten children – one of them died at seven years of age; my Mom’s family had eight – one of them didn’t make it out of childhood. And this story was more common than not – not only in rural North Glengarry families during that era, but in rural communities across the Country.

And as far as the death rates among Indian children who were NOT in the residential school system during that period, I can guarantee you that more kids per capita died during their childhood years on the reserves than in the schools.

So the figures that were trucked out, had they been subjected to even a rudimentary objective analysis, would not have had their intended inflammatory effect. As a matter of fact, the residential schools might have ended up looking like the far better option. It is a pity, and a testament to the pathetic state of journalism in this country, that this homework was not done.
commented 2017-04-12 03:38:02 -0400
Am I the only one who is sick and tired of hearing about the residential schools?
commented 2017-04-12 00:27:09 -0400
True conservative politicians in this country are an endangered species. They are nearly extinct. No doubt the Conservative party has been infiltrated by liberals because they know it’s a real threat. The only way for conservatisim to survive is if they form a party which leans to the right on all issues and they expell all the lefty fakers. The bottom line is that when enough sleepy and passive Canadians finally start to wake up, they will need a real alternative to every other left wing party.
commented 2017-04-11 22:50:06 -0400
DAVE MACPHERSON reproduced an email received from Maxime Bernier. I would agree with Bernier that “Infrastructures is a provincial and local matter. Federal politicians should not be touring the country promising to fund stuff that’s not part of Ottawa’s responsibilities”. Infrastructures is a provincial and local matter according to the division of powers described in the Canadian constitution. Leads to federal pork barrel politics.
Therefore, disappointing that “Andrew Scheer (is) promising Quebec City a new bridge and a regional minister who will be able to lobby for more federal money”.
Bernier, lost me, however, when he declared “I’m a real Conservative”. Bernier is a half-baked conservative, a fiscal conservative. Whereas, Brad Trost is a genuine 100% full spectrum conservative.
commented 2017-04-11 22:08:24 -0400
Despite the deplorable abuses of some of the Residential Schools, a lot that was good and positive came out of them for the 30% of aboriginal children that attended them.
The other 70%? Who knows? Not much research into how they were brought up or what became of them.
commented 2017-04-11 22:04:02 -0400
The same can be said of the Roman Catholic Church of Canada, and the United “Church” of Canada, and on and on, I suppose.
The Unitarian “Church”? A community of ball-less neo-Marxist self-righteous liberals posing as humanist intellectuals.
commented 2017-04-11 21:57:45 -0400
The Anglican Church of Canada, which will not tolerate any truth to be told about the Residential School hyperbole, is for this and many other reasons a cowardly and mendacious institution. It certainly isn’t Christian.
commented 2017-04-11 21:52:26 -0400
One of the complaints about these Residential Schools is that aboriginal children were strapped on the hand for misdemeanors.
I was strapped on both hands for turning around to say something to the students behind me by my grade 3 teacher at Parkdale Elementary School in Hamilton, Ontario.
At Ballard Elementary School in Hamilton I witnessed several strappings by red-in-the-face angry teachers of students for minor misdemeanors.
I am of Engtlish-French inheritance. All the students I saw being strapped were white boys (no girls, by the way……hmmmmmm…..any thoughts, feminists?).
Can we have a committee of Truth and Reconciliation on these matters for the grudge I and many other white Canadian students harbour after all these years for the cruelty of their teacher and the public school system.
Or maybe we have taken it and could take it as real men…..with honour, and fortitude, and dignity.
commented 2017-04-11 20:50:48 -0400
Too many federal Conservatives are but Liberal clones…………Chong, Ambrose….etc.
That is why I am moving away from this party; maybe a new CONSERVATIVE leader could get me and my friends back in. We’ll see.
The Ontario PC party is a complete failure. What a bunch of morons they are. ( If you stay in as a member I count you as a moron. )
commented 2017-04-11 16:04:14 -0400
#IStandWithMaximeBernier2017 #MCGA2019 #CanadaFirst

Dave, have you ever wondered what happens when Conservatives get Quebec wrong?

You get things like Andrew Scheer promising Quebec City a new bridge and a regional minister who will be able to lobby for more federal money. That’s the traditional way of doing politics. Thinking that we need to buy votes in Quebec, instead of holding true to real conservative principles.

Has he promised a new bridge anywhere else in the country? No, of course not. Has he promised to name a regional minister for every region in the country? Of course not. I’m not for or against a third bridge in Quebec City.

Infrastructures is a provincial and local matter.
Federal politicians should not be touring the country promising to fund stuff that’s not part of Ottawa’s responsibilities.

That’s how we got a bigger and bigger central government, and higher and higher taxes.
And Ottawa meddling in provincial jurisdictions, which is the opposite of what Quebecers want.
I won’t run a government full of regional ministers fighting with each other to get a bigger piece of the federal pie and bring the pork to their region.
My ministers will make decisions in the interests of all Canadians, not in the interest of their region only.

I have always been true to these conservative principles.
In 2010, I said I was against the federal government giving money for a new stadium in Quebec City.
Quebecers understood when I explained it’s not Ottawa’s role to fund a new stadium in every city in the country.

There’s a reason I win my riding with the biggest majorities of any Conservative candidate outside of Alberta.

I’m a real Conservative, and that’s what can finally unite the West with Quebec. No special deals. No pork. Freedom, fairness, responsibility, and respect.

Maxime Bernier
commented 2017-04-11 15:12:34 -0400
Rona has done a good job as interim leader. She has NOT attempted to set policy direction, and regardless of what color you think she’s taken on, she has remained a steadfast grass roots populist and “big tent” supporter – the criticism was ill advised. let’s move on to getting a real conservative leader and stop beating each other up over petty crap.
commented 2017-04-11 15:10:52 -0400
RON VOSS, I totally agree with what you have stated. I have not liked Ambrose since she was made interim leader of the conservatives. Since then I/we have seen the conservatives become a poor act of the former party that was headed by Mr. Harper.
Very Sad.
Brad Trost is also my pick.
commented 2017-04-11 13:58:38 -0400
“…Michelle Rempel and others like Michael Chong and Patrick Brown have been nudging the Conservative Party of Canada to the left,…”

Yup. Dead on, RON VOSS. And the back benchers willingly follow like the good little sheep that they are. But the real problems within the federal and the Ontario Conservatives go much deeper than wishy-washy types like Ambrose, Chong, Tory, et al. The advisors and assorted experts are nothing but silly little drips with poli-sci degrees who regurgitate crap they learned from lefty professors. As a result, Conservatives are constantly marching to a media drum – not saying what should be said; apologizing for the truth; and behaving like frightened rabbits. A smart leader has his fingers on the pulse of the electorate and leads the media, rather than the other way round. A smart leader is also able to pick and choose the advice from the boys in the elf suits that is worth listening to.
commented 2017-04-11 13:25:36 -0400
Harper was right about Ambrose.
commented 2017-04-11 13:12:31 -0400
‘“There were many people who came from residential schools with good training and good language skills…”’

‘“Beyak, who sits as a member of the Senate’s ‘Aboriginal Peoples’ committee, said she has received hundreds of positive remarks after she delivered a speech in which she chastised the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} Reconciliation Commission for not “focusing on the good” of the “well-intentioned” institutions.’

Sorry for the repeat of the one quote below, not intentional.
commented 2017-04-11 13:06:35 -0400
‘“Mistakes were made at residential schools — in many instances, horrible mistakes that overshadowed some good things that also happened at those schools,” she said.’

‘“Mistakes were made at residential schools — in many instances, horrible mistakes that overshadowed some good things that also happened at those schools,” she said.’

“Mistakes were made at residential schools — in many instances, horrible mistakes that overshadowed some good things that also happened at those schools,” she said.

‘“Beyak said she is pushing for a national audit of sorts of all money the federal government spends on ‘First Nations’ {‘Siberian settler’ communities}. She said Monday she doesn’t believe the money flows to the “grassroots”, and is misappropriated by chiefs.’


Personally I don’t think the government went out of it’s way to ruin lives. It’s intention , however misguided was for the benefit of native children. I believe restitution has been made and that further compensation is extortion of the Canadian tax payer who had nothing to do with it. Enough. It’s over.
Rona and others are just staying with the narrative so they won’t have to take any flack from the aboriginals across Canada. So politically correct they will allow the Canadian taxpayer to be lifted of every last red cent to avoid being called racist ,bigot or lose the votes they bus from the reserves. Their brains fell out a long time ago, so why should we expect any better from any government. Free speech is dead in Canada.
commented 2017-04-11 13:04:17 -0400
Kudos to Jerry Agar for calling a spade a spade with his reference to Rona Ambrose as a “Red Tory”.
Indeed, Rona Ambrose, as ‘interim’ ‘leader’ along with Michelle Rempel and others like Michael Chong and Patrick Brown have been nudging the Conservative Party of Canada to the left, bringing CINOs like O’Leary into the leadership race. Ambrose joins the Appeasers Hall of Fame that includes the likes of Brian Jean, Jason Kenney and Chris Alexander. Pathetic. They should remember the words of Winston Churchill, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
If you want a clear, true Cobservative alternative, then you have one with CPC leadership candidate, Brad Trost, a genuine, principled conservative – a “!00% Conservative” across the spectrum.
commented 2017-04-11 12:47:37 -0400
I really am disappointed with the current federal Conservative party. They really went “red” after Harper left.

I fear for Canada if there is not going to be a clear true Conservative alternative.