July 25, 2015

"Sanctuary city" means "federal immigration laws don't apply here"

Brian LilleyArchive

"Sanctuary city" may sound nice but don't be fooled. It means that certain federal laws will not be enforced in your city, despite the well-known link between crime and illegal immigration.

Since we told the tragic story of Kathryn Steinle, the young woman murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times, there have only been more tragedies in sanctuary cities.

The trend is spreading and the only difference between Canada and the U.S. is that they are more advanced down this dangerous path.

Left-wing city councils across Canada and the U.S. will continue to declare themselves sanctuary cities unless we stop them.

This is why you need to make your feelings known by signing our petition, regardless of what part of the country you are in.

We need to call on local and federal governments to ensure that the law is applied evenly and equally across the land, that cities cannot decide to simply instruct their police forces to stop enforcing certain laws.

Mark my words, if we don’t do this now, the "sanctuary" city movement will grow.


Authorities cannot just decide to ignore the law, but this is happening in "sanctuary" cities like Hamilton and Toronto.
SIGN THE PETITION to end "sanctuary" cities for criminals

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commented 2015-07-28 19:45:05 -0400
Cities that are declared to be sanctuary by their municipal councils should have all Federal funding for any program such as policing revoked. Also, put the Council that voted in favour of it on charges.
commented 2015-07-28 08:35:09 -0400
In 1999 I, along with my wife and my daughter, I applied to immigrate to Canada, from an eastern European country. Myself and my wife had to be both university graduates, all three of us had to be healthy, had to have a clean criminal record, had to pass an English language exam, and had to have $ 10,000 U. S. in a designated bank account, for our application to be granted attention. It took the embassy four and a half years to process our application and, upon arrival, we learned very quickly that our education and working experience and credentials did not mean squat in Canada. We are now more than a successful family, with our daughter on her way to become a doctor, graduating soon from the University of Toronto.

I would argue that this great country needs quality immigrants, who would do whatever possible in their power to demonstrate that the privilege granted to them by their adoptive country was not wasted in vain. God bless the Queen and God bless Canada!
commented 2015-07-27 10:07:24 -0400
how many illegals immigrants are in cnada anyway? the media doesn’t hype it
trump will win because hes by passing the media and speaking the truth directly to the people
commented 2015-07-26 20:01:28 -0400
Good luck with that Brian! I’m with you 100%!!!! But I dont think this Federal government will do anything right now since this is an election year. Shit they just had a spokesman from the immigration minister say to that foreign woman on a temporary work visa and got hurt at the job, to stay here another two years feeding off this system. Compassion only is for those that feeds this compassion with other people’s money. Never their own you see!
commented 2015-07-26 19:35:45 -0400
Local politicians that undermine federal authority with this dangerous, crackpot plan better not be surprised or cry out in righteous indignation when the Feds take it upon themselves to enforce the laws of the land.
How about aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice followed by an invocation of the War Measures Act for these criminal safe havens?
commented 2015-07-26 16:03:56 -0400
Those that create Sanctuary Cities, are nothing more than Sniveling Cowards. Jumped up idiots, scared for their scrawny Chicken necks. (Sorry Chickens)
commented 2015-07-26 11:56:43 -0400
Lefties at their best, they like to put the population at risk so they can “feel good”. Sanctuary means “a safe place” so when a criminal commits rape, murder, etc. the city will protect that individual over the rest of the population. When the population allows cities to declare sanctuary to criminals it puts the rest of us in danger, case in point:
Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, had seven felony convictions stretching back to 1991 and had been deported from the United States five times. San Francisco authorities released him from custody in April after drug charges against him were dropped, despite an urgent request from the Department of Homeland Security that he be deported a sixth time to his native Mexico, federal and local officials said.
In a strongly worded statement, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is part of DHS, said the San Francisco officials ignored ICE’s request for a heads-up before Lopez-Sanchez was let go. “As a result, an individual with a lengthy criminal history, who is now the suspect in a tragic murder case, was released onto the street rather than being turned over to ICE for deportation,’’ said Gillian Christensen, an ICE spokeswoman.
I cannot believe that the city San Francisco has said sanctuary will continue and they will not enforce federal law, if that is the case then the federal government should stop all payments to the cities that adopted this crazy policy, period. If they do not want to enforce laws governing criminals then they should receive no money from the government. These cities need to pay dearly for their policy’s that put the general population at risk. Can you imagine a city that ignores criminals, how long do you think before the criminals will be running those cities if you stop prosecuting those very criminals that prey on innocent civilians.
commented 2015-07-26 09:11:52 -0400
This “sanctuary city” plan is being used to undermine and overwhelm our democratic society, and ultimately our security. I’ll bet that this plan was sanctioned by the UN, and has the same effect, as what Obama is doing in the US, by allowing illegals in, with no controls in place.
commented 2015-07-26 07:51:46 -0400
Right On Drew …. Perfectly said !!!
commented 2015-07-26 02:11:32 -0400
Sadly Donald Trump is the one voice of reason in this. The only one with the balls to tell it like it is and the politicians are in a tizzy as it resonates with many people. They sure get confused when their being offended on behalf of others is not working
commented 2015-07-26 01:47:04 -0400
Time for a revolution.
I’ll join.
commented 2015-07-25 21:15:56 -0400
This is really getting BEYOND RIDICULOUS!
Time to start hanging politicians…
commented 2015-07-25 20:47:57 -0400
“I can’t even understand the reasoning behind making laws that allow a sanctuary city. Likely it is the city council that is making the laws for that city to allow immigrant to gain access to city resources, but do they make them out of some sense of compassion because it certainly would be a drain on bank account.” This is an integral part of the lefty plan to make things so bad the public will run to them to “fix” the problem. However, we know from previous examples in other nations, “fixing” the problem results in totalitarian control of the population ensuring lefty control and power over everyone’s lives! The public will then face lawlessness from their own "Gov’t!
commented 2015-07-25 20:29:51 -0400
So if a person is driving without a license and gets pulled over in a sanctuary city and claims to be an undocumented worker ; Are they just allowed to go on their merry way or detained and released?
commented 2015-07-25 20:00:58 -0400
“Where and when in the hell did, we loss such control over our country.”

When the government outlawed shooting leftists. :) jk
commented 2015-07-25 19:35:14 -0400
Jill & John & also Peter,
Where and when in the hell did, we loss such control over our country.
commented 2015-07-25 19:04:09 -0400
Jill And John, you make a valid point, which brings me back to what is in the minds of the people that are pushing to make these sanctuary cities. Why are they doing this. I cannot see the reasoning.
commented 2015-07-25 19:00:53 -0400
I can’t even understand the reasoning behind making laws that allow a sanctuary city. Likely it is the city council that is making the laws for that city to allow immigrant to gain access to city resources, but do they make them out of some sense of compassion because it certainly would be a drain on bank account.
commented 2015-07-25 19:00:35 -0400
Seems we are wide open to the world- no questions, no obligations. We of course get to provide the housing, clothing, food, health/dental/eye care, education, money etc. while they are obligated to provide nothing in return much less respect and gratitude.
Why bother with “border guards”( which have become nothing more than tax police and a farce), the military, immigration, laws or government??
It appears everyone who comes to Canada is automatically considered “Canadian” and entitled to the best and lions share of all which we have to give along with full coverage of our Charter and Constitution both of which while severely outdated,
serve foreigners ahead of the best interests of Canada and we Canadians.
Don’t even have to prove you are a citizen to vote nor do you have to provide papers/passports etc. to enter.
We Canadians get the shaft and the bills while our country and rights are
being taken from us in order to provide for the rest of the world as we slide down into third world hole status.
commented 2015-07-25 18:49:55 -0400
The feds could solve this easily. Anyone who reports an illegal immigrant is granted a fee, say $500.

This illegal immigrant problem solves itself overnight. The feds already do this with tax cheats.
commented 2015-07-25 18:45:45 -0400
This is really starting to bother me. Who in the hell is putting these laws through? Yes! I know before everyone starts jumping on me it is the government…. But really, who is putting these laws through? We don’t see this on TV or hear about it on the radio..
Before everyone starts jumping again, even the MSM or MSM radio are not all liberal sickos.