July 28, 2017

“Straight White Man” song “shows how retarded liberals are”

Gavin McInnesArchive

The Rocking Horse Club is a good band with a horrible song. “Straight White Man” is supposed to be a damning condemnation of our racist, homophobic patriarchy, but what it really does is set up and knock down a bunch of strawmen.


Their video shows Fred Phelps types throwing shoes at gays, and other insane things that only happen in left wing fantasies.

They didn’t mean it to be, but this song is really a look into the upside down imaginary worldview of the left, and it’s insane.

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commented 2017-08-06 10:15:01 -0400
Did you hear about the 2 Nuns who walked past a seedy area of town? They were grabbed and sexually assaulted.
They were released and continued on to their original destination.
When they’d completed their task at that destination one said to the other “How are we going to explain Father Nicholas that we were assaulted twice?”
“We were only assaulted once the other replied”.
“But we’re going back the same way aren’t we?”
commented 2017-07-30 20:20:21 -0400
Well, all I can say is the only women who abhor cat calling males are those too insecure to be able to appreciate it for what it is or those who have never experienced it and are secretly resentful they haven’t. ( or are past expiry date).
Particularly rude catcalling is uncivilized and to be ignored of course, but most of it should be taken the in the harmless way it was meant. Do guys even catcall anymore? It’s been awhile for me (expiry date issue).
Most guys are so beta these days with their silly man buns, I have a hard time not making fun of them. My tongue is often in my cheek, however it has never been to make lewd gestures. However I did come across some incredible beef-cake on the beach the other day that I would have liked to catcall, but women don’t do that sort of thing….. for the reasons Gavin has mentioned, of course.
commented 2017-07-30 10:31:52 -0400
The biggest problem with our Country at the moment is the liberal control of the Media and the hell bent wishes of the liberals to squash any Media other than those they subsidize and control, it would be nice to have a real leader of our Great Country instead of a leader of the gay parade.
commented 2017-07-28 23:01:53 -0400
I’m posting this for you Gavin as you will undoubtedly experience this:

Dear Abby (Hoffman): I’m writing because I just can’t deal with my father anymore. He’s a 65-year-old super right-wing conservative who has basically turned into a total asshole intent on ruining our relationship and our planet with his politics. I’m more or less a liberal democrat with very progressive values and I know that people like my dad are going to destroy us all. I don’t have any good times with him anymore. All we do is argue. When I try to spend time with him without talking politics or discussing any current events, there’s still an underlying tension that makes it really uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I love him no matter what, but how do I explain to him that his politics are turning him into a monster, destroying the environment, and pushing away the people who care about him?

Thanks for your help,
Malcom X John Lennon Smith
Son of A Right-Winger

Dear Son of A Right-Winger,

Go back and read the opening sentences of your letter. Read them again. Then read the rest of your letter. Then read it again. Try to find a single instance where you referred to your dad as a human being, a person, or a man. There isn’t one. You’ve reduced your father — the person who created you — to a set of beliefs and political views and how it relates to you. And you don’t consider your dad a person of his own standing — he’s just “your dad.” You’ve also reduced yourself to a set of opposing views, and reduced your relationship with him to a fight between the two. The humanity has been reduced to nothingness and all that’s left in its place is an argument that can never really be won. And even if one side did win, it probably wouldn’t satisfy the deeper desire to be in a state of inflamed passionate conflict.

The world isn’t being destroyed by democrats or republicans, red or blue, liberal or conservative, religious or atheist — the world is being destroyed by one side believing the other side is destroying the world. The world is being hurt and damaged by one group of people believing they’re truly better people than the others who think differently. The world officially ends when we let our beliefs conquer love. We must not let this happen.
commented 2017-07-28 21:00:06 -0400
And yet gays have the most rights and protections in countries of White people.
commented 2017-07-28 20:59:23 -0400
James Hala you got that right, the useful idiots seem to be oblivious of the truth.
commented 2017-07-28 19:50:42 -0400
It’ll will never outsell Zappa’s "Broken Harts are for *ssholes ".
commented 2017-07-28 16:51:13 -0400
Meanwhile every non white culture and race on the planet is a thousand times more misogynistic and homophobic than any “evil white male” could ever be….something the PC Eunuch retards , university professors and femmo – nazis are mysteriously blind to.