February 04, 2017

“‘Shut up,’ he explained”: Meet CBC’s favourite “civil libertarian”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

As I explained on my show, Canadian police have arrested one man for "hate tweets," even though his tweets were sarcastic and meant to be pro-Muslim. The CBC found a civil liberties lawyer to say that, yes, we should all only write "very bland things on the internet" from now on. So who is this guy...?


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commented 2017-02-07 08:45:11 -0500

This is an open letter to the minister of culture and heritage (the vestal virgins at status of women) by J J Macullough , who has previously been a guest on theREBEL.

It is a prime example of what I was talking about when I said do not try to keep such a low profile that you stay off of the radar. Jump off the radar and into their faces. They become utterly lost as to what to do when you refuse to be shamed about what you say.

Once at work when it was suggested to me that I attend “sensitivity training” I replied that I would rather let a tarantula lay it’s eggs in my ear. I then gave them a tirade of the hostile environment sexual harassment that I and others had received but that the others were afaid to complain about. I then said that the discussion could reconvene in a court of law whenever they were ready. I got respect after that.
commented 2017-02-06 17:57:07 -0500
We are about 10 years too late. Our learning curve has been too slow, and many haven’t even started on that learning curve. If we had really paid attention when Rushdie first had a fatwa put on his head, and Ezra was taken to task for the cartoon, there may have been a chance. He who hesitates is lost or at least very handicapped. 9/11 is all but forgotten for heaven’s sake.

What a pathetic slothful trusting lot we are. It’s going to be twice as hard as it should have been. If we can get a ‘decent’ conservative in and Trudeau and his tenacious totalitarians out, we had better make haste. It’s imperative we get the right person in. If they are NOT strong on doing something about Islam we must not consider them, like O’leary, Chong, and especially Peterson who spoke Arabic at the Halifax debate. Chong is a duplicitous moral master baiter opportunist and makes O’leary look humble, Peterson is an out and out Islam apologist. There are others I haven’t definitively identified for myself yet but have my suspicions about. Waiting for a debate question which asks about immigration AND accommodation directly. Even if Canada is too chicken to ask it of the candidates in the next few debates, if you listen carefully they will let slip the information you need. Please watch the debates and vote in May.
O’leary thinks this election is about the economy and nothing else. He is out of touch, like most of the cino’s on the conservative party. Sad but true.
commented 2017-02-06 16:17:58 -0500
Donald Allan that will be coming, sharia patrols are in the planning stages for TO , the liberal media’s reaction to them will be quite interesting. They will collapse from exhaustion spinning the news.
commented 2017-02-06 16:16:17 -0500
That’s some funny Glenn. Good for a laugh. He definitely could go to the next level with his schtick. Making heads spin. I love how he describes himself. I missed Ezra’s re tweets so thanks for that. Will have to check into his twitter page for a laugh now and then.
Your advice earlier about applying some humour to it all, as Milo does, is good advice. Sadly we don’t all have a talent for it. But I do see the value in infusing some light into such a dark subject. Mainly that the other side is confounded by it.
commented 2017-02-06 12:57:09 -0500
Poor Rob Ford, God bless him was eviscerated for declining to attend the Toronto Pride Parade. I wonder if the organizers of this years parade and festivities have extended an invitation to all the Muslim groups to march or have a float. It would give them an opportunity to showcase their peacefulness and acceptance of Canadian values.
commented 2017-02-06 08:21:42 -0500
For those of you who may have missed Ezra’s retweets of this guy….


Once you get over just how abrupt his sarcasm is ….he is pure comedy gold and deserving of a better platform than twitter.
commented 2017-02-05 23:08:54 -0500
The Glazov Gang-Canada’s Surrender to Islamic Blasphemy Laws?

They talk about the recent Mosque shooting and Mulcair’s petition e-411,which passed unanimously,as well as the recent m-103. AlsoNeil MacDonald’s slanted racist article written after the mosque attack.

actforcanada.ca mentions the Rebel on it’s page and their petition is the same one Glenn posted link to.
commented 2017-02-05 21:26:14 -0500
Glenn Craig, Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I also will sign the petition.
commented 2017-02-05 19:58:07 -0500
Oh, I almost forgot. I hate islam.
commented 2017-02-05 19:55:33 -0500
@karan Singh…Sir , thank you for those insights. They only go to show that identitarian politics are absurd and human decency is no groups’ God given franchise. I salute you sir, you have earned the name “Lion” for the way you proclaim the truth.
commented 2017-02-05 19:53:31 -0500
Karan Singh ; Thanks for the education. Keep it up.
Glenn Craig ; Thanks for petition link. Everyone should go there.
commented 2017-02-05 18:08:19 -0500
JOHN LANDRY commented: “I went to a Sikh temple in Ottawa and in the child learning center they had photos of martyrs with guns on all their walls in the classrooms. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that if their cause was just”

I, along with many, would see everything wrong with that:
1. They were not martyrs by any stretch of imagination, they are bloodthirsty terrorists. Like the islamic terrorists of today (isis, al-qaida, taliban, etc.) most of their victims were innocent civilians; i.e. innocent non-sikhs, law enforcement personnel or even people from their own religion who opposed their actions.
For example; bombing of Air-India flight 182, killing 330 people, by Canadian sikh terrorists and the murder of indo-canadian news publisher Tara Singh Hayer in Surrey, BC. Father of our current defense minister, lick-ass harjit sajjan, is an office bearer of one such terrorist supporting radical organisation ‘world sikh organisation’.
2. Their cause was not ‘just’. Traditionally sikhs have enjoyed more rights (and rightly so) in India than any other minority/religious group. The sikh separatist movement was brain child of Pakistan’s intelligence service ISI and CIA to weaken & destabilize India after their defeat during the war of East-Pakistan (and creation of BanglaDesh) in 1971. During late 1970’s & 80’s, as there already was a strong sikh diaspora living in Canada & England, the ISI & CIA agents approached their community leaders & sow the seeds of dissension and a demand for separate state of ‘khalistan’. As in the case of al-qaida & taliban & LeT, Pakistan’s ISI provided logistic & material support to sikh terrorists.
3. Don’t you think displaying such gory images at child learning centres would generate hatred among young generation? Teaching children at young age about violence & justifying it with some invented cause is not a problem with you??
By the way such pictures are displayed at every sikh temple in Canada controlled by radical sikh organisation supporting terrorism against Indian govt. & non-sikh population.

FYI: I am a sikh with strong military connection, going back to at least 6 generations, so am writing this with no bias or prejudice but plain, simple facts who has lived reality.
Some interesting facts: The Indian general who defeated Pakistan during 1971 war was a Jew; Lt. Gen JFR Jacob and the Police Inspector General who was largely instrumental in quashing sikh terrorism from India is a Christian; Julio Francis Ribeiro.
commented 2017-02-05 16:53:06 -0500
If Christians, Jews, Hindus and all other religions are not entitled to the same special superior treatment as these Islamic organizations are trying to get away with for “offending them” then it’s 100% against the law and puts them into some kind of royalty class of which they are definitely not. Not here. This is not sharia government. If this is what they (muslims) are trying to do (promote sharia), then they are committing treason.
commented 2017-02-05 16:50:16 -0500
Just looking at the twitter feed and saw a retweet that Ezra posted…that Godfrey Efwick fellow is one remarkably creative proponent of monkeyshines….LMAO
commented 2017-02-05 14:55:12 -0500
Donald Allen-I was thinking the same. Pretty sure discriminating against other religions as not including them in this motion is a legitimate argument against it. The problem is they’ll probably just lump them all in it and we’re still at square one. But I like your protest idea. If everybody just carried signs with the most intolerant, hateful and violent verses from the Quran and Muhammad quotes how could they say it’s hate speech without shooting themselves in the foot. Or swallowing their own tail so to speak.
commented 2017-02-05 14:47:07 -0500
I went to a Sikh temple in Ottawa and in the child learning center they had photos of martyrs with guns on all their walls in the classrooms. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that if their cause was just, but contrast that to a public school and the absolute outrage if they put up photos of men with guns in a holy manner.
commented 2017-02-05 13:43:25 -0500
Canadians wake up; your country is being stolen from you.
commented 2017-02-05 13:37:20 -0500
This was expected under potatohead turdO liberals , but what’s shocking is complete silence, apathy from our so called conservative politicians. Apparently, they are in support of such laws to silence free-speech & let sharia creep into our society.
When conservatives were in power NDP & Liberals, as members of opposition, did a better job opposing on every bill/motion brought in the parliament by ruling conservatives.
Disgusting & shameful on their part I would say.
commented 2017-02-05 13:30:17 -0500
We do have one thing going for us now as opposed to Germany in the earlier part of the last century, we have many people who’s families fled communism and scum like Hitler and MAO in this country now, and many of them will not accept this crap since they were told where it leads.
I was pretty young when my Dad’s uncle and Aunt and a few others from the family told us how it was under Stalin.
commented 2017-02-05 13:25:02 -0500
Bill Elder & Glenn Craig well said, the limits will only apply one way.
Hey lefties , you said we were fear mongering when we claimed stuff like this would be happening under Trudeau and the globalists and their Islamification of our society. Well tell me now that it was just fear mongering.
And speaking of fear mongering , you clowns said this stuff would happen under Harper and called him a dictator,IDIOTS!!
commented 2017-02-05 13:22:46 -0500
DONALD ALLAN commented: “Islam is a political movement , period.”

True, and they already have an ‘islamic party of Canada’.
Here’s what they state about their purpose:
The purpose of the Islamic Party of Canada is to encourage an political, economic, social, and educational reform, and an exponential increase in knowledge. The last time such a thing has been observed was the Islamic world’s renaissance 900-1200 years ago that produced the best scholars of the time, Muslim and non-Muslim, in all disciplines. Politically, we use this knowledge approach (see “Philosophy”) and apply it to contemporary issues such as education, economics, health,and social wellbeing, Several examples of which have been published or are in the process publication. We hope to dismantle the ruling corporate elite in Canada, restructure the economy, encourage peace and tolerance, protect the poor and oppressed domestically and abroad, and become an example for the rest of the world.

Muslims are not hiding their agenda of taking over west by infiltration, for good or bad that’s a separate issue, they are being as honest with their words & action as a man could be. It’s our fault not to see their motive.
Ever wonder why there are no ‘Sikh Party of Canada’ or ‘Hindu Party of Canada’ or ‘Buddhist Party of Canada’??
commented 2017-02-05 11:52:51 -0500
@donald Allan….hey I am at the point of the spear. All I have been doing since that motion was tabled has been scolding directly by e-mail the tories who caved in to it. Brad Trost has been the only dissenting vote. You will find my name on ALL related petitions.

But let me advise you something…and I learned this in my fight for free speech against the feminazis at Status of Women Canada….where I do not recall your name mentioned…

Take a page from MILO YIANNOPOLUS….be a saucy filppant troll

Do not come across like Sam the Eagle on the muppets…that will play right into their hands.

It is much harder to defend the ’Islamophobia" position if that defence is being mocked than if it is being taken as seriously as a diagnosis of cancer.
commented 2017-02-05 10:56:31 -0500
Glenn Craig , Glen what is your solution to the issue? Go to the back of the bus or be Rosa Parks? March in direct opposition to lawful yet unjust orders like Martin Luther King. Or turtle like a cowardly hockey player.
This proposed law is a desecration before every Cenotaph , a mockery for those who fought for free speech. What a travesty.
commented 2017-02-05 10:40:31 -0500
Is it not our protected right as Christians or members of other denominations or faiths to challenge the government’s intention to establish the primacy of one religion over the other, in effect subordinating Christianity , Hinduism et al.
Note: I am not naïve enough to believe that any rational argument will win in Parliament or the socialist liberal courts. Trudeau and his Government are determined to destroy and eviscerate the Canadian Culture and society.
commented 2017-02-05 10:17:31 -0500
@donald Allan….Don, I have no doubt that your sign would be condemned under “islamophobia in ALL of it’s forms”

I think your form comes under “IslamscramIlikeeatinghamophobia”…..:-)
commented 2017-02-05 10:12:46 -0500
Donald Allan – good idea! Use their own words against the cult of death and destruction, and expose the absolute hatred they have for us, and their plans to annihilate anyone who doesn’t agree with their evil ideology.
commented 2017-02-05 09:54:25 -0500
A sign reading “Stop Communism in Canada” or “Stop Fascism in Canada” would most likely not cause a person to be arrested.
Islam is a political movement , period. There are hundreds of scholars including Muslim reformers who can attest to this as fact.
A sign reading “Stop Islamization of Canada” is nothing other than a protest against a political philosophy and a political movement.
Would a sign reading “Stop Muslims from killing Gays and Lesbian” hoisted at the next Gay Pride parade be acceptable?
Perhaps we should use their own words by quoting from the Quran . Let their own antediluvian scriptures be their downfall.
commented 2017-02-05 09:21:40 -0500
@dan MANCOUSO…fine, Ezra and the staff at theREBEL please feel free to remove my comment. Some fights just aren’t worth it and besides he who’s name must never be mentioned is now persona non grata and has no clout with policy makers any more so why bother. When you take it down Ezra please read it and consider what I suggested if it hadn’t occured to you to do so already.