February 06, 2017

“The most shocking thing” Phelim McAleer saw at serial killer Kermit Gosnell's trial

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Friday's show, I talked to author and filmmaker Phelim McAleer about his new project, exposing the truth about Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who is now considered America's worst ever serial killer. 



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commented 2017-02-07 12:13:55 -0500
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commented 2017-02-06 19:29:24 -0500
The protests, the propaganda, the rhetoric, the everything against Donald Trump is not him, it is Planned Parenthood. More and more confirmation is being made, as we all know, that it is Soros and Planned Parenthood behind all these protests, etc.

Not only abortion. Global TV has made their own production of euthanasia and assisted suicide, as done in Canada, by their new program ‘Mary Kills People’. They just had to out do CBC’s documentaries on the subject and are now filling the heads of Canadians with all kinds of ideas on why/when to do it, how to do it, why have your parents and ‘loved’ ones done, and every other possible scenario you can think of.
And what do they say about it, they are presenting all aspects of this subject for people to decide.

Don’t support this show. Tell them you do not agree with Canadians being subjected to more brainwashing and treating humans like they are cattle that can simply be put down.
commented 2017-02-06 16:10:20 -0500
WOW is everyone as shocked as i am that no MSM was there covering the trial?
What is even sicker is that what Gosnell did was a crime in the US , in Canada it is perfectly legal.
commented 2017-02-06 16:07:33 -0500
Well said Dan Mancuso , the women’s health part is ludicrous as abortion is not harm free by any means , unless the mothers health is in danger from the pregnancy the women’s health part of abortion is a lie.
This movie will be attacked so strongly by the left.
commented 2017-02-06 10:28:53 -0500
What amazes me is how so many prolifers just don’t want to discuss, hear, or see these things. If we don’t rise up and face the enemy will we be able to honestly stand before the Creator of all life?
commented 2017-02-06 09:40:10 -0500
Right on, Dan. The tragic thing is that the feminists have made abortion into a right of passage. A woman shows she is a true feminist by having an abortion to thus advance the cause. Abortion is not really different from the child sacrifice of ancient Philistines. They did it for similar reasons; to ensure the “well being” of the acolyte. It was and is truly satanic not unlike the slaughter of the innocents by King Herod.

Surely God’s judgement cannot be far off. We are living in perilous times when all the evidence cannot sway those who want to believe a lie.
commented 2017-02-06 09:08:09 -0500
It’s long past time to abort the Fake News/MSM, and we should do it Gosnell style!
What’s the sound a baby makes when it’s arm is ripped out of it’s socket by an abortionist?
Or how about what sound it makes when the abortionist’s forceps crush its little head trying to tear it from its mother’s womb?
We don’t know because the MSM works so hard to cover it up, or suffocate it with lies and pro-baby-murdering propaganda, like so-called ’women’s rights’, or so-called ’women’s health’…or completely ignoring the mass-murder of babies in the womb…
What about the rights of the baby!? What about the most basic right, the right to life!?