March 22, 2016

“Sheila Malcolmson couldn’t find Zambia on a map” -- NDP MP “trash talks” about Canada at UN

Rebel Staff

New Democrat MP from Nanaimo, Sheila Malcolmson, went to a very important meeting, at the UN Commission for the Status of Women.

Alright. There is important work to do there. Women are being turned into rape slaves by the thousands in Syria and Iraq; female genital mutilation has moved from Africa and Asia, to Europe, and surely soon to North America. Honour murders have come here too.

But that’s not what Sheila Malcolmson thought the problem was.

The problem was us — here in Canada.

“We’re not looking so good in the grand scheme of things,” she says, in terms of women’s rights. "Canada ranks pretty low," she said. "Zambia is higher than us.”

What? Zambia is excruciatingly poor for both men and women. Life expectancy is one of the lowest in the world — 52 years. Half of women in Zambia can’t read or write.

Sheila Malcolmson doesn’t give a damn about Zambia. She couldn’t find it on the map.

But that’s not the point.

Bashing Canada, and calling us worse that Zambia — that’s the point.

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