March 30, 2017

“The Environment: A True Story”: Exposing “inconvenient truth” about Earth’s past that alarmists avoid

John RobsonArchive

In my latest documentary, The Environment: A True Story, I set the record straight on “man made” climate change by showing what we know about the Earth’s climate over the past 500 million years, not just cherry-picking from the most convenient recent years. 

The truth is, there’s been a lot of hype and bad science around this subject that has led to unjustified shouting by the alarmists.

If you’re ready for some sound information and straight talk on “man-made climate change”, please watch and share this video and consider making a donation to the Kickstarter campaign by visiting to help get this important film made.

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commented 2017-03-31 03:22:42 -0400
It must have been aliens occupying the earth burning fossil fuels back then.
commented 2017-03-30 21:44:14 -0400
I wish someone would charge these hucksters!! Trump should get his DOJ to charge these “scientists” and their media bullhorns. Both have a Duty of Care they’re not living up to, and it’s a Breach of Trust and Mischief. That would be a fiasco, but would but would bring it to an end, because the bullhorns would all fall silent on fear of being charged. The Left loves to use the legal system to silence others, it’s time someone turned it around!!
commented 2017-03-30 13:53:24 -0400
I probably confused you. She pushed her BMW, Blond Muslim loving Wide ass into the station along with her Mustang. Sorry.
commented 2017-03-30 13:44:08 -0400
David, you also must have missed Climate Barbie’s CBC profile. A crew was following her and her gas guzzling energy efficient 1969 classic Mustang broke down. With the help of the crew she pushes her BMW into a gas station and tell the mechanic it just died. After he works on it for a few minutes, he had it idling smoothly.
She says, ’What’s the story?’
He replies, ‘Just crap in the carburetor’
She then asks, ‘How often do I have to do that?’
See what you’re missing by not watching the CBC.
commented 2017-03-30 13:34:55 -0400
David, how dare you mock the good minister and not watch the CBC religiously. Just the other day I heard Climate Barbie respond to a query during question period. When asked ’You’re so dumb you can’t even tell us which is farther away from Ottawa, Newfoundland or the moon?’ She confidently touted ‘Helloooooooooo, can you see Newfoundland ?’ That is government logic at it’s best.
commented 2017-03-30 13:25:15 -0400
McKenna also made felonious statements about Alberta’s plight being virtually all the result of world oil prices. Apparently our neighbors to the east are doing MUCH better than we are under that same world oil price. Catherine dear, can you please explain this? I guess you have the social license to be stupid, and after all, you are a liberal. HOW CAN SASKATCHEWAN LURE INVESTMENT AND BE DOING BETTER THAN ALBERTA IN THE FOSSIL FUEL SECTOR< WORLD OIL PRICE IS THE SAME FOR BOTH PROVINCES. I know they have said women may have difficulties in math. Our female commenters here don’t seem to have a problem, but Catherine, your words of wisdom on this simply don’t ADD up.
commented 2017-03-30 12:57:47 -0400
And now on top of the BS pile, yesterday AL GORACLE’S new film project, “Inconvenient Sequel” was introduced. I can just imagine what a convoluted pile of misinformation and fear mongering this will be. With the scabby alarmists so entrenched this is going to continue to be a hell of a battle. GO TRUMP.

Re: CLIMATE BARBIE…..Although my viewing of CBC had fallen over the past SEVERAL years to only select sporting events, a couple of weeks ago I decided I should at least monitor the propaganda coming from there, seeing how I help pay for it. As a result I decided to watch a bit more, and tried to at least digest question period. So with my channel surfing the news channels yesterday afternoon, I happened upon Suhana Marchand interviewing Climate Barbie McKenna. As I have railed since her appointment as environment minister, what an ignorant air headed twit. She went on and on…carbon pollution carbon pollution, social license bla bla, and “when I met my counterpart in the US last week, boy I told him bla bla bla.” She went on to babble about the green shift and the multitude of jobs coming down the pike. She was all over herself assuring the Americans are on board. Thanks for that gender neutral diverse cabinet of misfit morons Justin. Have you ever thought of MERITOCRACY pm chickenshit?

SIDEBAR…….The other day one of our astute lady posters mentioned how weird Mckenna’s language skills are. I tell you I almost burst out laughing. Climate Barbie sounded like some kind of millennial valley girl silicon stereotypical blonde imbecile. I was thinking, did this , our Minister of the environment, just graduate from junior high? Truly mind boggling, and whoever brought this up on that other post, thanks for alerting me to this new language, whatever it is. I don’t think Mckenna and Sohi could actually communicate verbally.