November 18, 2015

“They kill in the name of Islam!” Egyptian TV host destroys ridiculous theories about Paris terrorist attack

StaffRebel Columnist

A new video translated by MEMRI TV showcases an Egyptian journalist, Ibrahim Issa, absolutely rip apart conspiracy theories about the Paris terrorist attack.

Issa slammed the narrative that the attacks were carried out by Western intelligence agencies. “How can this be a conspiracy when the Congress sends 1.3 billion dollars to Egypt every year?” he asks.

He also tackled the claim that ISIS has “nothing to do with Islam”.

“Are for the claim that [ISIS] are not real Muslims... what are they, then? They kill in the name of Islam. They are Muslims. What else can we call them?” he asks.

“They are Muslims. This is not up for discussion,” he later adds.

“...Don't say: how could they possibly be called Muslims. What are we supposed to call them? Buddhists?”

Compare this journalist's thoughts to this Egyptian woman's where she says "ISIS is Israeli-British-American made" and "Al-Baghdadi a Jew."

Watch the video and check out MEMRI TV for more translated videos like this one.

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commented 2015-11-18 13:35:25 -0500
Ibrahim Issa says it like it is. It is a terrorist attack by extremist Muslims. Plain and simple.

Our left wing in Canada does exactly the same thing. They are determined to not call terrorist attack as just that. They cannot and/or refuse to see the truth.