May 10, 2018

“This may be the greatest week ever!” (Guest: Salena Zito)

Kurt SchlichterHost of Take That

Trump the elites are losing their minds because Trump has done something unheard of in American politics:

He's kept his promises. I look back on this incredible week!

PLUS: The president tweeted praise for the new book The Great Revolt, so of course my guest tonight is its author, Salena Zito.


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commented 2018-05-11 17:52:30 -0400
War has come to Israel

Do you want forest fires behind the backs of our soldiers while they are defending Israel?

Israel reports that Hezbollah threatens Israel with 100,000 rockets and missiles. One small missile, bomb, or arsonist can restart major forest fires in Israel. Death and destruction comes from major forest fires in the Galilee. Don’t make our soldiers fight the enemy AND fires.

There’s a long-term solution to the risk of fires: The solution is CATTLE, yes – CATTLE! Cattle that eat the shrubs that catch fire! Learn more at Israel Longhorn Project.

To solve this problem we need 12 of you to donate $50,000 or 600 of you to donate $1000 or 6000 of you to donate $100 or 60,000 of you to donate $10 each.

The first year we need $120,000 to start. The second year we will need $140,000 and the following three years we will need $315,000 to make project self-supporting.

All we need now are the funds; help Israel with your gift. ASAP!

Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc.
The Israel Longhorn Project
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commented 2018-05-11 11:11:27 -0400
The Wall Street Journal reports that the FBI had a mole in the Trump campaign. They were not only intercepting phone calls but were actively spying on Trump.
commented 2018-05-11 10:42:39 -0400
I envy the US, they have a leader who actually does things for his people. Canada on the other hand has a useless cuck who prefers selfies and taxpayer paid travel, while making a fool out of himself and Canada, ………….Aren’t we so just damn lucky?!?!?

commented 2018-05-11 08:56:43 -0400
John said, " Trudeau is worse than Obama."

Can you loan us Trump for a few years?
commented 2018-05-10 23:47:23 -0400
The misunderstanding and underestimation of the proud, normal and patriotic people who don’t live on the leftist coasts is why Trump is in. What is it about the proximity to the ocean that make people idealistic globalists with there heads in the clouds and think money grows on trees? And why are they so mean to those who don’t believe in their unicorns? “Believe in unicorns or your a racist, kool-aid drinking scum?” That’s a little harsh Lefty. Hopefully Trump really does make America Great again and leave the latte sucking elitists with their Che T-shirts sobbing and shrieking sadly in cafes and nowhere else in America. On that day I will avoid cafes. And walk outside into a thriving economy where people can feed their families well and feel proud to be an American again. Ditto for Canada. Trudeau is worse than Obama. Could you imagine if Obama kept calling himself a feminist? Blah.
commented 2018-05-10 23:43:22 -0400
Paul McCullough funny how the outraged left is silent and non caring depending on who has committed the act. Liberals are HUGE HYPOCRITES!
commented 2018-05-10 22:39:59 -0400
- Schneiderman assaulted women – no outrage from the feminists. He called a woman his “brown slave” & insisted he call him “master” – no outrage from BLM or other race baiters. He beat her so hard she bled from her ears & had to see a doctor – not a peep from the outrage industry. If I’m not mistaken Schneiderman was in charge of the prosecution of fellow Democrat feminist Harvey Weinstein. Never let leftists pretend that they have the moral high ground. Trump keeps his promises so of course career politicians hate him.

- The Great Revolt sounds like an interesting book. (Added it to my booklist.) They can scream “racism”, “nationalism”, or whatever they want. These labels have become meaningless. People are tired of lying elitists & their virtue signaling useful idiots.

- I can’t help but wonder if superhero movies have become a sort of modern day Aesop’s Fables in far left Hollywood.
commented 2018-05-10 22:32:41 -0400
Kurt are you trying to steel Ben Davis movie review gig? Your review is funny I liked it. It’s great how one tweet from trump can help so many people. See you can use the power of twatter for good.