March 14, 2015

"They can forget it": Greenpeace just made two surprising new enemies

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Saguenay, Quebec mayor Jean Tremblay's video calling Greenpeace "a bunch of job killers" is getting lots of attention.

Greenpeace claims the lumber industry is destroying the region's boreal forest, but in his viral video, Tremblay shows that this is junk science.

Even the Liberal premier of Quebec is joining the anti-Greenpeace chorus.

Philippe Couillard says if Greenpeace thinks they're going to destroy his province's forestry industry, "They can forget it."

This is incredible. This isn't Alberta or British Columbia. It's Quebec, one of the most progressive provinces, pushing back against the multinational, foreign funded lobbyists at Greenpeace.

(PS: I've got an embarrassing question for Greenpeace about cleaning up their own environmental messes.)


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commented 2015-03-25 09:48:59 -0400
I’m floored and ecstatic that the one defending the forestry workers is a LIBERAL! I must be drunk…
commented 2015-03-16 16:31:44 -0400
Greenpeace can’t clean up the mess it made in Peru. That damage to a priceless historical area is permanent. You have to wonder who gets these stupid ideas and how they find people who are even dumber to help carry them out.
commented 2015-03-16 14:32:50 -0400
Dan Basler = another mouth frothing, low information, far left zealot, who hasn’t got a clue.
commented 2015-03-15 13:58:08 -0400
Dan Basler – You DO realize that the timber industry has a vested interest in making sure the forests continue to grow, right? They replant areas they forest. Drive through BC; there are signs saying when the area was forested and replanted and when it will be ready to be re-harvested, usually in 50 years. Please THINK just a tiny bit before you comment.
commented 2015-03-15 12:52:07 -0400
Just strip the earth of all carbon sinks .Hope your children enjoy the striped earth.Keep destroying it for Greed.Your Right no need for forests .IDIOTS!
commented 2015-03-15 10:10:32 -0400
Greenpeace is as much a facade as the “Back to the Future” town centre on the Universal lot in Hollywood. They like to look good from the outside, but behind the scenes they are the worst of the worst . They are anti-capitalist , anti – democracy and are married to Marxist philosophy. This is true of the entire radical left, part of which occupies the White House. Their funding comes from Soros and other far left radical billionaires. All funneled into front groups that we see every day in some manner. The paid for activists at Furguson, the paid for activists working to prevent pipelines , the paid for activists ginning up the First Nations. It goes on and on.
It is well coordinated and funded. All part of a radical socialist movement .
commented 2015-03-15 00:16:29 -0400
That Peru fiasco will finish Greenpeace. They won’ recover from that. Time to move on.

Good for Couillard. Time more like him speak out.

Good point about trees planted, Marjorie Spacek.
commented 2015-03-14 20:52:41 -0400
Greenfleece are nothing but a bunch job killing eco terrorists for hire, that the government should be putting out of business.
commented 2015-03-14 19:13:22 -0400
I posted earlier about tree planting by JDIrvingForestry Company. As of January 28, 2015, JDIrving had planted 902 million trees—“a national record in Canada.” I repeat: How many trees have been planted by Greenpeace?