July 12, 2016

“Scary and puzzling”: THIS list tells us who’s “one heart beat away” from being Prime Minister

Brian LilleyArchive

Do you know who’s one heartbeat away from being Prime Minister? It’s an interesting question and the answers may scare and puzzle you. I have the list and it does both to me. Carolyn Bennett as PM? It could happen and I’ll explain.

We don’t have the same system as the Americans where if President Obama dies today, Joe Biden becomes president.

In our system, an order in council is created and is a temporary measure.

If Justin Trudeau were to die today, the first person on the list, would not become PM and stay PM.

The order says:

“In the event that the Prime Minister is unable to perform the functions of his Office, the next Minister named, in order of priority, in the list of Ministers set out in Schedule A who is able to perform the functions of the Office of the Prime Minister is authorized to act for the Prime Minister;”

First on the list is Ralph Goodale who is undoubtedly experienced, having first been elected to Parliament in 1974 before Justin Trudeau and I could tie our shoes. He knows his way around the place and is generally competent.

But the list goes downhill from there.

Watch as I run through a few of the names and curious choices.

The whole cabinet is ranked and has to be a blow to some. Would Marc Garneau, the former astronaut and head of the Canada Space Agency ever have imagined he’d rank 15th behind newcomers with less impressive resumes like Chrystia Freeland or Jean-Yves Duclos?

Given that it’s 2016, is it fair to note that the women and people of colour Trudeau bragged about in his cabinet rank near the bottom, while old white men occupy the top?

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commented 2016-07-13 06:48:31 -0400
Gerald Butts wants like minded people like himself ,he does not want people that can think for themselves or more intelligent than he is.
commented 2016-07-12 22:11:41 -0400
Pierre Trudeau famously said of his own cabinet ministers that they were nobodies once they were off the Hill. Looks like Junior followed in his father’s footsteps – and then some. After all, some of Lucky Pierre’s cabinet ministers were competent and had leadership potential. The current bunch – not so much.

I think Sonny Boy is just playing Obama’s game: make everyone in the possible succession to his job a mediocrity so that he doesn’t face the prospect of being deposed by a coup within the party, the way Margaret Thatcher was in 1990.
commented 2016-07-12 19:44:35 -0400
Cheers Bugs Potter ☺
commented 2016-07-12 19:29:19 -0400
Stephane Dion? But he has dual citizenship! A citizen of France and a citizen of Canada, the former being of his own choice.

Seriously, what is he doing in Canadian federal politics? He should resign. He should also not be in provincial politics on the taxpayer’s dime. Anyone ever heard of “conflict of interest”? Something to be considered if France is in dispute with Canada.

If he would become PM, it would be like having a discussion with a glass of water. We would beg to have PM Baby Doc “Uh uh uh uh” back.

Then there is Freeland. While managing our financial affairs, we went from a 7.5 billion surplus to more than 30 billion deficit. Wonderful. Isn’t she the one who believes in an economic world of a 90% income tax? I suspect that she is always wearing red because, well, Canada is now deeply in the red.

Then there is the minister who looks like he just left the bar after a bender. Even sounds like he tied one on a few hours earlier (maybe with Lizzy May?). Really makes one feel confident in leadership.

One thing is certain, almost all on the list should make us nervous.
commented 2016-07-12 19:20:29 -0400
BILL SMITH You win comment of the day, sir.
commented 2016-07-12 18:58:31 -0400
Gasp! Hypocrisy and Nepotism in the Liebranos? I’m shocked, I’m shocked I tells ya! What happened to those promises during the election about morality and doing things (transparently) differently? Silly me. Those were not promises but simply catch lines to get elected by the stupid! Huh? What us? We never said that!
commented 2016-07-12 18:54:02 -0400
LOL.. “In the event that the PM cannot perform his duties”… that’s the situation that we have already… no need for him to die
commented 2016-07-12 18:52:02 -0400
Well the current brain dead waste of skin we have in the PMO now can’t carry out the function of PM – he’s a meat puppet that Gerry Butts has his hand up his tuchus working his mouth and putting words in it – just the same as animating a corpse with strings and a ventriloquist. In pith and substance a brain-dead PM is as good as a stiff in office.

I say get to the stand-in selection and put Justine in a sanitarium on life support – this could be fun – I say we choose McCallum – then we poke the booze to him with a PMO unlimited bar tab – hey it may be as fun as watching John A McDonald presiding over government when he was 3 sheets to the wind – at least it was entertaining – at least until Mac’s liver explodes – not like it is now with an endless puppet show with a wooden boy PM.
commented 2016-07-12 18:43:34 -0400
All I can say is EEEWWWW 😖
commented 2016-07-12 18:42:47 -0400
Doesn’t matter who is on the list, they are all sell outs to Liberal corruption.

The greatest sell out being Garneau. Talk about someone with no moral compass or self respect. It is good he is well down the list.
commented 2016-07-12 18:38:24 -0400
It’s 2016. You have to give equal opportunity to the Mentally Challenged… ok Retards. That’s why Canadians elected this “party”. To let the retards have a go at governing.
commented 2016-07-12 17:46:34 -0400
Nothing is worse than the groomed shiny pony.
commented 2016-07-12 16:40:59 -0400
I’d be a lot more concerned if most of these lightweights were going to be PM until the next election. As it is, they would simply be figureheads until the Liberal Party had an emergency meeting to select a new acting party leader (and PM), which would surely happen within a few days at most. Then, a leadership convention would follow somewhere down the road and a new official leader of the party would be chosen, presumably with substantial input from members of the Liberal Party and their propagandists in the media. That certainly doesn’t guarantee a good leader – one look at the present occupant of the PM’s office is proof of that – but at least it should preclude the worst of the worst getting the job for more than a few days.

Then again, if I had to pick the next leader of the Liberal Party from the current cabinet, it would be might slim pickings with Marc Garneau being the only one I’d see as being credible – and that’s only because I’m a space enthusiast. I haven’t actually seen any sign of great results from any of the members of this cabinet.

By the way, I think Lawrence MacAulay has checked the only box that needs checking to become a minister in a Liberal cabinet: he’s a loyal Liberal from a small province that will always get a cabinet minister so that Islanders don’t feel left out. He doesn’t have to accomplish anything under those circumstances. And why would he even try? He’s a Cabinet Minister already and has few if any prospects of ever getting the top job. He’s got to be a lot more comfortable one level down where nothing much ever happens than to risk the controversy inherent in being PM. After all, the media would have no reason to love everything about him the way they do Sonny Boy; MacAulay isn’t the son of a former PM and doesn’t have really special hair.
commented 2016-07-12 16:29:09 -0400
What’s wrong with Carolyn Bennett as prime minister? She would be better that John McCallum, wouldn’t she? Well, wouldn’t she? All we need now is Trudeau to piss off Hillary Clinton.
commented 2016-07-12 16:16:12 -0400
Thank-you very much for the picture of the cabinet. I printed it off and put it on the bottom of the parrot’s cage…
commented 2016-07-12 16:12:32 -0400
I just threw up in my mouth.